End of Days?

So have you been noticing the news lately? All around the world there are huge mass-deaths of birds and fish. Sometimes other animals as well. This isn't your ordinary one-offs though that happen once in awhile and are fairly isolated. These are massive repeats of the same sort of thing all over the world, and all within the last week or so.

In Arkansas, 100,000+ dead fish turned up in a river. Thousands of blackbirds die off, blamed on "fireworks" from New Years Eve. 40,000 dead crabs wash up in the UK. Birds supposedly scared to death in Sweden. Scared of what though? Yet more dead birds in Texas. Thousands of dead fish in Florida turn up. Starfish and jellyfish have turned up dead in South Carolina by the hundreds. In New Jersey, thousands more dead fish. Manatees in Florida. Thousands of fish dead in Australia.

Not enough for you yet? How about 100+ tons of dead fish in Brazil. Yeah, you read that right, 100 tons. Imagine just how many fish that is and how bad that must smell. Not as bad as 150+ tons of dead fish in Cambodia. Still not enough? Here's another 10 tons from New Zealand.

And of course, why not, lets EAT thousands of mysteriously dead fish in the Philippines. Who's going to care, right? We can wash it all away with the green river in Canada.

Now, I don't know about you, but that's just plain werid and it's way too many incidents so close together to be ignored. Hasn't anyone seen The Core? Surely someone out there must have better explanations for all of this than "the fireworks did it", because nobody in their right mind is going to buy that in regions where these birds have been around fireworks for years and NEVER HAD IT HAPPEN BEFORE.

The kinds of reasons I'm seeing given as "scientific" explanations for it ring about as true as "it was a contrail", or "it was a weather balloon". I think most of us are smart enough to realize when we're being lied to. The question is what are we being lied to about?

Anyone perhaps remember talk not too long ago about solar flares and potential shifts in the Earth's magnetic field? Maybe even severe enough to lead to a pole reversal? Did anyone stop to consider what that would look like to us unprofessional laymen? Yeah, you guessed it, one of the possible initial signs of a catastrophe like that would be mass wildlife kills. Kills that would otherwise have no logical explanation because there would be so many of them in so many different parts of the world.

The media so far has been near silent on the issue. The nightly TV news isn't saying a word about this. No reports on the radio outside of passing mentions by talk show hosts doing other things. Not a single article in the LA Times about it beyond the first one that happened in Louisiana. Someone out there is engaged in a cover up and trying to feed us lies to explain it. Either saying it was fireworks, or - get this - secret Chinese stealth fighter technology. As if the Chinese have nothing better to do with their time than kill birds and fish.

One of the listed incidents - the piles of dead fish in Australia - is the only one with a plausible explanation. The epic floods they're having pushing freshwater species of fish into the ocean. The rest is all just plain insulting.

So does anyone care to put forth a plausible theory for all this? All I have is magnetic polar shift.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jan 7, 2011 3:05 am by Samson in: | 152 comment(s) [Closed]
AnImpatientFan [Anon] said:
Comment #1 Jan 7, 2011 7:04 am
This is just the shit I need to read before going to bed lol...

"Fireworks did it" is a bit far fetched. They might scare your dog, but kill the fish? Magnetic shift is as plausible an explanation as any...

I can't say that I've ever seen The Core, but The Seventh Sign comes immediately to mind for me. It was a pretty good movie too, not the kind I usually prefer to watch, but if you're looking for a good end of the world/biblical ending/gothic horror type film, this is one to catch.

As to the fireworks thing, I suppose it could be that they've got new chemicals in the fireworks they used this year that are harmful to the birds, and it could be that the fireworks routinely kill a few birds each year that no one really notices but this year MANY more than usual got killed by 'em.. but, yeah..

Fish dying off because of unprecedented flood waters carrying them out of their habit and into places they can't survive is pretty reasonable, but it still leaves the flood waters themselves unexplained.

Magnetic polar shift drastic enough to completely reverse our planetary polar alignment is actually something that happens cyclically on this planet. Here's NASA's take on the magnetic poles.

So, are we saying all these birds and fish have died from Man's interference (fireworks and what have you - sounds a bit like the whole Global Warming thing - "It's all our fault and we've got to do something about it.";), from natural disasters (flooding, air changes, magnetic shifts - "Oh damn, what a shame, too bad it couldn't be helped.";), from some biblical forecasted disaster ("It's God's will, we've all been too evil so the end of days now approaches." "The end is near, repent from your sins!";) or something else altogether?

Well here's something that'll get the Mayan fanatics all in an uproar:

What if the Mayans knew this was coming and that's why their calendar ends on December 21, 2012? Perhaps they were more than fully aware of when the next magnetic pole shift would reach the point of being useless to protect us from solar radiation? It wouldn't be that far fetched if you stop and think about it. As cyclical as NASA and others think it is, past civilizations surely charted it as we can now.

The effects of such a shift would be seen first in those species that are magnetically sensitive. Birds, fish, and other wildlife that use magnetism to navigate. Unfortunately such a shift results in the temporary destabilization of our magnetic field that shields the Earth from harmful cosmic and solar radiation. Not to mention the mess it's going to make of anything electrical. There's also a significant potential for massive weather and climate disruption.

So there you go. A nice, neat explanation that more or less spells out "there's nothing we can do about it" and has happened before. Maybe we've risen to similar levels of technology in the past and some of our religious texts are attempts made by the survivors to remember it all?

chinese stealth fighters...lol

The dead fish in Australia would probably be more to do with the floods than a magnetic shift.

As for the flip and the rest of it though, its all fairly plausible. It would cause major (but not civilisation ending) havoc and has the potential to cause numerous extinctions (particularly amongst species that humans have already pushed to the brink anyway), though as far as the geolocigal record goes the magnetic field flunctuates but never completely turns off.

Beyond that, with the Mayans and the like, I think plenty of civiliasations have predicted the end of the world before but strangely enough its never acutally come true :shrug:

Yes, it fluctuates, doesn't ever turn off, but you still don't want to be around while it's in a weakened state due to a pole shift being underway. It could turn off if our core ever stops rotating, but we'll be well aware of that happening and wouldn't survive to tell future generations about it.

Plenty of civilizations in modern recorded history have predicted the end of the world. I was talking about the possibility that other advanced civilizations existed before modern recorded history and might have been destroyed by going through a polar shift, leaving only a skeleton number of people around to try to explain what happened to those who came after them.

Certainly is possible.

samson said:

Yes, it fluctuates, doesn't ever turn off, but you still don't want to be around while it's in a weakened state due to a pole shift being underway. It could turn off if our core ever stops rotating, but we'll be well aware of that happening and wouldn't survive to tell future generations about it.

True, and we haven't really assisted its depleted state by depleting the ozone layer.

Strange co-incidence....

I read this post this morning after my daughter went to school. Didn't comment because, well, I have no intelligent theory to add to this. She comes home for lunch and we're chatting and she says "Did you hear about all the birds dying?". Bear in mind none of this has been on any news up here in Canada. So I said, "Yeah, you mean the thousands that are showing up dead all of a sudden?" She says "Yeah, and the fish."

Turns out they had a class discussion on this in her Philosophy class today, discussing pretty much every example in the OP. Polar reversal was a cause they discussed. She even told me that some birds were found with blue tinged beaks, which apparently means they flew too high. The fish were explained by having a sudden loss of direction. And yeah, I don't think the ones in Australia count as the same.

So, either her teacher is a big fan of Samson's blog, or he's not the only one putting the pieces together.

I'm not the only one putting the pieces together. Some intrepid soul tipped off Glenn Beck too (wonder who that could have been), and it got at least mentioned on his show, which is more than I can say for anywhere else on Fox News. So think what you will of Beck, the word is out there now and people will be talking about it.

I'm certainly not an authority on the subject, but all signs point to pole shift.

I do wonder why a discussion of a science topic ended up in a philosophy class. At least they were willing to entertain a viable theory rather than the complete loads we're getting elsewhere.

I also have to wonder at why a philosophy teacher would bring up a scientific debate such as this, but I can see a tie-in through the ideology of debating the subject as we're doing and giving philosophical weight to it by incorporating Mayan, Biblical, and other religious aspects to the debate too. :shrug:

Along similar lines, Samson brought up the Mayans and suggested that there might have previously been technologically advanced cultures who recorded what was happening before they faced extinction themselves in what we now think of as religious doctrine. Which is an interesting proposition to me because a planetary polar reversal could very well have some pretty severe gross effects upon our electrical grids which in turn would have some pretty severe effects on our electronics. Since our society is so dependent upon electronics these days, that could very well be a form of end of the world in it's own way, or at least the potential for a plunge back into the dark ages, literally if not figuratively. ;)

As for prettyfly and his environmental concerns about us depleting the earth's ozone layer and thus adding burden to the earth's core during a magnetic polar reversal.. I suppose it's not nearly as outlandish as claiming all the birds died from fright of fireworks, but it does seem a stretch to me still. :whistle:

Yes, I would have to agree with everyone else that the fish in Australia may not really be part of the same situation due to the same result, but the floods that caused them to be abruptly relocated to areas they couldn't survive may have been caused, at least in part, by the same magnetic polar reversal having impacted the ocean currents. :shrug:

Polar reversal is something that many scientists can agree on. The geological evidence seems sound. Ozone...Ozone...Ozone...That earlier definition of Global Warming. Fuck That! Get over it. The earth's ecology is far more complex than we can understand at this moment. To presume that we can is pure hubris. As a fan of conspiracy, I conjecture that, perhaps, the government had a hand in it...those that seek complete control of us... I'm not jesting, either.

No, perhaps, it is entirely something different. Let us see. I'll be waiting.

Well there's that angle too. I've seen it said already by some that HAARP is being blamed for some or all of what's happened in the last few weeks.

I just don't put a lot of stock in the supposed ability for us to have technology capable of altering the environment or the magnetic field on that level. You said it yourself, it's pure hubris.

There's going to be an awful lot of 2012 fans (the movie) screaming they told us so if it turns out the field is being disrupted by elevated neutrino output from the sun.

Talking about "ozone", isn't it odd that the man-made "hole" in the "ozone" is exactly where man isn't?

Yeah, well, we can't go letting folks poke holes in our ozone hole theory, now can we? :P

conner said:

As for prettyfly and his environmental concerns about us depleting the earth's ozone layer and thus adding burden to the earth's core during a magnetic polar reversal.. I suppose it's not nearly as outlandish as claiming all the birds died from fright of fireworks, but it does seem a stretch to me still.

I didn't mean that. What I meant was that the ozone layer and magnetic field both shield us from harmful radiation, and unfortunately we've chosen (well, accidentally) to weaken the ozone layer at the same time as the magnetic field is naturally weakening, with means even more...skin cancer :evil:

@Dallen...I was under the impression that there has been world wide depletion, though the bulk of it is at the Antarctic, where, yes, nobody is :shrug:

@breezy...weakening the ozone layer actually causes slight cooling. The only place where this effect has been major enough to be noticeable is at Antarctica, which is why central Antarctica has cooled slightly (and I mean slightly) while the rest of the world has warmed in comparison.

Edited by prettyfly on Jan 8, 2011 4:45 am
Yes, they both shield us from cosmic radiation and such, but neither is really so significantly weakened as to allow things to get through that couldn't before, per se, just consult the NASA article I linked earlier. Well, yes, it does potentially mean more skin cancer, but honestly, we expose ourselves to that (collectively) far more by sun bathing than through ozone depletion. :shrug:

I think that's what Dallen was getting at, there may have been world wide depletion of the ozone layer, but overall the most significant portion has been over the Antarctic where we couldn't have plausibly caused it since we're not there and none of our industries are either. Maybe the aliens have been landing on our planet at the southern pole and running their gasoline powered snowmobiles down there enough to cause it? :P :alien: ...oh, but even if that were the case it still would mean that it hadn't really been man's fault either... :whistle:

Oh, hey! So killing the ozone layer is how we combat global warming? :evil: Quick! Everyone get in your SUV and drive around town a few extra trips for the world's sake! :devil:

Edited by Conner on Jan 8, 2011 3:10 pm
No no, you need to go find all those old cans full of super dangerous CFCs and burst them all in the upper atmosphere so they won't have time to dissipate and become too diluted to have an actual effect on things.

Oh yeah, didn't anyone tell you guys? CFCs didn't burn a hole through the ozone layer. Wait for it.... it was.... a natural occurrence. A lot like polar shifts are a natural thing, and ya know, ozone depletion is also one of the things a polar shift can do.

It seems ever more clear to me that we have the answer to what's been causing us so much grief in the last decade or so. It's just that nobody wants to say it because of the kind of panics this sort of thing usually causes with the end-of-the-worlders.

Maybe instead of cans of super dangerous CFCs, what we need are super cans of dangerous CFCs to make up the quantity factor. :lol:

Oh, don't tell them that, Samson, next thing we know you'll be telling them all that Santa and the Easter Bunny are myths too. ;)

Oh, Santa's real. We're best buds. People don't know he's an alien though. Reptilian even. Oh crap....

The Easter Bunny is a squirrel alien spy. That's all anyone really needs to know.

Sounds to me like you and Dwip have been getting into the egg nog again. ;)

breezy [Anon] said:
Comment #22 Jan 8, 2011 6:30 pm
Hey, I still have a can of r12 sitting in the garage. I think I'll go get it and toss high into the air and shoot it with my 12 gauge. Thanks for the idea.

Um, yeah.. Breezy, do keep in mind that the disclaimer at the footer of every page of this site that says:
The opinions expressed here are mine, and those of the people who respond.
If you disagree with what we've said, speak up! Participate in the debate!

which essentially means the same thing that you get as a lead in to every infomercial: “This Channel does not necessarily endorse this product or support its claims.”. Which is to say that should you go do something that will likely get you arrested, regardless of any personal excuses that you might choose to come up with, we will vehemently disclaim any credit for suggesting that doing something knowingly illegal was a good idea (assuming we just don't outright disavow all knowledge of you to begin with) and you will be entirely on your own. (Not to mention that almost any sane reasonable person should be able to tell that the "suggestion" Samson proffered was strictly sarcastic.) ...just some food for thought. ;)

I mean, I'm sure that you are probably a smart enough individual to know all this already, but.. given that you're an anonymous poster who's been with us now all of less than 24 hours, I thought it best to point these details out just to be safe... :cool:

Edited by Conner on Jan 8, 2011 7:02 pm
Or perhaps he was also being sarcastic?

breezy [Anon] said:
Comment #25 Jan 8, 2011 9:49 pm
Actually, what Samson said. Actually, I do have a can of r12 in the garage. At one time, I had two cans. When the ban of CFCs came down, I went to the local Walmart and bought all that they had...two cans. Several years ago I purchased a used Acura; which by the way used r12 as a refrigerant in the A/C. My purchase in the past paid off in the future. I'm not going to waste good r12. I thought a fellow Texan would understand.

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