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Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it has. People have been snapping up domain names built around the Virginia Tech massacre. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised since jackasses do this all the time when tragedy strikes, but for some reason this just stinks more than usual. Companies who allow this sort of thing to go on are just as guilty of profit mongering from it as the assholes who register the domains. Sick bastards.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on May 9, 2007 3:09 pm by Samson in: | 10 comment(s) [Closed]
People in general, especially in this country, have become truly sick and desensitized in ways that they shouldn't be in recent times. I'm not sure where the true blames belongs, though the temptation is to blame the media for making atrocities a daily fare and a normal form of entertainment, but honestly, casting blame doesn't provide a solution. I think what really needs to be done is to start teaching our young that what the see on TV and in the theater really is bad and not just entertaining, but even that is only a step in the right direction, not the destination.

I sure am glad I live in a country where you have the right to get angry and express your opinion rather than one that would stop profit mongering and your opinion.

Yes, we can probably blame main stream media horrorcasting for all of the civil disobedience in the country. Except what we can blame on video games and Marilyn Manson, cause those are far worse.

Yes, having the freedoms to express one's opinions are part of the same types of freedoms that allow one to engage in profit mongering even from events that should just be shocking to the nation.

I don't feel that we can blame the media (or video games or Marilyn Manson, for that matter) for all of the civil disobedience in the country, but I do blame the media for the desensitizing of our citizens. By making events that should be seen as horrendous everyday occurrences between "the news" and our "entertainment" they've made it feel commonplace to Joe Average so that people aren't nearly as outraged when it happens as they would be otherwise, which in turn makes it easier for it to happen more often. :(

These people aren't getting angry and expressing an opinion. They're exploiting a tragedy for personal financial gain. The way I see it is if the criminals who commit crimes aren't legally allowed to profit from that in many states, why should uninvolved 3rd parties be allowed to do the same?

It's bad enough when the first thing the media thinks of the day after a massacre like this is "who's going to play Cho in the TV movie". But now we have pathetic worms capitalizing on it with domain names designed to exploit the whole situation just so they can make money selling them to sick depraved asshats who want to take away our 2nd amendment rights? Or did you forget about those rights Whir?

Forget about them? I have more guns in my basement than you probably do in your county. No one is going to further gun control by using weird or tasteless domain names.

Connor isn't familiar with my sense of humor/sarcasm yet. ;) Or vice versa. Or something.

God IV thinks this reply is silly.

Samson, the problem is just that, not nearly enough people are getting angry/outraged nearly enough to prevent this sort of sickness from being popular.

Whir, sadly enough, the article Samson linked in the original post up there did specifically point out that at least in the one case, the domain name in question was being bought specifically to set up a site to lobby for more stringent gun control. As for your sense of humor/sarcasm, no, clearly neither of us is quite used to each other yet, but I'm not sure that's really the issue here either as I wasn't trying to argue regarding Marilyn Manson per se anyway, just sort of running with the examples you happened to mention.

God IV is probably right. :P

Whir, I don't live in LA County. San Bernardino County has quite a lot of gun owners living in it. We also don't have the same kind of rabid anti-gun lobby here that they have next door in LA County. Liberals haven't taken our county over just yet, though they are working on it. And Orange County also has lots of gun owners too, again because the liberals haven't completely taken over there yet either.

Either way, the Fox News article specifically called out a couple of those domains as being purchased for the express purpose of lobbying for strict gun control. I'm in favor of far more lenient controls and concealed carry laws and such. So things like this already piss me off when I see them. But combined with the exploitation of the Vtech tragedy it's just evil.

My point was that they can use those sites to lobby for gc laws, but it will avail to nothing. They will not have any impact on the movement.

Not to mention that there is a difference between gun control and banning guns. I'm all for purchasing and owning laws. I don't really want to have criminals running around with stuff. AFAIC, when you chose to break the law, you gave up your rights guaranteed by said laws. When I, as a law-abiding (mostly) citizen can not purchase a firearm, then I'll worry. And the liberals or whoever it is won't be taking away that right any time soon, no matter how much of a ruckus the media or lobbyists cause.

I'm with you there, Samson. I far prefer more liberal gun control, not stricter, and CCPs ought to be freely available to anyone and everyone (within a few minor reasonable limits.. it's really not reasonable to give one to someone with a known violent history or psychosis, for example.. though I do support the requirement to complete firearm training before getting one as well.)

I've got no issue with requiring those who want a gun to be certified in its use. I also have no problem with needing to register that you have it. I even support checking to be sure you're not handing one over to a convicted felon, or to some lunatic like Cho. But that's called responsible gun regulation. What the libs want is more or less total disarmament. That I won't stand for.

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