Cowboys & Aliens

Arizona, 1873: An outlaw awakens suddenly in the middle of the desert, with no idea how he arrived there or even who he is. As he is getting his bearings, he realizes there is an odd metal object shackled to his wrist which he knows nothing about. As he is attempting to remove it, several riders approach, and upon seeing the device, assume they've found a convict. The outlaw makes short work of his would be captors and proceeds toward a nearby mining town. It's not long before the mysterious device activates just as unknown flying alien ships attack the town, abducting the inhabitants.

So.... I can hear the groans already. No, it's not the world's greatest masterpiece. However, despite the cheesy way in which it's been advertised and the cliche introduction into what seems to be a big budget spaghetti western rip-off of Wild Wild West, this movie actually develops into quite an interesting story. As our outlaw soon discovers, he's a wanted man. It's not long after his arrival in town that folks there realize who he is, and make good on arresting him to send him off to the Federal Marshals. While preparing to leave town, the local rancher who more or less "runs" the place shows up to spring his son from jail, who is also being taken to trial after accidentally shooting a deputy. It's only after the mysterious aliens show up and the device on the outlaw's arm turns on that things begin to take on an entirely different turn.

The basic gist of the plot reads much like any other western, mounting a posse to rescue kidnap victims, only when your abductors are 10 foot tall aliens, you can't just storm their hideout and start shooting everyone. No, despite what it sounds like, the whole thing plays out in a nice logical way. People using their brains to overcome a really BAD situation by exploiting weaknesses in their enemies. Of course, the same is also true of the aliens, so it's no easy fight to be sure.

In the ever growing sea of reboots and remakes, Cowboys & Aliens, while somewhat on the believability fringe, is a welcome original story that doesn't take things too far. Helped immensely by the fact that there's no political agendas being pushed in the background. Over all, I think you'll enjoy this one. Unless of course the thought of classic western meets alien invasion doesn't sit well.

With that, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is the last one on the list this summer, which should make for a nice cap on things until some time in 2012. Barring any other good movies that get brought forth before then.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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