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Yes. You can already guess from the URL what that's likely to be about. And it's as insidious as it sounds. Microsoft is applying for a patent on a method for delivering targeted ads to users of Windows. Logic suggests they aren't doing this to waste time or to block a competitor from doing the same thing later on. Methods already exist for this to happen now anyway.

What this suggests is that in the not too distant future, M$ is going to be pushing ad supported PCs down peoples' throats. So if you had reason to fear Vista now, this should give you even more reason to fear it later. Or perhaps to fear whatever may come after Vista.

Just imagine sitting there, playing your favorite game, lost in the world or focused on taking down a determined enemy, when it happens: A pop-up trying to sell you Viagra. Then more pop-ups. And while you're trying to get rid of them you've been killed. It's not exactly a nice scenario. And these ads would be impossible to block since they'd be served directly by the OS.

No, I think most sane people would begin shopping around for a new OS. Most likely linux, but there will be some who will plunk down money for a Mac. Either way it's likely to drain off all of the tech savvy types, leaving the Windows world with nothing but the drooling masses who don't know any better anyway.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jul 20, 2007 10:02 am by Samson in: , | 5 comment(s) [Closed]
If only more of the gaming industry would hurry up and start making their games playable in Linux, most of us would have no use for Windows at all. :sigh:

Oh definitely. I'd also accept it without hesitation if the industry started porting first-run games to the Mac. I'd have no excuse not to go get one right this instant if I knew I could play Oblivion on it without any fuss.

:lol: I'd rather not add a mac to my current computer collection, but I can see your viewpoint. If all my current games would run equally well under Mac as they do under Windows, I'd gladly get a nice new pair of Macs (for Dragona and myself) so I could take our existing computers and switch them all to Linux and get rid of Windows altogether. (Maybe I'd still keep one Windows box for cross platform testing of sites, but that's only a maybe.)

Heh. Cross platform testing is as easy as installing Parallels on a Mac. That allows you to run WindowsXP inside of a virtual machine as though it were real. But I have no idea what that means for gaming and DirectX support.

Ah, wasn't aware of that option. I don't stay on top of the Mac world at all.

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