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Well. I had a nice long brilliantly written post outlining 5 plans for what we could do differently in Iraq. But because a certain nameless asshole put a timer on the login cookie for the admin panel, I lost it all. I'm not about to type it all in again, so I'll let you all speculate on what I had in mind.

Suffice it to say though, surrender and defeat were not among the 5 plans I had in mind. So you can imagine what I had to say about Congress and the surrender-crats.
"It is pointless to resist, my son." -- Darth Vader
"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on May 15, 2007 9:59 am by Samson in: | 8 comment(s) [Closed]
Nameless asshole? Can you get along with _anyone_ for more than six months? Other than me and Dwip and Cam?

And that is why we use that new invention, the text editor, before posting. Yes.

Um, I thought you'd made that cookie to be timed for ten years or some such... and what ever happened to Devenon's unpublished option?

Oh, wait, you wanted the asshole who made that timed cookie to remain nameless, didn't you? :P

So, was one of your options to pull out all our troops and just turn the Saraha into the world's largest sheet of glass? That's my favorite option... *eg*

He's been on about that option for years.

Self-illuminating glass parking lot ftw.

No, I've already discussed the Ocean of Glass plan in another post. I had 5 others that were quite well laid out. None of which would likely be approved of by the liberals since they're actual plans for victory instead of defeat. Incidentally, I think the folks in Northern Africa might be a bit upset at being dragged into this :P

And Conner, no, I didn't do anything to the admin cookies but clearly I should have. Every forum package I've ever used maintains the login cookie for at least as long as the browser session is open. Live and learn. I certainly shouldn't have to write up long blog posts in a text editor first. Either way I've got another bug to fix.

As far as Devenon's option, Kiasyn didn't add it in and I never got around to putting it back on my copy. But it also looks like I'm the only person using this software anymore. Sad really. I suppose I could always ask Kiasyn if it's ok to post a copy of it here for people to download.

*shrug* I still like the ocean of glass idea the best, myself.

Ah, thought those were the cookies you were talking about, at least it should be a fairly easy fix though then.

Figures, it was a good idea and one that wordpress does offer. That is sad, it's one of Kiasyn's better works overall, but I've switched to QSFP (which is working very nicely for my purposes and I'm quite happy with it overall) and Devenon's still using sandbox but he hasn't upgraded to the new version and, in fact, hasn't done anything with his sandbox, QSFP, or public mudding since he got upset at Dragona and I having bothered to ask his opinion on a policy change we were going to make and then not agreeing to only consider his input, which was nearly two months ago now. *rolling his eyes* He also hasn't been on any IMs nor uor mud in that time either, and has stopped emailing me regularly, so I can only assume that he's still mad. *shrug* Otherwise, I'm really not surprised that you're the only one left actively using sandbox, the only other one who'd been using it was Kiasyn and I said at the start that I expected him to lose interest and abandon it at some point. You'd think that he'd at least have offered it to you (or the public) to take over when he got tired of it though like he had done with his offline builder project. I guess he was afraid that I might accept it this time. ;) *shrug*

Ocean of Glass is my favorite too, but I think we all know it would result in the end of the world.

As far as Sandbox, Kiasyn's license allows for redistribution by another party. I happen to like the software and might just go ahead and do that when I have some time to fix a few more issues I've seen here and there. I tolerate them for now because it is just me, but if this wants to go public they do need to be fixed. Would also have to separate the Akismet code from it first since Akismet has a separate license with some commercial restrictions in place.

Sorry to hear about your falling out with Devenon. These things happen sometimes though. Maybe he just needed a break from it all.

Well, yeah, at least the end of the world as we know it.. ;D
If only we could figure out a way to disperse the "nuclear winter" directly to space... ;)

Yeah, but you know Kiasyn would have a conniption if you stared distributing a publicly released derivative without getting his consent first. *shrug*

Yeah, we were sorry to see him leave too (especially in a huff), but it happens. You could be right, or he could've gotten a new job and just not had time (or cared enough anymore) to let any of us know. I really don't know and won't know unless he shows back up and lets us know. *shrug*

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