2012 Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado Primaries

Well, just two days ago I was more or less resigned to the inevitable victory Romney was rolling to. That victory just became substantially less inevitable tonight. The states of Minnesota and Missouri have handed resounding victories to Rick Santorum in their races, and it looks as though he may be about to win has won Colorado as well. A 3-fer from the guy who up until tonight has been lagging in 3rd place? Sometimes 4th place? Truly the 2012 Republican Primaries are a spectacle to behold. I'm beginning to wonder if we may in fact be heading to a brokered convention. Wouldn't that be a load of fun? So anyway, tonigh'ts results, after the jump.

Minnesota Caucuses - 95% precincts reporting

Rick Santorum - 45% (21,164 votes, 13 delegates)
Ron Paul - 27% (12,912 votes)
Mitt Romney - 17% (8,004 votes)
Newt Gingrich - 11% (5,061 votes)

Missouri Primary - 100% precincts reporting

Rick Santorum - 55% (138,681 votes)
Mitt Romney - 25% (63,709 votes)
Ron Paul - 12% (30,584 votes)
Newt Gingrich - Did not qualify for the ballot.

Note: Missouri's primary is a non-binding result. They hold a caucus on March 17th which IS binding and will determine delegates. Why they do this is beyond me, but they do. It still shatters momentum.

Colorado Caucuses - 100% precincts reporting

Rick Santorum - 40% (26,372 votes)
Mitt Romney - 35% (22,875 votes)
Newt Gingrich - 13% (8,394 votes)
Ron Paul - 12% (7,713 votes)

Colorado's results are also non-binding but they won't be holding another contest before their state conventions later this year.

Delegate Totals to Date

Mitt Romney: 101 delegates. (I have no idea where, but Mitt seems to have amasses 30 more delegates out of thin air.)
Newt Gingrich: 32 delegates.
Rick Santorum: 30 delegates.
Ron Paul: 9 delegates.

1,144 required to win.

If delegate counts had been provided for Missouri and Colorado, that picture would be far different and would represent things being far closer than they are between Romney and Santorum. One thing is becoming clear though. Newt Gingrich is fading fast. He's going to have to seriously consider dropping out before too much longer.

Maine is next up, then Michigan and Arizona to follow before we arrive at Super Tuesday in March. This ought to be good.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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