Sandbox 2.3

Well. It's one of those times I guess. After fiddling around with the code some, it occurred to me that I hadn't done an upgrade test or a new install test in AGES. So this last flurry of updates on GitHub have been to correct that.

Also, I've really got to stop just adding stuff across the back end SQL query box. How dumb do I need to be to have never put code in to generate the necessary Anonymous user account? I wonder if that's why nobody's been using this package :troll:

So anyway, it may not look like much, but here it is:

Changes for Sandbox 2.3


* Added site_tagline setting to go with a site's name in the header.
* Made the iTouch icons used on Empire of the Iguanadons into a standard feature.
* Analytics tracker code updated.


* Social media button links for gallery images needed to be updated.
* Clean up the upgrade installer to handle upgrades for sites running Sandbox 1.8.
* Numerous bug fixes for new installs, upgrades, and minor security issues with hidden image and download folders.
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July 1776 - November 2012.

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Sandbox 2.2

So after 5 long months... this is what I post? Yep. After God knows how long, Sandbox has finally been updated. I'm sure you're all celebrating in your hearts along with me. I realize the poor package has been badly neglected, and may continue to be, but at least it hasn't been totally forgotten, right? Does anyone out there even still use it? :ninja:

Aside from the release itself, I've been forced to move the code repository at the same time. Google, once again, just up and marked one of my projects for deletion without any sort of warning ahead of time. So since I'm going to need to work with Git and GitHub for Druid Gameworks material, I figured I may as well go all in and move Sandbox over to GitHub now too. Seems to be all the rage anyway. Maybe it'll actually get noticed over there instead of languishing on Google's servers never being seen.

Changes for Sandbox 2.2


* Added Google +1 button support to blog posts.
* Added Twitter button support to blog posts.
* Added Reddit button support for blog posts.
* Changed the Facebook button setup.
* Removed the Technorati button as they're now a vile web spam service provider.
* Added global and per-post toggles for restriction of anonymous posting.
* Emoticons are now handled independently of skins and can be added on the fly as desired.
* Added the ability to disable all comments for all users, registered or otherwise.
* Updated the Akismet PHP class to version 0.5.
* Changed all usage of serialize and unserialize to json_encode and json_decode to address potential PHP related vulnerabilities.
* Moved the © and ™ codes into the bbcode parser instead of sitting out on their own.
* Added the ability to reset the download counter on an uploaded file.
* Blog ping functions now require the php5-xmlrpc extension.
* BBCode parsing updated to eliminate PHP5 deprecation warnings for the /e parameter in preg_replace.


* Active users display in the ACP was not showing user names as intended.
* Gallery folder creation was using GET instead of POST.
* Gallery and download folders had naming collisions due to not including the folder ID number in URLs.
* Could not use multiple spoiler tags in a post.
* Post navigation and search functions should not return unpublished material to non-authors.
* Content type header for the default skin was still set to XHTML.
* Sidebar calendar was not validating for a blank line at the top.
* Corrected the post box's inability to focus on the cursor position when using bbcode buttons.
* Fixed a division by zero error in the make_links function.
* Corrected inconsistent file path handling for skin folders. (Issue #4)
* Social sharing icons were not being referred to by the full URL, causing 404 errors to fill up the webserver logs.
* URL bbcode was not adding http:// in front of a URL that was missing this, which resulted in bad links when using friendly URL support.
* User registration was not handling cases where bots tried to circumvent the form.
* Emoticons were not being loaded properly for ACP pages.
* Fixed HTML5 validation errors in the social media button links.
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July 1776 - November 2012.

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Pale Moon Rising

So if you're paying any attention at all to recent events on the internet, you're aware of the controversy surrounding Brendan Eich, former CEO (and CTO) of Mozilla, the company that makes the Firefox web browser. You've probably heard all manner of things by now about what an evil man he is, about how he's a bigot, a homophobe, and an all around terrible person who should be shunned from civilized society. Then what's the problem? The problem is Mozilla itself holding hypocritical viewpoints on freedom, free speech, tolerance, acceptance, and diversity.

( Continued... )
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July 1776 - November 2012.

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Concealed Carry

Score one for the Second Amendment! In a move pretty much nobody saw coming, the 9th District Court of Appeals in San Fransisco has struck down California's restrictive concealed carry law in a ruling that simply said it violated the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Applicants were expected to show "good cause" and "moral character" before being issued such a permit, but the Court decided this was too narrow in scope. This decision flies in the face of this court's activist tendencies. "Good cause" and "moral character" tended to be used to mean "Not a right leaning citizen" considering this court's liberal biases.

So consider this another TRUE moral victory for supporters of our Bill of Rights and Constitutional Law. As I had previously said once before when SCOTUS ruled that the same sort of laws in Washington DC were unconstitutional in 2008, more such rulings would necessarily follow. Although it would seem that 3 other federal appeals courts have ruled differently in other jurisdiction. You know what that means - SCOTUS will have to step in again and set things right.

Sickening that lawsuits of this nature even need to be filed to start with, but thank God for good folk like Edward Peruta standing up for our rights and telling the State where they can shove it.
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July 1776 - November 2012.

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Six Californias

It's been awhile since I've had much to say about stuff here, but a post on Dark Creations caught my eye about a new proposal to deal with California's ridiculous size problem. As many of you are probably aware, California is an ungovernable mess of liberal policy and destructive regulations that has devastated our economy and resulted in massive deficits with no end in sight. Sacramento doesn't represent everyone's interests so instead they've decided to simply represent only the left, and it's only getting worse.

Naturally when your tax base is being bled dry by terrible policy decisions, they start dreaming up ways to get out from under things like this. Inevitably this leads to talk of splitting up the state. We even successfully voted to do so in 1859 but Congress didn't follow through because of the Civil War. There have been numerous attempts to do so over the last 50 years or so, but obviously they've all failed. So far as I've been able to tell, they all involved splitting the state into two parts along various different configurations. The last time one of them crossed my gaze, it was a proposal to carve out the infection (liberalism) and create two states. It's failure to include the Sacramento area is probably what doomed it.... actually no. What doomed it is what always dooms it. Dems scared shitless of being left with the diseased side of things.

Jefferson County has been attempting a secession to form a new state now for a couple of years, but alone, they stand little chance of this succeeding. Though I wish them all the luck in trying, because they're getting raped by the libs up there.

A new version of the movement has sparked up lately and it's garnered some media attention. You'll noticed right off that the "journalist" has taken a dismissive and mocking tone toward something that the majority of us here in California actually do take quite seriously. It's our damn tax dollars after all. The gist of the whole thing is that California is not being properly represented at the Federal level. This is true, we obviously aren't given who those people are. What seems to be missing though is that California isn't properly represented in California by many of the districts that have been gerrymandered into existence.

What we really have right now in CA is a bunch of land occupied by serfs who are ruled from the Two Towers of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Neither of these urban mega-tropolises represent a single thing the remainder of the state actually wants or needs. What normally happens is they steamroll all the garbage they think is best through Sacramento and then the rest of us get stuck paying the bills for it later. It's been this way for decades and it will never get better as long as they continue to treat us as serfs in a fiefdom.

I am assuming based on the picture that the lines drawn are roughly where the splits would occur. For the uninitiated, the orangish portion in the southeast covers San Bernardino, Imperial, San Diego, and Orange Counties. This is the portion I live in, and we have a strong conservative base in this area. Though we share much in common with the large red portion that covers the Central Valley and Sierra Nevada. The blue part at the top is mostly mountain areas, sparsely populated, and an entirely different culture from those south of them. I must profess ignorance about the purple section as I'm not totally sure why that's set apart - but this is also part of why this kind of initiative exists. Sometimes we really don't know anything about parts of our own state! The yellow and green areas are those that contain the root of the problem - San Francisco and Los Angeles. Though the LA section stretches a bit further north than one might expect, both of these two zones are heavily left leaning uber liberals and is where California gets the nickname "the left coast" from. No, not because it's on the left side of standard maps.

With this particular arrangement, the folks living in each of them will be better represented not only at the state level but also federally. Plus, you won't have any of the bullshit where California's current 55 electoral votes can bully the entire country into a disaster like the Obama administration. It's highly unlikely anyone outside of the yellow and green would vote Democrat if you paid them, yet that's how our current situation always runs, making ALL of us appear to be the laughing stocks of the country instead of who rightly deserves it.

So while the left at CNN mocks this, the rest of us perked up and are taking notice. Perhaps this time will be different? Surely we can hope. Welcome to California - we are our own worst enemies.

Not much there right now, but follow the movement at Six Californias.
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July 1776 - November 2012.

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