ACORN Bankrupt

As Glenn Beck was just telling us today not to give up and not to despair because we'd work our way out of this mess somehow, a spot of good news comes across the political wire: ACORN, the organization who fraudulently aided in getting Barack Hussein Obama installed in the presidency, is filing for bankruptcy and will be closing down. I have to say, I'm extremely happy to hear this, and it's at least some comfort in these dark times to know that what is right and just has prevailed.

On the off chance you've been living in a cave, this is the organization that roamed the country registering illegal immigrants, dead people, dogs, cats, and all sorts of other things to vote in 2008. Their efforts contributed directly to the collapse of our country by getting Obama installed in office. During the following year, Andrew Breitbart at Big Government spearheaded an investigative report which exposed massive corruption and outright illegal activities at several of their offices nationwide, including one right here in San Bernardino County where they exposed the chapter manager's desires to aid the two undercover reporters in smuggling children from El Salvador to the US for the purposes of prostitution.

Their efforts eventually led to Congress defunding the organization, which should have crippled them then, but they managed to scrape enough money together to mount a lawsuit in federal appeals court to have that act of Congress overturned as unconstitutional. The reality is Obama probably paid the entire legal bill. What was even more shocking was that the court agreed and ordered their funding to be restored. Fortunately, agencies dragged their feet in doing so. The judge then issued a declaratory order of some sort forcing them to start paying out the funds. Roughly translated, yes, the appeals court supports criminal activity and wants to see it continue.

We should all breathe a collective sigh of relief that this judgment did not get handed down in time to save them from going under.
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"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Mar 23, 2010 3:19 am by Samson in: | 12 comment(s) [Closed]
I saw the news that they were closing down from my Yahoo breaking news alerts yesterday and gave forth a small cheer in favor of it at the time. :) At least justice has finally prevailed in some small way somewhere in this country. Unfortunately, with Obama already in office he probably simply feels/believes that he no longer needs ACORN rather than that they really were simply justly bankrupted.

I agree Obama sucks just as much as any other president does, and maybe he is as cprrupt as they say, but Glenn Beck is nothing but a shameless bastard who preys on peoples fears for his own gain. Fox news is down right evil. Rupert Murdoc, the founder, who started it to compete with Ted Turner's CNN, which is why they preach such right wing philosophy, and CNN the opposite, its all business, also owns myspace, and a host of other networking, utilities, phone companies and internet companies.

Tell me if that doesn't smell of corruption.

Truth is the whole world is going to hell.

And the people telling you to be scared of this guy or the other in my opinion is only doing it for their own gain.

Ok, I'll play along here for a sec....

Let's say that everything you just said about Glenn Beck is true, and everything you said about Fox News, Rupert Murdoc, and is also true. Tell me something. What difference does it make?

If this is all true, then the people will see it for what it is, and they'll tune in to something else and Fox's ratings will shrivel up and die and they'll go away. Except for how they're not. Fox News currently leads the ratings over all other cable news networks combined. So apparently folks don't share your opinion of them. Even so, you appear to be on their case because of their right-wing bias. What's wrong with having a right-wing bias? Do conservatives not have a right to their opinions? Does Fox not have the right to be biased in favor of conservatives?

Yes, it's all business, and Fox News is raking in scads of money from advertisers. They know the people are watching, so they sell ads where they know they'll actually be seen.

I rarely if ever see progressives complaining about how MSNBC or CNN are biased in favor of the left wing and that those networks should knock it off and get back to reporting real news. Nor do I see a whole lot of folks up in arms about how ABC, CBS, and NBC are also crooked left-wing scum. It only seems to be Fox News that takes the criticism for having an evil right-wing bias.

The great thing is, this is America, and we have the 1st Amendment. Freedom of the press. There is no stipulation that the freedom only exists as long as the press agrees with communists.

Now then, done playing along. I am going to go out on a limb here and assume you've never watched a single hour of Glenn Beck's show. If you had, you'd realize why he's now the #2 cable news show, second only to Bill O'Reilly. It's because he's giving you the straight facts about what our Constitution does and doesn't allow, and he provides solid evidence to back it up. He also exposes the progressives for what they really are - hardcore Communists and Marxists. I challenge you and anyone else reading this to watch one week of his show. Five hours, it's not a lot to ask. Then come back here and honestly tell me the guy is an evil bastard who is lying to your face.

I won't take your bet, because I already more or less agree with you, but I will agree with Tyler on one point: The whole world is going to hell. The problem is, that's it's largely because we let it. Unfortunately, it was started by folks before I was born by a decade or two, but my generation hasn't done anything to significantly help the situation either and the newer generations are so used to it that they don't even seem to see a problem with it. :sigh:

I think any bias at all in the media is bad for the populace in general, the problem with having CNN protray the left side or Fox protraying the right side is people watch it and let the show decide what their opinions are instead of creating their own.

I'm not focusing on Fox news in general, they have the right to be right-winged just as much as CNN and MSNBC has to be liberal, just Glenn Beck, because he's not this liberator he tries to make himself out to be, by taking circumstancial evidence and spinning it in his own way he makes money off basicly scaring people into watching his show, fearing that if they dont someone's gonna walk up behind them and destroy democracy.

I have watched Glenn Becks show.

And it consisted of him puting up pictures of obama and communist leaders and such, and by saying that he was friends with a guy whos sister walked the dog of the daughter of a guy who once had lunch with some communist guy, who he then relates to the rest of the famous communists.

It's all fearmongering, all he does it make outrageous claims that have really no base at all, he's just good at selling bullshit.

And that's my problem with Glenn Beck, he doesnt talk about facts, he merely states his outrageous opinions, or at least the ones they're paying him to have, and people watching it just assume he's right and spout off sound bytes. It's created this mob of mindless zombies that just repeat what he says and draws hitler mustaches on obama. I dont agree with him either but grow up and learn some respect I say, he may not be great but hes the damn president.

Well, I will agree with at least one thing you've said, Tyler, he's our damn president... :tongue:
Personally, I have a great deal of respect for the office which he currently holds, I'm just not yet convinced that he should be holding it. Would you support the president dutifully just because he's the president if Charles Manson had somehow gotten elected into that office? Wouldn't you question how the American people could've possibly been so thoroughly duped as to get him elected?
Now, understand, I'm not comparing Obama to Manson, it's meant as a clear exaggeration to make the point that while, yes, we owe the office itself due respect for all it represents, we don't automatically owe the current officeholder absolute allegiance.

Tyler, judging by the description you give of Glenn Beck, I conclude you haven't actually watched the show. Or if you have, you did so with the sound muted, because Beck doesn't just throw Obama's picture in with the communist radicals because it's funny. He does so because those are the kinds of people Obama has surrounded himself with as advisers. It's easily verified by doing your own research on Google. The current occupier of the Whitehouse really is a Marxist. I say occupier because I do not believe he is holding the office legally. You won't get that from Glenn Beck either.

I'm not sure if I can really tie this one into this topic beyond the fact that Samson mentioned Obama being a Marxist which reminded me about the fact that I still hadn't found the article I was looking for the other day about the plan to overthrow America in a bloodless political coup. Well, the following link is a blog post in response to the article I was thinking of with a link to it. The article was written as a stand against Bush, but can it be denied that Obama's done a better job of bringing these these steps to life with his flavor of universal healthcare than Bush ever did? Read it for yourself and decide for yourself, I'm not going to be accused of making anyone's mind up for them except my own. :tongue:

Wow. That was posted 3 years ago too.... let's see...

Point by point responses, so read the link to understand this.

#1: Yep. I hear that rhetoric out of the left all the time, not just from Obama either. Funny, because I don't recall ever hearing it from Bush. Check.

#2: Obscene profits of the oil companies. Yeah, hear about these all the time. Check.

#3: How prophetic. Obamacare = Universal healthcare = 15% of the national economy. Check.

#4: Cap & Trade. Hasn't happened yet, but damn, we're sitting right there on the edge.

#5: I well and truly believe we're maybe one or two left-wing bills away from this happening. Amnesty comes to mind.

#6: Dwip will likely disagree strongly, but sorry, this is already happening. Check.

#7: Oh yeah, media lap dogs. Check.

#8: Yep, evil conservative thugs from 1865. Check. (see demonization of Sarah Palin)

#9: "Tax cuts for the rich are bad". Guess who's paying for Obamacare? Check.

#10: They've got this one covered too. That horrible unregulated economy that brought us to ruin. Check.

So yeah, looked at this way, we're damn close to losing it all, forever. November 2010 is probably our last true hope to put a stop to all this. Even if we win we're going to have one hell of a fight on our hands.

Edited by Samson on Mar 30, 2010 2:55 pm
Yup, that's what I was saying in the heath care thread, I just couldn't find the link that day for it. From what I can see, we've all but fulfilled the "Ten Planks of Marxism" with the passage of universal health care. Maybe I'm just being cynical, and I surely do hope that's the case, but it really does all seem to fall into place a bit too nicely when you see it laid out this way.

By my reckoning they still need #4 and #5 and Nancy Pelosi has said they're going to try for both before November. So they're nearly there. As a stark contrast, the link you posted has another link to an insane rant about the Bush administration and its march toward fascism and how all 10 steps are already underway. The only problem is, the author does not realize that fascism and communism aren't terribly different. Hitler's own writings confirm as much. So she seems to be one of the duped rather than an "enlightened" Euro.

Right, the original article was attempting to say that Bush had already completed the transformation which was absurd considering how much further towards it Obama has brought us and it's still not quite complete yet, but the frightening part is that at this point it's nearly complete (80% is pretty close in a ten step process that started ~145 years ago) and the current administration has already pledged to try to conclude the last two steps within the year and has the majority in all facets of congress needed to get there. Ever feel like that "ancient chinese curse" about living in interesting times was written just for us? :facepalm:

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