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So here we go again. OJ, Robert Blake, Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson. All fine examples of how there's one system for us, and another for those who are wealthy and famous.

Now we get to add yet another name to that list, just when we though maybe someone is finally going to put a stop to it: Paris Hilton. After being convicted of DUI, she goes off and drives drunk yet again, gets caught again. So the judge finally said enough was enough and violated her parole. Finally we thought, one of these ass clowns is going to get what they deserve! She was sentenced to 45 days in jail. A paltry sum to be sure, but still.

Well I guess if you bitch, whine, moan, cry, and complain loudly enough with enough high priced lawyers on your side you eventually get what you want. So like a little 2 year old Paris made up some bull about getting a rash from the jail and then cried herself silly for 3 days. I guess that's all it takes when you're her. Three whole days and she's out, "reassigned" by Lee Baca and his staff of bozos to home detention for the next 40 days.

I'm not sure what galls me more. The fact that she threw a tantrum, or the fact that the idiots in LA County actually bought her sob story. What remains true is the fact that she's been nailed several times for DUI. If it had been one of us regular people without high priced legal counsel, we'd have our license revoked and we'd probably be serving a lot more than 45 days in jail. And it surely wouldn't matter if we "got a rash" and bitched about it for 3 days.

Two systems of justice. One for us, another for them. Enough is enough.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jun 7, 2007 10:08 pm by Samson in: | 4 comment(s) [Closed]
Ah, but she's been ordered to appear in court on Friday for a hearing to determine whether or not she should be returned to jail, perhaps she's flounced her self a bit too early in her life for the celebrity escape clause to fully work, though I agree, if it was you or I being charged with our second DUI we wouldn't be sentenced to 45 days, it'd be more likely a year and our licenses would've been revoked for at least five years.

When I posted this I wasn't aware the judge had ordered her back to court, nor was I aware that the judge made a specific "no electronic monitoring" clause in her sentence so it looks like the LA County Sheriff acted entirely on their own with this one. Maybe they should have to go serve the time with her as punishment for violating the sentencing order :P

Why exactly does she merit a specific "no electronic monitoring" clause in her sentencing? If it was you being sentenced to 45 days house arrest, would you get to serve it without electronic monitoring?

She wasn't sentenced to 45 days of house arrest. The detention order was for 45 days in county lockup. The judge imposed this, the prosecution agreed, and the defense just had to deal with it. Sheriff Baca took it upon himself to release her to electronic monitoring at home - in direct violation of the judge's order. So when Sauer called them all back into court this morning he wanted to know why Baca let her go. It would have been dead simple for him to produce this mysterious medical report he claims to have. However, he did not, and therefore the judge had no evidence upon which to make any other ruling than his original: 45 days in jail.

So Paris throws what could only be described as a temper tantrum and cries for her mommy to come save her. Except that's not going to happen. Paris Hilton is nothing but a spoiled little rich bitch who's used to getting exactly what she wants. For at least 18 years this was obviously granted by her parents.

Lee Baca then convenes a huge press conference and spits out a huge pile of doublespeak and lies about the whole thing. He goes on and on about the medical and psych facilities at his disposal and yet tries to convince us they couldn't diagnose a simple mental problem? Or couldn't administer the medication Paris supposedly needs once he knows about it? He has to instead throw his hands up and send her home? Something awfully fishy about all this. If they can keep genuine crazy people medicated in the mental ward, then they can surely control a spoiled rich girl on Prozac.

No, this was all a very thinly veiled attempt to grant more celebrity justice and for once the public stood up and said NO.

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