If you've been following events elsewhere you're probably already aware of this. After 12 years of maintaining my own servers, circumstances brought on by the economy in the US have brought me to a decision most of you will be aware I didn't want to make. The time has come to close down my server and begin the great exodus of transferring everything to some place where financial considerations won't be an issue for awhile. This will affect everything I am currently hosting, and isn't a decision I arrived at lightly.

The MUD hosting setup that has been keeping things afloat for some time has reached the point where it is no longer viable. There have not been enough new signups to offset the number of people that have been leaving over the last several months, and signs all point to this not changing any time soon. Indeed, the entire MUD community as a whole, such as it is, appears to be rapidly shrinking all around. No doubt due to it being too expensive for most people to justify paying for. Food and energy prices being what they are, inflation on the rise, and unemployment being far above what the government is admitting to have caused a lot of folks to reevaluate what they spend their money on.

So a brief rundown of what's to come:

* Arthmoor.com will be closing up shop as of April 30. New customer signups are no longer being taken.

* Iguanadons.net will be relocating to a server run by DarkRider, operator of TES Alliance. A modding site for Elder Scrolls games. He has generously offered to take on not only the AFKMods site but my blog as well. Arrangements are already underway to make that transfer a reality.

* The Unique Landscapes site that currently exists is going to be shelved. Activity there has dropped to zero and was never used for much anyway. Further announcements on that front will be made via the forum post at Bethesda.

* Sandbox and QSFP will continue to be maintained since those projects have already been offloaded to Google Code for development purposes.

* Smaugmuds.org is already being hosted on Kayle's VPS, though the domain expires in November and I'll probably be seeking someone to take ownership of that as well. My involvement with the site has been minimal at best for quite some time now anyway.

That's about it. The transition of the blog and the AFKMods site should be relatively seamless depending on how smoothly the transfer goes and how smoothly the DNS changeover to the new IP goes. Huge props to DarkRider for offering the space to make this possible.

Bonus points for those who realize why the pic for this post is relevant :)
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"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Mar 24, 2012 5:40 am by Samson in: , | 22 comment(s) [Closed]
Re: Pic - ooo, ooo, I know, I know! :P

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #2 Mar 24, 2012 4:25 pm
2012. People still playing muds. ISHYGDDT. :facepalm:

Sorry to hear that arthmoor.com will be closing down, can't say that I was familiar with the unique landscapes site anyway, and the rest sound like they're going to continue, one way or another, under new physical hosting so I'll be transitioning with them, I suppose. :shrug:

Yes, Anonymous, it's 2012 and many people still play MUDS for any number of reasons including the simplest one being that it's more fun sometimes to fuel your own imagination than to have someone else draw you all the pictures and because MUDs use quite a considerably smaller bit of bandwidth than MMORPGs do. :tongue:

Btw, I approve the two new emoticons, Samson, they're quite cute. :grinning:

Edited by Conner on Mar 24, 2012 8:42 pm
Yeah sorry to hear you have to shut it all down. It really sucks when just being able to eat means you have to give up some of your hobbies and things you have worked for a long time on. The first 2 months of this year have been a real struggle for me also, business was down about 75% and while i had plenty in savings to be able to ride the storm, it still meant that i did not have money for my hobbies either. Next week will be the first week this year i will be able to put money back into savings and or spend on my hobbies.

After a bit of a bump getting the database down from the blog, the Exodus of the iguanadons.net domain is complete. If you're here reading this comment, you're in the right place.

I actually had to port QSFP's database backup function because apparently Webmin's method for getting DB backups is broken and has been for some time. How nice.

Edited by Samson on Mar 27, 2012 10:06 pm
How nice, at least you had a fallback solution at hand. Gratz on a nearly seamless transition.

Surprising to me the number of people who simply don't care. I've spent the last month sending out the closure email to everyone on the list, and got back ONE response. That response was well appreciated too btw, thank you to that person for their kind words.

The last 3 weeks worth of emails were sent out specifically to warn people that the shut down was coming early. As in today early. I don't know why, but nobody responded AT ALL to those emails. I know they got out, because one account bounced the email every single time. Such is life, but the rest, those got through. So I can only assume that those who chose not to respond at all have already made their arrangements.

My apologies to those who are going to find this out the hard way. Yes. The arthmoor.com site is down as of now. I have your data. If you want it, you'll need to provide me enough information to prove you're you because I'm not just handing it out to anyone who drops by claiming to be someone.

Sorry to hear that the folks you've hosted were so nonchalant about your closure, Samson, if I'd been one of your customers, especially a long term one, I think I'd have been upset about your service's demise. As it is, I'm really quite pleased by the fact that you so seamlessly found a backup solution for the services you offer that I do partake of and I think you handled everything that impacted me very professionally and the transition was very painlessly conducted. What more could a client ask for?

The actual shutdown did net a couple of responses. One from a guy who's been here 6 years and has never said a word beyond the initial sign up steps so long ago. Another from someone who didn't get the follow up emails. I suspect gmail may have stuffed them into email hell. He was sad to see it go down, but other than that, the rest don't seem to have noticed.

Sorry for the excessively lengthy delay in my response, this past month has been ...difficult for me.

Perhaps those who didn't appear to have noticed were already inactive? Though why one would pay for services they were no longer using is beyond me. Perhaps they simply grumbled in silence and moved on without a look backward. Some folks just don't have the manners to thank their service provider for the service they received, I suppose. Or perhaps they felt their payments all that time were thanks enough. :shrug:

WB Conner :)

Thanks Fury, it's nice to have some time on my hands again for a change.

I know at least a couple had been inactive. For years even. Why they'd choose to do this is beyond me, but at $2.50/mo maybe they just never noticed.

Others though, they've simply lost active data. I still have it, but attempts to raise these people are going nowhere. So I dunno. I find it shocking you could have people paying as much as $20/mo for something and then just not care when it goes away one day.

Maybe they will continue to pay you as well, if they have not noticed that you closed, maybe they will not notice that auto payments are still going.

Conner said:

Thanks Fury, it's nice to have some time on my hands again for a change.

You can have some of mine, i have been a man of luxury for the last couple of months, its getting boring.

LOL. Maybe I should have left their subscriptions running then :P

You could just see the news headlines: California man charged with fraud equal to the value of a large pizza. LOL

@Samson: Unfortunately, Fury's probably right, you might've been able to get away with leaving their subscriptions on auto-pilot for awhile, but eventually someone would've noticed and gotten upset, next thing you know you'd have been facing charges for fraud or identity theft or some such nonsense. It's a totally crazy world we live in these days.

@Fury: Dude, send it my way, I'm in the exact opposite boat, these last couple of years I've felt like life's gone crazy enough that I barely have time to breath most days and I don't have time to sleep most nights. It's taking it's toll in a big way.

So whats been going on Conner to have been so busy. This time last year i was workign 100 hours a week, now, well if i do 25 its been a huge effort. LOL, Tnakfully my health is on the improve and am slowly getting back to 100%, but it is taking time and everytime i over do it im back to square 1. Which is easy to do, because when i am feeling fit, i got and put in a full days work, only to pay for it for the next week.

Edited by The_Fury on May 29, 2012 1:38 am
100 hours a week? No wonder you got sick.

Well thats not the reason why i got sick, i have a pretty rare form of arthritis that comes and goes as it sees fit to piss me off, that got somewhat worse after i stopped taking the medication i was on for it because it was making me sun sensitive. And it is just about impossible to live in the tropics and function outdoors if you get sunburned after 10mins in the sun at 9am in the morning in summer.

So i just kept going without medication for 12 months or so until i could no longer deal with it and had run out of my vast supply of pain killers i had stored up and when back to the specialist to get onto something different. 4 drugs later i found one that seems to be dealing with my symptoms and things are on the improve, I just cannot over do things yet which stress out the joints mostly in my back, as micro trauma causes general flair up of symptoms all over again.

So i have to take it easy and not work too hard, even when my body thinks it is ok to do so.

Well, I have to say that in general that sounds pretty shit.

I'm glad I've never had a run in with any of that 'makes you sensitive to the sun medicine'. My skins white enough as it it. Although, chronic health issues -yay- I know what it feels like, although my issues aren't nearly as bad. I'll probably have my own run in with arthritis somewhere down the track considering how hypo my immune system is though.

Sorry, Fury, I really didn't mean to blow you off, and I don't mean that I've been busy in the working 100 hours a week sense, I've just had my life turned upside down, inside out, and sideways -- repeatedly, over the last few years and it all too often seems like everyday brings yet something new to figure out how to deal with. These things have ranged from my father having died one month ago today to challenges in school, and quite a bit in between, including criminal elements surfacing within my immediate family and criminal elements attacking members of my immediate family. No, I'm not going to elaborate on any of this, let's just say that I've been having a very challenging year for about the third one in a row now with no real indications that things are going to actually start to improve before at least November when I have been given the promise of a glimmer of relief from a small part of the storm.

I will say that, about two months ago I had to get a wisdom tooth extracted and the doctor prescribed me an antibiotic which, in an effort to save me money, was one that is normally only used to treat malaria and apparently also has that sun sensitivity sort of side effect, but thankfully it did not seem to impact me that way. My niece had to take a course of the same medicine a few years ago and wasn't nearly as fortunate, she's still hyper-sensitive to the sun because of it, but her reason for being prescribed it was significantly different than mine (she had contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever) and she was on a higher dosage for a longer period. But, the end result is that I do understand how some meds can induce that particular side effect all too well and I sympathize entirely.

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