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Video speaks for itself. This woman needs to be kicked off the White House Press Corp.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jun 5, 2010 4:07 pm by Samson in: | 22 comment(s) [Closed]
That idiotic hag is a member of the current administration in the capacity of the Press Corp?!? I already had ample issues with Obama as our President to begin with, now I'm really disgusted, flabbergasted, and outraged... and that is truly the mildest and most polite words I can think of at the moment. :mad: :stare: :huh: :blink: :mad: :sick: :crazy:

I happen to be Jewish myself, something I've never even intimated was a secret on any level here, and have no personal desire to ever emigrate to Israel, or really to even just visit there, honestly, but it is land that was ours, collectively as descendants of Israelites/Hebrews, for more than a thousand years before the Muslims, let alone the Palestinians, ever existed, at least as Muslims, Palestinians, or even Islamics. Sure, we've fought with them over the issue of the ownership of that land for non-religious reasons almost constantly for the last two thousand years, back when they were still Canaanites and such, but even then we'd already had possession and ownership of that land (and quite a bit more of it, actually) for nearly three thousand years before they entered the scene back then either. :mad:

...sorry, I'm calmer now..

I heard something the other day about a Jewish sect that believes that it is unscriptural for Jews to inhabit Israel, which i found quiet interesting, because most Christian teaching says that God himself was the reason why the Jews were removed from the land of Israel and that God will one day allow them to return and rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.

No offense to anyone of Jewish heritage, but i find it very hypocritical of our governments and our people that we support the crap thats going on with Israel. The nation of Israel was invaded and conquered by the Palestinians, for all intents and purposes the land is theirs until they are conquered by some other invading force, and if that is meant to be Israelites, then, the only time that can happen is when God says so.

Its not like the USA, Canadian or Australian invaders are all of a sudden going to up and leave and give the land back to the people to whom originally possessed it, the Aboriginal and Indians. So why the hell, should the Palestinians who have lived in Israel for 100's of years be expected to do exactly the same thing that we ourselves are unwilling to do, just because some fat cat stuck ups decided that we must have a land for Jews, because Hitler, who is dead mind you, wanted to kill 6 million of them.

Well, Fury, for all intents and purposes, the region that is now Israel was re-conquered by someone. The British. It was their territory prior to the partitioning in 1948. A partition plan that was originally drafted in 1917 and signed then under the League of Nations. It wasn't enacted until Truman put pressure on them to honor their commitment. The so-called "Palestinians" never existed then and don't exist now. They were then and are now nothing more than Arabs being used as pawns by the other Arabs in the region.

Said Arabs didn't seem to mind the Brits being there or anyone else who has occupied the area for as long as anyone can remember. Prior to establishing Israel as a state, it was a worthless strip of desert nobody cared about. Two days after it was created, and one day after the USA gave them diplomatic recognition, the Arabs launched an all out offensive (and unprovoked) war to wipe the Jews out once and for all. They failed, and that conflict has been raging in one form or another ever since.

Now, whether you support Israel or not, Helen Thomas is a biased left wing nutjob who has no business being in the press, much less being assigned to the White House with the kind of shit she spews. She's either a genuinely hateful person or the ultimate troll.

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #4 Jun 5, 2010 11:48 pm

Mohammed [Anon] said:
Comment #5 Jun 6, 2010 1:45 am
... and Helen Thomas joins the ranks of Geert Wilders and his ilk in telling people to leave the country where they were born and go 'back' to the place their parents or grandparents came from. This pretty much tops the list of most insensitive things that one can say. If you go far enough back in time, everybody has ancestors who came from somewhere else, how far back should the cut-off date to the right to live somewhere be?

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #6 Jun 6, 2010 2:15 am
@Conner: Helen Thomas is not a member of the Obama administration. She's a reporter employed by Hearst Corp. and stationed at the White House. The term "White House Press Corps" refers to the group of journalists and reporters stationed at the White House by news companies - they're not government employees.

they're not government employees

No, but they are government propaganda instruments, whether they all realize it or not.

Fury... I must admit that I've never heard of anything like the sect you speak of, but they're as far fetched as Messianic Jews are from the mainstream Jewish culture if you heard correctly about their beliefs. As Samson very correctly points our, there were no Palestinians to occupy that strip of dessert for hundreds of years, the Palestinians came into existence a day or two after the US officially diplomatically recognized Israel as a Jewish State. The only significance that Hitler had to Israel is that he is the reason there was a mass exodus from Germany and Poland with a great many of those emigrants settling in Israel.

Samson, very well stated. And, yes, she's clearly a nutjob who the secret service shouldn't be allowing anywhere near a sitting president, or else a completely ignoramus who has no business being titled reporter.

Anonymous: :shudder:

Mohammed, I will certainly agree with your statement: "This pretty much tops the list of most insensitive things that one can say."

(Other?) Anonymous: My mistake, but Hearst should be incredibly ashamed to have assigned such a person to the white house.

And, finally, Samson again: Which in itself makes one wonder about the dangerous stance of the present occupants of the White House if this is the sort of representation that they're okay with.

Question: Does the President, or administration, have any say in who can or cannot be part of The White House press? be it at a reporter level or media agency level? or is it, as it should be, up to various media outlets to supply who they think will do the best job? and do all media outlets have the opportunity to have a reporter permanently stationed at the white house or is there some selection criteria a media outlet has to meet before they are given admittance?.

for all intents and purposes, the region that is now Israel was re-conquered by someone. The British. It was their territory prior to the partitioning in 1948.

Fair Point.

Prior to establishing Israel as a state, it was a worthless strip of desert nobody cared about.

I disagree, i have seen a number of documentaries and other commentaries about how Arabs in and around Jerusalem are being evicted from houses that their families have lived in for 100's of years so that Jewish families can move into them. Many of these same families are being deported to Palestine even tho they have lived peacefully with their Jewish neighbors and wished to stay in the land they were born in, which happens to be in Israel, be evicting Arabs and deporting them.

People living on the same site for hundreds of years would be evidence that someone cared about that land and that it was not unoccupied.

I can remember thinking after watching one article about this on Dateline how tragic it was that a people who themselves had been displaced because of ideological thinking had in part succumb to aspects of the Zionist factions and ideological thinking and started acting like the Nazi regime.

Edited by The_Fury on Jun 6, 2010 4:16 pm
Not being part of either the white house staff or the media, I can only assume, but it does seem a safe assumption that the media outlets must meet some sort of criteria to gain admission. I'm sure that the President as well as his staff, particularly the Secret Service, can certainly bar anyone they choose from being part of the group of reporters allowed in or from being allowed to return again in the future.

No, it wasn't a worthless strip of desert that no one wanted or cared about, that's very true. There were jews and arabs alike who've been trying to reclaim (or claim, in the case of the arabs) that strip of desert for hundreds of years. Yes, there were a few who'd managed to live in peace with their jewish neighbors and most of them were absorbed into the State of Israel when it was rededicated, though the ones with verifiable ties to opposing agencies were evicted as we, or you, would certainly do when taking over any new territory as a simple matter of routine security. Zionism can hardly be fairly compared to Nazism. The jewish Israelis aren't trying to wipe anyone out, they've been the defending party in almost every instance since 1948 except those retalitory actions they've undertaken which are also exactly what any other country would engage in when attacked.

Edited by Conner on Jun 6, 2010 4:31 pm
@Fury: Jerusalem is on the eastern end of the country and isn't really part of the over all worthless strip of sand that was there in 1948.

Unless you've got evidence of this supposed mass eviction of families who have been in their homes there for 100s of years I'm calling propagandized bullshit on that.

Besides, like any of us has ever heard of anyone other than in biblical times who's lived anywhere for hundreds of years, there's no one alive who's even made it to their two hundredth birthday, let alone multiple hundreds of years... :tongue:

I'm pretty sure he meant it in terms of passing the property down from generation to generation. Go back far enough though and you'll find that property was once stolen outright from a Jew. Ironic, that.

We here in America at least had sense enough to flatten the old properties when we conquered our enemies. Just in case Fury decides to play the "but you stole stuff" angle.

I'm calling propagandized bullshit on that.

Hot Property Israel Evicts Arabs

Here is the one of the current affairs stories that i was referring to, there are a couple of others as well that can be found on youtube and on the SBS website.

Their aim is to buy up as much Palestinian property in East Jerusalem as they can, and to move Jewish families in.

Figures, when you dig deep enough, the truth emerges. Buying property is perfectly legit. Doesn't matter which government lays claim to the territory itself unless said government does not respect property ownership. You sell, you have only yourself to blame.

This whole article seems focused like a laser on Nasser Jaber. One incident doesn't prove the case.

Also, to hell with the UN. What they dictate holds no value to me. Doesn't seem to hold any value to Israel either, so I say good for them.

OMG, those evil jewish people trying to buy properties for use by their own families.. :rolleyes: :facepalm:

Does what the UN dictates hold value to anyone at all these days?

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #17 Jun 7, 2010 6:40 am
How do you guys feel about Mexicans buying property in the U.S.?

Happens regularly, along with Canadians, Japanese, Saudi Arabians, English, Chinese, etc. It doesn't make them citizens, just property owners. As long as someone is willing to sell the property to them, it's a completely legitimate practice that still has nothing to do with this so called eviction of families. But nice try.

How do you guys feel about Mexicans buying property in the U.S.?

Provided they're here legally, it doesn't bother me at all. Not the same as Jerusalem though because the Jews are there legally.

Swift justice indeed, not only is Helen Thomas off the White House Press Corp, but Hearst fired her over it.

Yup, that's what CBC was reporting too at, though Fox seems to have included a bit less background and a bit more details... kind of them to call it retirement but there's been no ambiguity about why she's being 'retired'. I'll bet she regrets having made those statements at this point, as she says, but I don't think that I believe that her statements were contrary to her actual beliefs, let alone to the degree she's claiming or she never would've made those comments to begin with.

Hearst was the one who said it was a "retirement" but nobody "retires" immediately. Anyone with half an ounce of brains knows that's the PC code word for "we fired her".

Anyone who has paid the slightest bit of attention to things Helen has said over the years also knows she's a die-hard anti-Semite.

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