Captain America: The First Avenger

Once more, Marvel brings out another of their vast collection of superhero movies, continuing the story of the Avengers. Steve Rogers is an ordinary kid from Brooklyn who has had a hard life at the hands of bullies and a series of medical ailments. Rejected by the military 5 times, he visits the Stark Expo with his friend - only to spot another opportunity to try and outwit the recruiters. This time though, instead of being rejected or arrested for falsifying his forms, he is given the opportunity to join an elite squad from which an experimental super soldier program is being developed. The purpose of this unit being to infiltrate Hitler's territory and finally bring an end to Nazi plans for world domination.

As superheroes go, I have always assumed Captain America to be a somewhat mundane variety. Not much in the way of actual powers, but hell on wheels with his shield - the trademark of his identity. As it turns out, he's got a few nice tricks up his sleeves as a result of the sirum which made him the soldier he is. Set in the backdrop of World War II sometime around 1943, Rogers is assigned to the unit which must see to it that an advanced German science division is wiped out: Hydra. The task is daunting and the stakes are high, for Hydra has acquired a great deal of super advanced technology, even by 21st century standards.

The story line is quite good, with very few if any stupid plot devices to get in the way. The Avengers backstory is a bit more obvious this time around, as are the ties with Stark, Shield, and everything that eventually leads up to Iron Man. The cast was outstanding, with several big names thrown in. Hugo Weaving turns in a great part, then again, how can the guy who played Agent Smith do wrong?

Special effects were not too overdone, though there were some action scenes that strained believability even within the context of a superhero movie. Just the right touch of period authenticity mixed in with the sci-fi elements added by Hydra's technology.

BIG bonus points for not forcing political issues of the day into the film in yet another sad pathetic Hollywood style jab at America. In fact, quite the opposite. For once, a film that was patriotic without being blindly so.

All in all, definitely worth the time, and a nice end cap on what has thus far this summer been one of the most awesome movie seasons I can remember in years.

On the Horizon

Still have a couple of those freebie tickets left - might cash one in for Cowboys & Aliens. After that the only thing left that's still worth much of anything is Planet of the Apes.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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1 trillion dollars cut from the US budget, that is a mighty amount, but is it really enough? Sorry thread hijack, Obama != Captain America.

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