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So here we are in the middle of what has to be the worst economy since the 1930s. Crushing debt, out of control deficits, government spending that's nothing short of reckless. Millions unemployed, millions more barely scraping by. So with economic doom and gloom hanging over us all in the face of $105/barrel oil, what is Harry Reid worried about most? The Cowboy Poetry Festival in Nevada. No really, see him defend it himself in the Senate! It's just sad that the people of Nevada voted for this clown to stay in office for another 6 years.

"It is pointless to resist, my son." -- Darth Vader
"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Mar 9, 2011 11:48 pm by Samson in: | 10 comment(s) [Closed]
There's a festival in Nevada that's entirely dedicated to cowboy poetry? :blink:

Yep, apparently so. And Harry Reid is damned if he's going to allow federal funding to be cut that supports it. Your tax dollars at work. This is the kind of thing the National Endowment for the Arts blows money on.

Big deal. My governments top priority at the moment is to please the Greens. Cowboy poetry represents a better alternative IMO.

Edited by prettyfly on Mar 10, 2011 4:59 am
Keep in mind this is also the same agency that thinks sticking a cross in a jar of piss and taking pictures of it is art.

Don't worry, we've got those sorts of people too. And they were trying to tell us, at the height of the GFC that we needed to be spending more money on them because we needed them more when the nation is in financial problems. Though I presume that it's the same in America too.

But, but... if the Cowboy poetry festival "had not been around, the tens of thousands of people who go there every year would not exist"... so, if they canceled the annual cowboy poetry festival tens of thousands of people would wink out of existence. Can you imagine the drastic impact that would have on national tax revenue?!? :lol: :facepalm:

Yes, prettyfly, those are exactly the sort of people we're talking about. The ones who sincerely believe that we desperately need the arts to distract us from negative aspects of life. :lol: This goes well with that image that we were discussing about liberals versus conservatives, at least the whole lacking rationalism aspect anyway. (Not to reopen that discussion, per se, just the generalization factor of that bit of it.)

conner said:

This goes well with that image that we were discussing about liberals versus conservatives, at least the whole lacking rationalism aspect anyway.

Well, that's your perspective. From my perspective Liberals are a lot more rational than conservatives (you conservatives that is, since the Liberals are the conservatives in Australia), which can only lead to the conclusion that as human beings we tend to label stuff we disagree with irrational.

The problem of course is that liberals here in America can be factually demonstrated to be irrational, like our buddy Harry Reid here. Seriously, the festival going poof would result in the non-existence of "tens of thousands" of people? We have far more pressing concerns than some silly festival that in reality attracts maybe 10 people.

Aside from the fact that you'd started singing that tune in the original discussion and then did a full 180 entirely on your own, I'm not overly impressed with that stance, especially in the specific light of the example I cited from the youtube video that started this thread. As Samson has tried to elucidate for you, the mere notion that shutting down a local festival is going to suddenly make tens of thousands of people cease to exist ought to be proof enough that this man's just not using rational thought to it's fullest capability. (Though, he might be using it to his fullest capability...) As for the further ideology that this festival, or any other bit of arts is critical to the nation's survival through any sort of serious hardship kind of compounds the whole point, but considering you're now claiming it "may be your perspective" when it's essentially agreeing with your previous post a whole almost seven hours earlier (only five hours earlier than my post) I have to wonder what you've been smoking lately and why you're not at least offering to share... :tongue: :whistle:

Uhhhm, I doubt he meant to say that tens of thousands of people would fail to exist. I'd be guessing he meant the employment of tens of thousands of people wouldn't exists without the festival of non-sense. At that, it's probably a couple hundred broom-pushers who would actually have their jobs non-existing- but I digress.

I do 'sort of' agree with the premise that the arts are a 'somewhat' important part of society and culture; I'm just not sure I want Samson (or Obama if you'd prefer) subsidizing whichever hack he wants me to 'think' is art and hoisting it over on me at a festival of BS. In our society, like everything else, the market determines what is and is not art. Granted, it probably isn't the 'fine arts' the snob set is always on about, but in the end you don't exactly become a popular mod-maker by alienating 87% of your potential audience, do you

On a more positive note:
If the unemployment rate in your county is 11%, that means 88% of the people that bothered to fill out job applications everyday three weeks ago managed to get hired last week.

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