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Short and sweet, due to the unwieldy nature of using the blog to discuss projects and make plans for things, we've decided to open up a new site to handle discussions of that nature. Nothing terribly fancy, forums and a files area to house the discussions and any work that comes from it, plus another spot to park our released works as well.

Drop by and join us, since it may not be entirely obvious the place exists yet. :)
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Sep 3, 2010 3:44 am by Samson in: | 22 comment(s) [Closed]
Speaking of forums Samson, there's a response on the Patches thread on the UL forums awaiting your attention :)

Locksley [Anon] said:
Comment #2 Sep 26, 2010 9:12 am
So that's the place to discuss mods and here at the Empire of the Iguanadons we have free speach.
I'm dead set against religion, violent crime and thinking ignorance as a blessing - so I guess I'll leave those comments here and not bring them to AFK Mods :P

Ah yes, I am here too :facepalm: But bearing this is your site you can ban me if you think seeing me on every other Oblivion site is enough. Yeah, I'm on TES alliance too, but not very active, well not yet.

I've been playing RPG games for quite a while - still the favourite type is pen and paper but that does not happen so often any more.
I always come back to Oblivion (really should re-play Morrowind too but haven't really gotten through Oblivion yet) because of the milieu and it's modability. I am also a fan of the X-series from Egosoft but I tend to play one game at a time and lately it has again been Oblivion.

Well, I hope to be seeing more of you all :stare:

Welcome Locksley :biggrin: (Here and at AFK Mods)

I've seen you around on the official Beth forum but you won't have a clue who I am, I'm not even registered there, lol. But I don't bite, really. It takes a lot to annoy Arthmoor and get banned than seeing people on other forums, don't worry! lol.

Yes, it's free speech here so don't be shy, jump in anywhere you'd like. We don't crucify people for having an opinion and we're pretty much more mature than the 12 year old flamers and trolls so you'll find engaging intelligent conversations. If you're looking for a good debate, here's the place, or if you're looking for mod support speak up over at AFK Mods. You'll find us all over at TESA too.

Hope to see more of you too :)

Interesting self-intro, Locksley. Well met. :lol:
(This site specifically promotes freedom of speech to the extent that the warning on every single page says to leave your political correctness at the door, so, with that being said, I may or may not share your opinions, but I'll happily discuss them nearly anytime.) ;)

I certainly wouldn't fear that Samson/Arthmoor will ban you because he sees you on too many other sites or else I'd have been gone long ago myself as he and I are both on almost all the MUD sites and I'm generally a pretty prolific poster. :biggrin:

Several of us are old school pen and paper gamers and, as we get older and move to different places and such, finding time for in-person gaming gets harder so we know what you mean. Personally, I tend to play one game at a time too, but not until I finish it but rather til I decide to play something else for a few days. :shrug:

Hanaisse may have beaten me to the punch of welcoming you this time, but I'm sure that you'll see plenty more of most of us, especially if you'll be sticking around here as well as joining us at AFK Mods. But definitely a big welcome aboard to you for both sites. :)

Edited by Conner on Sep 26, 2010 2:02 pm
Heh. It's kind of funny really that this place predates my involvement with modding and it's been linked to all my profiles for ages, but only after the Giskard thread did folks start to show up :)

Anyway, welcome aboard Locksley. I'm sure you'll find the rest of us here don't appreciate violent crime much either and we certainly don't have any love for ignorance, it's the religion part that tends to get people going.

There is a banhammer around here somewhere, probably rusting away in a dank corner. I wouldn't worry about that thing.

I concur, it is odd that even though the place saw plenty of traffic back before you started modding for Oblivion, it wasn't until Giskard started ranting about it that our traffic picked up so significantly. I suppose, in a sense at least, we owe Giskard a thank you for the push in popularity. ;)

Agreed, it's the religion part that's fun to debate. ;)
On the other hand, violence does have it's place ...the fallout series, doom, etc.. :lol:

Cant remember when I first came here but I got here some time ago reading about your upcoming release of UL - Brena River. Actually I can't remember why I came here this time, but I always got here by the link in your information at Beth forums. And I did read the Giskard thread, mostly because I am using his mods and have been giving them a quick sweep (TES4Edit) so I was wondering if he broke something utterly in my game. Mainly I wanted to use his mods to get some ingame "lore", even if he bends it some it is still nice to discover lore ingame rather than reading about it outside. I been around a few years and saw the last disappearance too, but missed the drama. Actually I thought he was French. I tried to stay below his radar because I saw early on something was wrong; I want a long and healthy life!
Of course I certainly don't come across as sane when I try to modd :P

My intent was to be more active on TES alliance as I think they are allot more friendly than Beth forums, and Beth forums isn't bad - so T.A. is just great. Maybe if I get more involved I will post more here and there both. I do have some ideas I want to do, if I can tear myself from playing Oblivion. And then there is the gazillion other things I SHOULD do *sigh*

Thanks for the welcome!

Edited by Locksley on Sep 26, 2010 4:15 pm
Ooo, and he registered too! Kudos, Locksley! :biggrin:

Dallen [Anon] said:
Comment #9 Sep 26, 2010 6:15 pm

Um, apparently tes4edit and wrye bash work just fine with CUO mods. Don't know about Bruma though, because the enhancements that come with KA are good enough for me, and the light management from AN is simularily good enough.

The only one where there's a noticeable defect is between AN and CUO_bravil (No lights once you enter the city); tes4edit does not list a conflict here.

Anyway, hurry up and get frostcrag done (at least enough to play) :whip:

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #10 Sep 26, 2010 8:54 pm
▄██ America. Fuck yeah! ████ ██▅▄▃▂
██████████ ▲ ███████████►
◥☼▲⊙▲⊙▲ ⊙▲ ▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙☼◤

Nice ascii art, but what's it got to do with the AFK Mods forum? :huh:

I was about to ask the same thing. Cool tank. Maybe there wasn't another more appropriate thread still open? :unclesam:

I don't know, isn't that one about the terrorists killing Picasso still open?

I think Picasso died of natural causes.... Then again you could argue that death is a terrorist and should be subjugated! Then again (again) to personify death seems allot like believing it is an entity which in turn sound religious - and I am dead set against religion... eh, now where were I going.... Yeah, it was a nice tank - I think the poster must be a 360 user and seeing yet an other mod site for oblivion must have just tipped the scales; seems like a plausible explanation :rolleyes:
About specific mods - I don't use CUO, I got Better Cities. I do got Kvatch Rising and finding refugees around Cyrodiil with stories about Kvatch is rather fetching; okay Voice acting too. They will go away as they rebuild. I guess I should do as Petrus Octavianus (eh, spelling) and take a few days going through every conflict in TES4Edit.

Edited by Locksley on Sep 27, 2010 3:10 am
You mean Theo van Gogh, and yes, that thread is still open.

Oh, sorry, I knew it was a painter's decedent and I knew that you'd know which thread I was talking about.. but, yes, that is who I meant. I figure as much as that thread got ..diversified.. it'd fit there better than this one. ;)

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #17 Sep 28, 2010 2:17 pm
Hey Sammy, you should go set these fools straight:

Meh, I've been watching that set of threads (there's one about decentralizing it too) for awhile now via RSS and they clearly are just babbling anyway. It's not really like they're going to have anything come of their jabbering and Samson gave up IMC awhile back anyway. :shrug:

If anything, the Cratban thread was at least a bit amusing initially. ;)

Edited by Conner on Sep 28, 2010 2:23 pm
Quick scan - I assume the basic gist is they want to rewrite the protocol or un-nerf it in some way if a rewrite proves impractical?

If so, more power to them. From the look of things, Quix has the right idea. Get the thing onto a standardized protocol suited for that sort of thing. If they want client work done though, they better not be waiting on me to do it :P

I don't know, they were pushing for a complete peer to peer concept for a bit there. I think the real "goal" was to decentralize it, but there are enough voices to muddy the waters more than a little. :shrug:

My suspicion is that, if anything every really comes of this, they'll end up breaking existing clients enough that only they and new users will be able to connect anymore, but we'll see. As for waiting on you to do client work, they certainly aren't going to admit to it, but I wouldn't really be surprised if they were. :lol:

Decentralizing it will never work. In much the same way true democracy or communism don't work. You have no means with which to deal with troublemakers. Fully peer-to-peer setups are a haven for trolls because you can't get rid of them.

I find it amusing they're still whining about how rotten the admins are btw. Something that will never change, no matter who is in charge, because the MUD community clearly has no respect for anyone in a position of authority.

Which explains why folks like Cratylus are spearheading the notion, eh? ;)

Well, yeah, but as much as the admins are unlikely to change, the complainers are just as unlikely to quit complaining about it. It's their bread and butter, after all.:lol:

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