End of an Era

After 11 long years of running, Alsherok is closing its doors to the public. There are many reasons for this, but for the most part they all point back to simply having no further desire to run an active game. Our playerbase more or less evaporated six years ago at the onset of the MMORPG age and has never recovered. The staff has all moved on to other things that actually have meaning. I have effectively been running a ghost ship for the last three years. The steady decline of the MUD community has also played a role in why this is being done now. It's no longer what it once was. There's no spark left. It's all about bickering, backbiting, infighting, and who's epeen is bigger than the other guy.

As of now, Alsherok is only available to her remaining staff. A glorified chat room if you will. No further work will be done on the areas, code, or anything else relating to it. That includes the still broken sections of the website, which I am going to unlink as they no longer serve a purpose. I will also not be renewing the domain, which expires in July of 2009. Any areas still held here that have not been finished will be provided to the staff members who still want them. If you wait too long though I may simply discard them. The two development ports have been decommissioned and will not be restarted. Everything has been moved to port 5500. If you have an email address or subdomain being provided through the alsherok.net domain, you need to get in touch with me ASAP as I am going to shut down email service to the domain as well as terminating any subdomains which are unaccounted for by the end of May. That will include deletion of any web apps or other materials UNLESS YOU SPEAK UP AND SAY SOMETHING!

For those of you who still hold fond memories of the game, I bid you farewell. At one time it was pretty cool and I even once enjoyed it. If you need to get ahold of me for something, contact me through the comment form here. Should an existing or former staff member wish to assume control and continue development, contact me privately and we'll discuss it. If anyone else has the same idea, don't waste your time. We will not hand over our work to just anyone.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on May 18, 2008 11:03 pm by Samson in: | 6 comment(s) [Closed]
So, will that also mean that we'll no longer be seeing you on IMC either?

I'll be on there from time to time, but it would be best to get used to not seeing me there regularly anymore. Cratylus and his ilk are some of the main causes of the change in the MUD community and as long as he's there I have no desire to hang around for very long. Lately IMC has turned into another one of those places where the whole "lulz" thing has become popular. People are free to pursue that, and behave that way if they want, but it's just not what I care for so I'm free to step back and go do something else.

Frankly I don't see the MUD community ever recovering from its downward spiral. I'd be amazed to see it go another 10 years but I'm seriously doubting it even has another 5 left before the trolls and code thieves have totally overrun it. It's already so fractured it's worthless now. Only small pockets of people are left who genuinely care. The rest just want them to do all the work for them and get their instant gratification out of it. Those pockets will continue to be more and more isolated as time goes on and you'll reach a point where people in those communities will come to think they're the only ones out there.

You'll end up with lone beacon games out there trying to compete against the big commercial machines that have finally driven the stake into the heart of what the hobby once was. We're just waiting for the corpse to disintegrate.

The expiration deadline on the alsherok.net domain has been extended to 2010 because of registrar changes. The company it was with had no means to disable the auto-renew, so I moved it. I'd rather spend another $9 getting it somewhere I can block auto-renewal than leave it somewhere that gives you no choice in the matter. I guess that's a lesson learned. Don't use foreign registrars.

Wow, Samson, that's a rather morbid outlook... on the other hand, I've seen more than I care to of what you're talking about lately (in growing proportions) myself too. Do a favor to those of us who do still care, particularily among those of us who count ourselves your friend, and find the motivation from time to time to at least stay in touch if not outright drop by now and then, eh? ;)

If it's morbid to see the truth and report on it, then so be it. You know exactly the kind of thing that's been going on lately and you should know I'm not exaggerating my assessment of things. Maybe it was fate that the registrar snafu I just undid myself from happened when it did, because if by some miracle the MUD community does finally rise up and get rid of the trolls then who knows what could happen. But as long as major community leaders ( and no, I never considered myself among them ) continue to tolerate that sort of thing, it'll only get worse.

*sighs & nods*

Btw, I did get that email and will take care of that request as quickly as I can once I get back home (presumably tomorrow), but I hate to try to do anything too administrative in nature while on motel internet connections. *shrug*

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