A Spark of Hope?

It's been ages since I've written anything of substance about MUDs. Mainly because a lot of what goes on in that community has turned into a cesspool of epic proportions on the various sites. Trolls running rampant, flamewars around every corner, stagnation in development that's been going on for years, and just an all around terrible atmosphere for anyone looking to participate.

One of the biggest areas that's been the largest problem for the last 20 years are on advertisement posts. Some poor guy looking for staff, or looking for a MUD to work on posts something hoping to reach the people he's looking for. Those of us who hail from this background have all seen it and it's just plain disgusting the things people think they're entitled to post in someone's recruitment thread. I doubt I even need to name names of the specific offenders because nothing there has changes in 20 years either.

It got so bad, most people I know who used to hang out in places like MudBytes, TMC, and TMS have all left to go hang around on more supportive sites that are also less populated. This even when it's the same 40-50 people day in and day out who show up on visitor pages, and on a good day, the same 10-20 people who actively post. The number one reason I've seen mentioned over and over again is a complete lack of moderation (TMC) or insufficiently applied moderation (MudBytes). Why do I even care, you might ask?

I received an email from someone in the community asking me if I knew about Icculus' sudden change of heart. Having no idea what they meant, I popped over to TMC. Same pile of troll bait as usual with one very prominent change as of today. One might have been inclined to ignore this as mere pandering, but it's already been acted on to set one troll in their place after spoiling someone's recruitment post. A welcome change indeed.

So could this be the spark of hope the MUD community has needed? Is the cesspool looking to clean itself up at last? Has TMC finally realized that the decline is at least in part due to the severe neglect of their forums over the years? I suppose we shall see.

I also wonder if I haven't just opened the floodgates on this here for the first time in years... Anons, no more excuses to soil the politics topics now :)
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Apr 23, 2012 11:31 pm by Samson in: | 4 comment(s) [Closed]
Oh look, it's Bywater. Hi Bywater!

10 years too late IMO.

Could well be. The cesspool aspect of it is why so many people have left over the years.

There's also another post over there now where Icculus is estimating that the current viable number of MUDs is somewhere around 400-500 or so. A far cry from the 1100+ in the database now. Probably the first time I've ever seen him admit there's a decline that everyone and his dog has seen happening for 10 years now.

I think this has finally happened because things were getting so much worse recently that Icculus started getting complaints by email from new people and regulars about it. Overall, I agree that it may very well be a case of too little too late, but at least it's finally happening.

I also read the post where he estimated the mud population, he doesn't admit a decline quite like you're implying, I think, so much as state that more of the new muds are failing than staying so we're coming back down to the equilibrium point of the muds to available player ratio. :shrug:

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