Conspiracy Theory in the Making

Some time late Wednesday night, the US Navy fired a missile into space which scored a direct hit on a dead spy satellite expected to fall to Earth sometime next week if left alone. The main reason behind this was because of the fuel it was carrying. Deadly hydrazine gas. Great stuff as long as you're a rocket or satellite engine. Bad stuff if it's on the ground somewhere leaking into the atmosphere and people are nearby. The missile shot ended that problem though as it's been confirmed as of this morning that it was a direct hit and the satellite is in millions of little tiny pieces all falling to Earth as I write this.

Or is it?

According to one local radio show host in LA this morning, the satellite came crashing to Earth already on the morning of the 19th. Why is this significant? Thousands of people in the Pacific Northwest witnessed a fireball descending over the area which has been attributed to a common meteorite. About the size of a piece of luggage, or a computer monitor. The odd thing about it is, nobody seems to have been able to find the crater. Normally that's not such a big deal since many meteors crash to Earth and are never found. But apparently the conspiracy theory types think that the fireball over Washington was the satellite and the shoot down was a cover up story to hide the truth. There's even been speculation that NASA was forced to land the Atlantis early because the Navy intends to interrogate the astronauts about what they might have seen. It's a pretty wacky story if you ask me.

There is however one other viable alternative conspiracy theory floating around that makes a lot more sense. That the shoot down with a supposed anti-missile missile was really the stage for a secret US anti-satellite weapons test and the spy satellite story was a cover up for the real target. If you believe what's been said, we actually shot down a Chinese spy satellite and not a dead one of our own. It would certainly explain why China and Russia are the only ones angry about it. If their stuff is being picked off they'd have a right to be pissed. But then, the Chinese have already shot down a satellite of their own. Or... was it one of ours and that was just THEIR cover story? Personally I think if we're developing anti-satellite weapons we should just come out and say it. We need to be able to defend ourselves against the inevitable weapons platforms that will one day be put in orbit. Treaty or not, those things will be there and may already be there.

Either way, one thing is in fact clear. The US Navy fired a missile into space, destroyed something, and the media is eating it up. It has all the makings of a good conspiracy, and we all know how people just love those. Because... after all, we landed on the moon in 1969.... or did we... :P
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Feb 21, 2008 9:36 am by Samson in: , | 7 comment(s) [Closed]
Hate to say it, Samson, but what part of that first theory is actually "pretty wacko"? Honestly, it's fairly plausible given what we know of our government's routine standard operating procedures. The second theory sounds a little more likely to me, but either could be perfectly plausible (we know the government would never admit, least of all to us, that they were violating treaties...)

Here, I'll even put forth a third even easier one for you: They shot at the satellite and missed but don't want to tell anyone that they didn't actually eliminate the threat because the missile to take a second shot added to the first missile already wasted would be more expensive than the lives of a few thousand unknowing Americans would be worth to the Pentagon.

Bah, we all know the moon is made of green cheese so no one could possibly have really landed there. Next thing I know, you'll be telling me that you believe the wack-jobs like Colombus who keep insisting that the world isn't flat. ;)

Well, for one, the fact that pretty much every leading scientist who got interviewed by the local press all agreed it was just a meteor. Contrary to popular conspiracy theory, the government doesn't run our media .... yet :P If there was any substance to the story then I guarantee you the liberal press would have been all over it as a way to make Bush look like an even bigger idiot than he already is. If that's even possible.

I mean really. If we've got anti-satellite weapons, just say so. Nobody cares. If we seized the opportunity to turn an existing system into one, then I say good job. Keep up the good work. However, as I found out later today, it appears as though the ship that launched the missile was part of the SDI system built by Reagan in the 1980s. AKA "Star Wars" defense system. Anyone who thought that initiative died when Clinton took office vastly underestimated the military machine. It's why the Russians and the Chinese are bitching and moaning about our missile defense network expanding into Poland. They know it works - and I for one think we just proved it works better than we hoped. We shot down a satellite still in orbit traveling a great deal faster than the intended ballistic missile targets the system was designed for.

Your third theory is even more ridiculous than the first one. If we missed, we'd take another shot. While those missiles may be expensive, validating SDI was far more important to our world image. I'm also not so cynical that I'll accept Bush would just say "oh well" to the possibility of killing thousands of people. Say what you will about the man, his belief in the sanctity of human life is very highly held. It's one of the few good things he's still got left about him.

And Columbus was a genius! A man ahead of his time! Say.... that would explain why he was so sure.... he's a TIME TRAVELER!

Those scientists are leading scientists because they know when and how to play ball with the government and not leak classified intel, the government doesn't need to control the media. :p

Clinton only killed the future growth and expansion/development of the initiative, and probably only the public aspects at that. Even Bill with Shrillary behind him can't totally thwart the military in this country.

Like you said, the satellite was really beyond what the system was designed for, and Bush is not the government in its entirety. Besides, if Bush was really that concerned about the possibility of killing thousands of people because his belief in the sanctity of human life is so very highly held, would we really have the majority of our troops in Iraq for the last 6 years instead of just using our other military options... (I still say the better solution would've been to turn Iraq into a glass skating rink...) ...and if he was really that concerned about human life, you'd think he'd have more interest in our own domestic concerns like our own future, i.e. he'd have approved the child healthcare acts that he veto'd.

Um, yeah.. that's the ticket. But didn't you hear, he's no longer alive because he and his ships fell off the edge of the Earth after setting sail from Cuba, er "The East Indies"... :p

I agree actually with Samson...

I was in the military, and it seemed to "perfect" and "convienant" to actually happen with Russia mad at us and threatening to relocate their missiles on Europe. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the article in the newspaper I didn't hear about a radio station or anyone else claiming it was false.


Um, Vladaar, Samson's saying that the claims of conspiracy and such sound implausible to him, are you sure that's what you're agreeing with because what you said after your agreement with Samson sounds rather like you're supporting one of the original conspiracy theories he presented.


Good point Conner. Thats what I get for only skimming posts.


Maybe it's part of another conspiracy... ;)

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