Armenian Genocide Resolution

Once more it seems there's not much left to do in Congress these days. Apparently they're working on trying to pass a bill that simply declares that the Turks killed 1.5 million Armenians around 1915, during World War I. Perhaps they think we need them to tell us about historical facts. Maybe they're not really facts unless Congress says so? I mean, I can go read about this and know what happened. It sucked. History is like that sometimes. It doesn't accomplish anything though by making these kinds of declarations.

Even more ridiculous is the fact that the Turkish government of today denies this ever happened, has made it a crime for anyone in Turkey to claim that it happened, and even went so far as to recall their ambassador to the US over it. Come on guys, what the hell is your problem anyway? It was almost 100 years ago, when you were still the Ottoman Empire. You're not even the same government anymore. What possible harm is going to come to you now by admitting the truth, that the Ottoman Turks were evil murdering bastards? You sound like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who runs around trying to convince people that there was no Jewish holocaust.

This world is a trip. There's got to be better things to get all pissed off about out there.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Oct 13, 2007 12:46 am by Samson in: | 10 comment(s) [Closed]
You are missing a critcal piece in this situation. Turkey is currently the main supply lines for our military going to Iraq including 80% of water for the troops. When France made a similar declaration (last year or the year before) Turkey cut off all military agreements with France. They will likely do the same to us. this is the anti-war lefts latest effort to hurt the war effort and I'm afraid to few people are smart enough to realize it. Its patetic and frankly its treason.

I'm afraid I can't see this as treason. If speaking the truth about historical fact is treasonous then I guess this country is already lost and no amount of effort can save it. Turkey needs to wake up to reality. If they're going to be petty and childish enough to cut off our ability to use their airspace and supply routes over something like this they were never our friend or ally to begin with.

Granted, this may have been driven by the left as a sneaky and underhanded way to cripple the war effort and on that I'd agree, it sucks ass, and would be typical of their corrupt methods. However, at this stage I don't think we're going to have a problem with being able to supply the troops and keep the war effort alive. The Iraqis still want us there and we'll just work something else out.

The much bigger concern we should have at this point is what happens if the Turks decide to say screw it and come in after the Kurds? It's something they've been wanting to do now for awhile and if they figure we're no longer their friends because of some silly resolution in Congress then they might just attack and not care what the consequences of that may be.

Its not the declaration that I find treason its the timing of it. The Armenians have been lobbying for this for decades so why now does Congress decided to do something? There are much more important things to be decided. And why do we need a declaration of this anyway? Can't history decide for itself with out the help of the US Congress?

Can't history decide for itself with out the help of the US Congress?

That's exactly my point. They shouldn't have wasted the time, regardless of the motivation behind it. That doesn't excuse the fact that the resolution is simply a statement of the truth.

Logical problem here, Samson. You've said previously, and on many occasions, that it's treasonous to do things that hurt war efforts etc. If the genocide statement hurts the war effort, it must by your previous definition be treason. However, that would suggest that stating the truth can be treasonous. Uh-oh...

And by the way, you guys are extremely paranoid if you think this is an evil scheme by the Democrats to sabotage the war. Tin-foil hats on well? Beware the World Democrat Conspiracy! Bwahahaha!

Seriously though, if you're going to claim it's a big conspiracy, you should at least look at the voting tallies...

There's no logical problem here. You're just trying the typical left-wing tactic of trying to make it look like there's one. Nice try though, really. But it's not going to fly today.

Fact: Turkey committed an act of genocide during World War I.
Fact: Turkey declared it a crime to say so.
Fact: Turkey recalled their ambassador over the incident.
Fact: Turkey is being a childish bunch of morons about this.
Fact: It's a historical truth, and nothing can change this.
Fact: Congress didn't need to bother debating the issue, much less trying to pass a resolution.

Now then, in order for this to fall under treason or sedition, someone would need to be calling for Turkey to attack and kill our troops in Iraq. The last time I checked, this hasn't happened. They also haven't been running around saying that the Armenian genocide means we've been defeated in Iraq, or that it's caused the war to be lost, or that it means our troops are murderers and baby killers.

Yes, it is possible for the truth to be treasonous, in fact our entire nation was founded on a treasonous declaration against England. It's one of history's great ironies. But this resolution falls far short. If Turkey backstabs us over this, it's not our fault. It's theirs.

"typical left-wing tactic"? Excuse me? OK, Samson, I'm through with this.

Yes. Typical left-wing tactic. Trying to paint the argument as something it's not, while comparing it to an issue it doesn't resemble in the slightest. I've seen it time and time again, always from the left. You'll forgive me if I strike back on my own blog when I see it.

Apparently Rush is taking a much harsher stand on this, which is fine. Hell, I even agree with his assessment that the motivation behind it was underhanded and despicable. The timing of it couldn't get much worse. Maybe I'm not seeing the entire picture here, it's happened before. I might be giving them too much benefit of doubt.

If the Democrats truly have done this with the express purpose of goading Turkey into rescinding their alliance with us then I'd have to come down on the side that calls it treasonous. Because in that case their actions are directly causing harm to our war effort and more of our troops will be killed, which in turn provides aid an comfort to our enemies. The very definition of treason. There's a certain amount of evidence for this since there have been other resolutions passed before in 1975 and 1984. Strangely enough both during Republican presidencies.

If all they wish to accomplish is to make a statement of fact, then fine. Do it and get it over with so they can get back to whatever their real business is. Assuming they have any.

The law of unintended consequences. Even if the resolution is designed as a statement of fact, then surely the Turks considering an armed invasion of Iraq isn't what anyone wanted as a result. Given this I think it would be wise if the democrats just drop this stupid waste of time and go back to bashing Bush in a more direct manner.

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