Breaky Breaky!

Yep. Definite oops. I corrected one of the random quotes at the top of the page, but then failed to verify that everything was working when I added another one. Guess I'm going to need to put in error email support or something so that when I break it again it won't be the next day before it's been noticed.

Also - after adding in the bad module detection for Sandbox the RSS links were found to be defective and had to be corrected. They were linking to the posts, which apparently silently assumed "home" was the default module. This is still the case now if there's no query string, but the "p=#" part of the query string was taken by the code fix to mean "load the p module", which doesn't exist. Sort of makes me wonder how many links I've sabotaged with Google :(
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Posted on Sep 20, 2007 6:59 am by Samson in: | 1 comment(s) [Closed]
Gratz on catching it as soon as you did then, I noticed the problem last night but you had, to the best of my knowledge, already gone to bed. *shrug*

I like the changes to the comments editor. :)

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