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You cops think you're so clever don't you. Trying to hide out in all the right places where you don't think people will find you? You may have caught me twice, but I've caught you far more often. For anyone in Southern California who travels the 57, 60, and 22 Freeways, Carbon Canyon Road, or Harbor Blvd in Fountain Valley.... this is for you.

57 Freeway

* At night, CHP hides in the emergency lane at the 91 interchange, often with their lights out in the dark space between the two big street lamps.
* They often hide in the bushes off to the side of the freeway in both the northbound and southbound lanes near Cal State Fullerton.
* When there's sparse or light traffic, they've been known to take to hiding in the right lanes out of view behind semis. Evil.
* In Brea Canyon, they tag-team. One will hide alonside the onramp at Brea Canyon Rd and radio ahead to his partner waiting near Lambert Road.
* In Anaheim, they'll have one CHP unit hiding in the parking lot at Angel stadium who radars the slow lane on the 57 with partners waiting along the shoulder between there and the 22 interchange.
* They'll also try and hide behind as many overpass bridges as they can.

22 Freeway

* They hide along the Haster St. offramp just past the bend as you exit westbound on the 22.
* They've been spotted sitting in the dirt by the onramp at Bristol.
* They hide in the shadows at the Lewis St. overpass, and sometimes up on the bridge too.

60 Freeway

* They hide along the sound walls in Phillips Ranch. They've also been spotted sitting on the bridge at Phillips Ranch Road.
* They hide along the onramps at the 71 interchange, and along the sound walls.
* They hide just past the Pipeline Ave. overpass as you come around the bend into Chino going east.
* They've been spotted sitting on the bridges at Pipeline and Monte Vista, radaring people from above. Sneaky.

Carbon Canyon Road

Brea PD and CHP have both been spotted hiding in the following locations on the Orange County side:

* The parking lots at the intersection in Olinda village, next to the restaurant and the Christian school.
* Hiding behind the large trees as you approach the regional park where the road narrows to two lanes.
* Hiding at the intersection that enters the regional park, and the new housing development. Sometimes they'll even radar people from down in the parking lot.
* Parked in the shadows ( especially at night ) anywhere along Lamber Road west of Valencia.
* Hiding in the turnouts south of the county line.

On the San Bernardino County side, Chino Hills PD has been spotted:

* Hiding in the side streets as you pass through Sleepy Hollow.
* Hiding in the side streets near the golf course on both sides.
* Regularly cruising the area where the hairpin turns are, deliberately slowing traffic down.
* Parked alongside the northbound lanes after rounding the last bend coming down from the hairpins.
* At various random locations once you're closer to the city itself.

Harbor Blvd

Fountain Valley PD likes to hide in the parking lot just north of the river bridge. They're often seen in fairly large groups, because people can't see them as they're rounding the bend - and often get nailed as they're accelerating to get around the assholes who drive like my grandmother.

They also heavily monitor everything between Warner and MacArthur as though it were a war zone.

Hopefully this provided some useful information for people. I suspect all it does is look like a lame rant against the cops. Either way, there it is.
"It is pointless to resist, my son." -- Darth Vader
"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
"Mother's coming for me in the dragon ships. I don't like these itchy clothes, but I have to wear them or it frightens the fish." -- Thurindil

Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Oct 20, 2007 3:22 pm by Samson in: | 7 comment(s) [Closed]
You mean they're not all hiding out in the doughnut shops? The Bengals can't be wrong! :(

The Bengals? I don't get it.

The song, Walk like an Egyptian.

Oh. Bengals = Football team, or a breed of tiger. You're thinking of The Bangles - the 80s group. :)

Yeah, that's who I was thinking of, sorry for the mispelling. *shrug*

* At night, CHP hides in the emergency lane at the 91 interchange, often with their lights out in the dark space between the two big street lamps.

Whir had apparently tried to comment on this particular point, saying it's illegal. It might be in the state you're in Whir ( where are you living these days anwyay? ) but apparently it's legal here in California. So long as they're not blocking the flow of traffic.

Once upon a time, that was considered entrapment here in Virginia, but I think they modified the laws here about a decade or so ago to specifically allow cops that sort of tactic. :shrug:

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