Breaking and Entering

Picture this:

You're sitting in your living room, enjoying some TV. It's a nice day out so you've opened the windows and your front door to let in the fresh air. At commercial, you get up to go pee. Upon returning, you find that someone has walked in the front door and taken a seat on the sofa. Ok, you think, they didn't take anything and didn't change the channel. So you ignore them. As the day goes on, this unwanted houseguest begins rearranging things in the immediate area of the sofa more to his liking. You continue to ignore him as long as he's not messing with your favorite chair. Your roommates come home from work and wonder who this person is. You explain to them that he's not bothering you and hasn't done anything beyond rearranging near the sofa. All but one of them simply accepts it. The one who objects is usually the one who sits on the sofa. And now he has to share.

Pretty soon, it's time for dinner. The unwanted guest decides he's hungry too and silently joins the rest of you at the table. He hasn't brought any of his own food, and is expecting the rest of you to feed him. Once again, four of you ignore his presence. The fifth person again raises an objection. "Why should we feed this person? He's broken into our house, rearranged our living room to his liking, and now expects free meals?". One of the other housemates is convinced by this argument and joins in voicing an objection. The other three people continue to ignore the problem.

It's getting late, and it's time for bed. Everyone retires to their rooms. The unwanted guest decides he's going to stay for the night now and takes over the sofa he occupied earlier. There's only one problem. Housemate #3 uses the sofa bed to sleep. He objects to having to share the sofa and demands that the guest be forced out. The other two housemates who have objected have already gone to bed for the night, leaving the remaining two to tell #3 to put up with it and go to bed. #3 grudgingly agrees because he's exhausted. It's a long night, and #3 wasn't able to sleep very well.

By morning, #3 has become angry and has begun openly demanding that the unwanted guest be forced to leave. Housemate #1 loudly objects, claiming it would be cruel and inhumane to force the man out on the streets with nothing. #2 stands with #1 but doesn't say much of anything other than voicing his support for #1. #4 and #5 say nothing and try to go about their mornings without getting involved. Naturally, the unwanted guest has joined ranks with #1 and #2 but so far has said nothing.

During lunch, #3 gets a call from the neighbors next door telling them that the unwanted guest has taken something from their yard and won't give it back. #3 has an important project due at work and isn't able to deal with it right away, so he calls #1 and #2 to tell them what's happened. Neither one of them thinks there's a problem and they both tell #3 to stop acting like a prick and leave the poor guy alone. Afterall, he's got nothing and deserves our sympathy and respect for his plight. This has driven #3 to the breaking point.

After work, all 5 housemates are gathered in the dining room. #3 steps up and makes his case for kicking the unwanted guest out of the house. #1 and #2 are staunchly opposed to this. #4 finally speaks up and mentions that the unwanted guest has been caught stealing from the neighbor and has also been trashing the rest of the house. Finally, #5 speaks up and throws his support behind #3 and #4 in calling for the guest to be removed, by the police if necessary. This angers #1 and #2 to the point where they've begun goading the guest into joining the fight. Pretty soon, the unwanted guest is rattling off a huge laundry list of things he wants and claims he's entitled to. #1 and #2 call for a vote on the issue. Officially, the result are: #1 and #2 in favor of letting him stay and giving him ownership of the sofa and one of the bedrooms. #3, #4, and #5 all vote to have him removed from the premises. Strangely enough, when the votes are counted, there are 3 in favor and 3 against, resulting in a tie. #1 and #2 just shrug and claim the results are valid.

Over the next few days, #3, 4, and 5 start taking turns keeping an eye on the unwanted guest. They find that he's been trafficing in drugs and helping other unwanted guests sneak into other homes in the neighborhood. They soon realize that this isn't just their problem, but that it's begun to affect a significant portion of the city as well. Strangely enough, similar "votes" have taken place in other homes and neighborhoods wherein the unwanted guests have been given varying degrees of freedom. In addition, they find that several of these unwanted guests are being paid for labor they've performed and are not paying taxes on it.

Armed with this new information, #3, 4, and 5 call for another meeting at the house. Once again, the vote comes out the same: 3 in favor, 3 against, despite there only being 5 people who have the right to cast votes. The 3 housemates challenge the result and demand to know how this is happening and why they should accept an obviously fraudulent vote. Rather than try to present any kind of defense, #1 immediately blurts out that #3, 4, and 5 are inhumane racist scumbags with no compassion for their fellow man. This emboldens the unwanted guest, who now reveals that he's brought up the rest of his family and he's been letting them live in the garage. #3, 4 and 5 have had enough and decide it's time to call the police and have this man removed, along with his family.

When the police arrive, #1 and #2 make an attempt to get rid of them, declaring that the house is a sanctuary for unwanted guests. The cops appear to accept this argument and only ask the others if the unwanted guests have committed any crimes. When they respond that breaking and entering, in addition to trespassing, tax evasion, and voter fraud are all crimes, the cops ignore it and leave.

Pretty soon, the unwanted guest is openly making demands and declares that he's entitled to full use of the TV, that the bedrooms should be under his control, and that he should be allowed to bring the rest of his extended family members over from the city he originally came from. At this point, even #2 has become disgusted by situation and joins the other 4 in calling for him to be removed. #1 declares the home a sanctuary, and orders the other 4 to put up with it. The city police have also decided they won't bother to enforce the city's border laws. #3 refuses to accept it and informs the others he's leaving for another city that doesn't have these kinds of policies.

The next day, the remaining housemates awaken to the sounds of protests in the street. #1 is standing in front of a crowd of unwanted guests demanding that they be given their rights and has called in the media to cover the event. They're wearing the flags of the cities they originated from and the crowd is extremely unruly and is chanting several racist slogans, calling for the city to cave in to their demands. When the neighborhood watch finally shows up and attempts to disperse the crowd, several of them begin hurling rocks and bottles at them. The watch members form a line and begin forcing the crowd to disperse. All the while, the media is painting a picture of brutality and racism and injects themselves into the crowd - intentionally making the watch have to shove them aside. The plan works. The next day, the police declare that the watch acted inappropriately, and orders them disbanded.

Pretty soon, other neighborhoods begin banding together to try and drive out the unwanted houseguests. Other neighborhoods take a stand in favor of keeping them, even going so far as to call for granting them amnesty and declaring them citizens of the city. Eventually, riots break out and neighborhoods are looting and burning everything in sight, on both sides of the issue. Soon, the police are forced to intervene, but by this time it's too late and the number of unwanted guests is equal to the number of native city residents. The violence escalates to the point where many of the native residents who tried to stay uninvolved are forced to flee for other cities nearby to escape. Eventually, the unwanteds overwhelm the police and assert control over the city.

All of this could have been avoided if the original unwanted houseguest has been kicked out instead of being ignored.


If you think the above is ridiculous and could never happen, think again. In California, we've already reached the point of having protest rallies where they demand rights they don't have and the police are painted as the bad guys for trying to disperse an unruly mob that's throwing rocks and bottles at them. We're not very far from the final result of descending into civil war over this and having our country taken from us by invaders.
"It is pointless to resist, my son." -- Darth Vader
"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
"Mother's coming for me in the dragon ships. I don't like these itchy clothes, but I have to wear them or it frightens the fish." -- Thurindil

Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on May 3, 2007 9:40 am by Samson in: | 5 comment(s) [Closed]
Are you serious? There are people who would pay rent on a place as a roommate arrangement and find nothing wrong with some total stranger just walking in and making themselves a rent free addition to the arrangement?? I'd have told asked him who he was there to visit when he first arrived and if he couldn't give a suitable and appropriate response kicked him out right then.

Since sarcasm is lost in text, I'm sure hoping your response was meant to be a joke. Maybe I need to lay off the semi-cryptic analogies. I was sort of hoping it was a bit more obvious. Though, it would have been nice if our government took the same stance on grilling the illegals when they show up. It's not like we don't know when they arrive.

I find it very hard to believe that there are secret places along our borders that illegals can possibly slip in undetected, assuming the borders are actually watched rather than just patrolled, maybe instead of worrying about placing cameras in sports stadiums to watch for fugitives and known terrorists the government should be placing cameras along our borders to watch for illegal entry. But otherwise, you're right, if the government simply turned away all the illegals when they first tried to enter, we wouldn't have whole cities that only speak Spanish or at least we would have far fewer unemployed Americans and folks on welfare who aren't citizens and Bank of America would have no one to offer their new credit cards to and...

The only solution to this problem now is total militarization of the borders with Mexico and Canada. Station 50,000 National Guard troops along each one and use it as their training. Arm them to the teeth. Authorize them to shoot to kill on sight. If we did that then we'd be in far better shape to start repelling the invaders who are already here, and punishing those who aid them.

Sounds a bit like what we currently use Guantanamo Bay for. (Spelling?)

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