Good Bye 2009

So. Another year has passed. Another decade comes to a close. Another chapter in humanity's great saga comes to an end. And by some accounts, the great Messiah was elected to solve all the world's ills. Only, well, that didn't work out so good. Turned out to be worth about as much as this penny here. A quick look back at 2009 from this Iguanadon's eyes:

Barack Obama was illegally inaugurated as president. Hailed by many as a historic event, they were right about that, but only in so far as the left managed to install a foreign puppet which has our founding fathers reeling in their graves to this day.

A whole lot of promises of hope, change, a new economy rising from the ashes of Bush's glorious 8 years of epic and massive failure got tossed into the ring. The results were anything but that. 2009 proved to be the year we willingly drove our economy off the cliff and into destruction. Socialist program after socialist program raced through the power mad Congress. The only change that took place was the change in everyone's 401K as the stock market collapsed.

Somalian pirates made history by being the first nation in over 200 years to seize a US vessel on the high seas. Yet another wondrous moment took place at the White House during this event. No, pseudo-president Obama didn't order an immediate strike on the pirates to free our people. He bought a dog. Only the actions of our Naval officers in the field brought the situation to an end when snipers killed the pirates.

I got a personal taste of Big Brother in action when an FBI agent along with a Secret Service agent paid me a visit in April acting on information received from a foreign national. When we allow our government to respond to crap information handed to them over the internet ( I can't imagine the guy came here and reported it in person ) then we've already lost every freedom we ever had and are just burying our heads in the sand like the Germans did in the 1930s.

On the job front, unemployment rose to nearly 20% here in California. Sure, the press will claim it's only 10% but they only know about 20% of the whole story. Or they do know and refuse to report on it. Easily half of the people I know as of right now are out of work, or are hanging on to what little of a job they still have. Companies are laying off in droves, cutting back on hours for their workers, and to cap it all off, every last one of the employment agencies in the area I live has closed down due to lack of funds or lack of jobs to place people in. Folks, this "recession" is a depression. There's no two ways about it, but the media has spent 2009 trying to convince you it's over already.

California once more started talking about splitting the state into two parts. The plan that was conceived of was the first one that made logical sense to sane people - cut the liberal lefties off and let them fend for themselves and let the actual working people have the rest of the state. Needless to say, the idea was killed quickly by the liberals who whined they'd lose their only sources of income. The tax money bled from the backs of actual working people.

Network TV proved once and for all they're in the tank for the left by openly broadcasting several spots over the summer that did nothing but promote Obamacare to the people and actively denied any opposition viewpoints from being heard. Despite such Herculean efforts, the opposition viewpoint found a way to make sure it was heard.

The "Tea Party" movement got into full swing with many people showing up at town halls the Democrats had called to drum up support for Obamacare. Instead, they met with the real public who has been adamantly opposed to the current bill circulating through Congress. We were called all manner of nasty names and compared to all manner of evil murderous dictators. This from the party of tolerance and free and open speech. Yep. Only free and open as long as you're agreeing with their socialist platform. So many townhalls had so many people attending who were opposed to Obama's policies that the Dems eventually stopped calling them entirely. They of course learned nothing from the experience because they still think we're all too stupid to get it.

The 10th amendment movement also got a good boost as several states drafted and passed sovereignty assertion declarations to remind the federal government where the real power is according to the constitution. Though we haven't heard much from them in awhile, they are still very much active and participating.

The Russians managed to lose (and later find) a cargo ship full of logs. The ship simply vanished, nobody knew where it was, and then it turns up hanging out well south of where it was supposed to be. Nobody ever really knew what happened. One of those great mysteries of no importance.

Several public schools back east took it upon themselves to indoctrinate our children with songs of praise for the Obamassiah. Sane thinking Americans everywhere took them to task for it and pretty much all of it came to a quick end once they realized the public was pissed. Shades of Hitler.

California once again burned in a ritual lovingly known as Fire Season here. This time, nearly 200,000 acres of wildlands went up in flames in the mountains northeast of Los Angeles, in the Angeles National Forest. It took nearly a month to put out, but we eventually got it taken care of. The Mt. Wilson observatory managed to escape destruction. We eagerly await the next big Fire Season. My money is on Big Bear next year. Forest management? No, fraid not. Tree huggers won't allow it. So the conflagrations must continue.

As a slap in the face to GW Bush, the Norwegians awarded pseudo-president Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. Even though the nomination period for this ended in February, that didn't seem to matter, because his wondrous efforts to achieve global peace and harmony only needed time to mature, or some horse shit. As if the prize hadn't already had its reputation completely trashed when they gave one to the traitor known as Jimmy Carter.

The one and only decent thing our pseudo-leader did was to order deployment of 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. But he even screwed that up by also dictating a withdrawal timetable for 18 months from now. Conveniently in time to use for the 2012 election cycle.

As a slap in the face to the sympathies of Americans everywhere, a reality TV star and his wife cooked up a scheme to use their son as a means to get attention for their stupid balloon they kept tethered in their back yard. It just goes to prove that we've taken reality TV too far when people pull stunts like this and expect to get away with it.

2009 saw some fairly decent movies come out, just a hair less than 2008, but I think they made up for it with better stories. TV was a different matter entirely with pretty much everything that came out being a complete bust, with the possible exception of Stargate Universe.

On a more personal level, the servers here got another upgrade this year which, as with all computer related upgrades, did not go very smoothly due to some crazy arcane configuration issues with linux. But it all got sorted out and things ran pretty well for the next 6 months after that, until they got rebooted due to kernel weridness tonight.

The backstabbers in charge of MudBytes decided to side with the community of trolls and fired me as an admin. Something for which I am still quite bitter, but it's been more of a relief than anything else as it has allowed me more time to focus on my addiction to Oblivion modding instead. Plenty of people have written to express their support for me and my contributions to the community, and to express their outrage at the ludicrous way in which the whole mess was handled. But it's over and done with and we need not dwell on it.

As far as the job front, as mentioned before, I'm in California. Finding work is pretty well impossible. Fortunately I socked away a good sized chunk of money and haven't been in any trouble yet, but it has proven to be quite frustrating that not even part time shitholes are hiring. And I've looked. I've also looked for work in other states, but the situation really isn't any better elsewhere and I can't afford to gamble a move to an area where there are no jobs to be had. Anyone who might wonder why I didn't collect unemployment should be reminded of the hose job I got from the state back in 2008 over that. Yeah, that under reported unemployment figure? That's me and others like me who the state screwed to keep off the stat books. Not even appealing to my senators has yielded any sort of response as to why I got the shaft. The real reason is obvious, not the made up bullshit they pulled at the hearing.

So with that, I bid 2009 farewell. And good riddance. Here's to hoping that somehow 2010 comes out better. It's a campaign year folks, so pay attention to what your local weasels are saying!
"It is pointless to resist, my son." -- Darth Vader
"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
"Mother's coming for me in the dragon ships. I don't like these itchy clothes, but I have to wear them or it frightens the fish." -- Thurindil

Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jan 1, 2010 1:26 am by Samson in: | 40 comment(s) [Closed]
That seems to sum it up pretty well, Samson. On a personal level, there were a few other rather major/significant events in my life this year, but those were things in my life this year, not yours, so no reason to have to cover them here. Anyway, politically, I have to agree, good riddance to 2009. On non-political aspects, it wasn't all bad, but I'm still overall glad to see the new year and looking forward to the prospect that 2010 will bring better times.

Certainly hope 2010 turns out better. 2009 was a complete pile of suck. At least for me and most of the people I know.

Can't believe I left out the Iran protests either. That was a pretty major event in 2009. One which is now showing indications that the regime there may not survive 2010. If that's the case, then 2010 will turn out better for a whole lot of folks in the Middle East.

Well, positive points for 2009 for me included events like my marriage to Dragona last January and the purchase of our new farm last April, both of which were happy enough and significant enough to overshadow quite a bit for me, otherwise, I can't argue with you at all.

Oops, I didn't catch that omission either, but I also didn't worry about the omission of things like Michael Jackson's death or ...well, actually, we lost quite a few pretty major people this past year and there were a lot of other news items from around the world this past year that were also well worth noting (such as the EU monopoly ruling against M$), and even more that weren't worth noting (such as Tiger Woods' divorce related sex scandal), but I figured you didn't want this blog to be a full blown paperback novel length. ;)

Incidentally, you hear about Rush Limbaugh's end of the year drama in Hawaii?

Stardate: 3rd Jan 2100. Been a while since i checked in on all things mud related. Its all still a pile of ass, however places like mudconnect seem to be much more functional without the constant Drizzt and Crat troll show, and even the front page of MB looks to be filled with non troll threads and epeen related topics. If i was in a vindictive mood i would email Davion aka Moose Boy and tell him to suck my dick cause i just bypassed his ban.

However i digress;

Good to see you all survived the Y2.10K bug, Obama Mania, Kim Dong Dill, Im A Dinner Jacket, Homus, Kababs with garlic sauce and all the other ills of 2009. 2110 looks pretty prosperous for me, predicting a 20 increase in business with a 50% increase in my work load :) and its my last year of University. Something i should have done when i was 18, single and could have taken advantage of all the sex on offer, oh well, i will just have to get my wife to wear my lab coat and safety glasses and we can play chem lab assistants together. LOL Anyways, thats the end to my humor episode and its time to go pack to playing eve online. Yep still playing it, don't hate it yet, which is a good thing, met some nice people and am having fun with gaming again.

Look forward to reading this years hot topics on here and disagreeing with you all with my rampant communist democratic socialist ways.

Peace out guys,

The Fury.

Yeah, quite a few celebrities went out in 2009. The obvious problem is the news dwelled on a few of them for far too long, and are continuing to do so with Michael Jacskon. The man is dead, please let him rest in peace.

The EU monopoly ruling against M$ came as no shock to anyone paying the slightest amount of attention. M$ is finally getting what they've had coming for 30 years.

Honestly, leave Tiger Woods alone. If he's that much of a scumbag, he and his wife have to work that out. The rest of us really don't need to know about it.

Yeah, heard about Rush. Glad to know he's alright. Though apparently the folks at Wikipedia were hoping he'd died since some bonehead edited the page to indicate he died on 12/31/2009. Then again, it's Wikipedia, and I trust their fact checking about as much as I trust the Obama administration to do the right thing.

I dunno. I haven't looked at TMC in who knows how long. If it's no longer a troll fest, then either someone cleaned house finally or those two just gave up when people quit reacting to it. Then again, they quite possibly chased all the decent folk away so nobody is left who cares. As for MB, I'd be shocked if there weren't a bunch of epeen posts buried under the illusion they call the front page these days. If there really are no more such topics, then it's ironclad proof that the only reason they existed was because they enjoyed picking on me for no good reason. I doubt a politics thread is much fun on places like that if everyone just goes "Wow, I agree with everything you said liberal #331! Well said!" Even if you were in a vindictive mood, would it serve much purpose to email Davion and let him know that?

Wouldn't say we've survived Obama Mania just yet. The man still has 3 more long years to continue fucking things up. The absolute best we can hope for is to retake Congress in the November 2010 midterms. Our chances are looking pretty good considering how badly the Dems have messed us all over.

Never played Eve Online. Then again, I refuse to fund subscription gaming, so I don't play any of the major MMOs. Dabbled in Guild Wars for a bit, but that got boring pretty fast. Honestly can't see how people sustain interest in most of these things for so long.

You seem to be off about a century...

From what I've been seeing in my daily TMC summaries lately, it looks like Drizzt and Cratylus have just been busy/bored elsewhere so they've posted very little but that hasn't stopped some real weirdness.. on the other hand, the summaries have been smaller and more tame/peaceful lately. For the new coffeemud admin, TMC has even been helpful.

Wouldn't know anything at all about MB, in fact, honestly I've not even been bothering with while I've been stuck in Albuquerque these last two months so I couldn't tell you anything about there either. *shrug*

I'm with Samson in thinking that contacting Davion for that sounds quite a bit less than productive.

I'm thinking the bit about your wife wearing your lab coat and safety glasses is bordering on TMI, certainly more than we needed to know. ;)

I haven't tried Eve and can't say that I have any plans to do so. Like Samson, I won't play a subscription based game.
I also agree with Samson that we're hardly in a position to say we survived Obama considering he's only just begun (wasn't that The Carpenters...) and still has 3 times as long as he's been in office left in office for us all to get through yet.

As for your disagreeing with us all this upcoming year with your "rampant communist democratic socialist ways".. we don't always disagree, but when you want to push a communist democratic socialist (do those really all go together?) agenda at a site that's mostly conservative republicans you kind of have to expect and crave that opposition, don't you?

You aren't kidding, that list is really quite long. (Overall, quite a bad year for Hollywood.) And the media really choose to over-focus on a couple of very odd choices. They went on a bit excessively about Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Billy Mays, Patrick Swayze, and, of course, Michael Jackson, but the full list was pretty astounding and we really did lose quite a few really notable personalities this past year beyond those few. In fact, CNN put together their version of the year in review at and they probably covered a few more things we've forgotten to cover as well. (Though I do agree that Michael Jackson's death didn't merit nearly the attention it was given at the time, let alone as an ongoing saga.)

Well, no, it wasn't a shocker, but you hadn't mentioned it and it was noteworthy. *shrug*

Amen to that, who cares who Tiger did or didn't sleep with? That's divorce court stuff, not stuff I need to know about. Even if you want to look at it from the tabloid perspective, sorry to break it to the media folk out there but Tiger really isn't all that except in the golf circuit and even they're starting to not care about him anymore.

I was glad to hear that too, thought it a mildly amusing coincidence that it happened in Hawaii within a day or so of Obama, also in Hawaii, having to abruptly abandon his golf game to attend a family friend's child in the hospital. The folks at Wiki are morons, in general. Wiki is a great source for quick info on most things, but will always be an unreliable source as long as any Tom, Dick, or Harry can contribute to their info pool.

So, would it be too much to hope that someone might be crazy enough to attempt (let alone succeed at) an assassination of Obama before his term is up? ;) Nah, seriously, I can't wait for the man to lose the office in 2012, but I don't really want to see anybody killed, not even him. What can I say, I can joke about such things all day long, but in the end, I'm not really nearly cold enough to wish it for real.

I don't know, I really enjoyed playing both HellGate:London and Mythos online quite a bit and I did get a little bored with both of them after awhile and would stop playing for a day or two and then find myself back again.. right up until they shut down the servers. In fact, I've recently heard that there's a good chance some of the former players will be bringing HG:L back as what amounts to a pirated clone of the game that I'll probably be on the bandwagon for and that some company called RedBana is going to (with license) bring Mythos back and I know I'll be there for that one, I've even already signed up to join their beta for it. ;)

So, would it be too much to hope that someone might be crazy enough to attempt (let alone succeed at) an assassination of Obama before his term is up? ;)

Somehow I gather this isn't the kind of "hope" they had in mind when he got elected :)

It's also the kind of thing that gets the SS interested in visiting you. Not really the most pleasant of experiences. Oh dear, did I just call them the SS? *innocent*

No, I imagine it's not what his people had in mind during the campaign, though I know of plenty of folks who were hoping in that direction during the election day result reporting. ;D

At this point, if the Feds wanted to visit me over a silly remark like that, I'll be sure to leave a light on for them, but they'd better bring some coffee for me too. :P

Ntanel [Anon] said:
Comment #9 Jan 5, 2010 3:43 pm
LOL! You guys are too much.

Edited by Samson on Mar 22, 2010 7:57 pm
Thanks, Ntanel, I think...

I think we have ourselves an imposter.

All the same, John Williams is a brilliant composer, and that music is one of the best pieces from Star Wars in general.

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #12 Jan 6, 2010 1:03 am
Green sky with golden rain.

I see into the universe and I know why chickens cluck and why pigs squeal and I await the coming. Yes. The coming.

Cheese pie! Don't you see! It's all about pie! Even the chickens like cheese. The cow hates chickens though. Too dry.

Perhaps some wine, sir? What do you mean sheep don't drink? The rats are his.

Impostor or not, the post right after yours, Samson, is just weird and random-ish. Perhaps our newest Anonymous poster would enjoy some nice green eggs and ham to go with his (her?) "Green sky with golden rain"... but then, at least Dr. Suess made everything more or less rhyme.

Well. It's only weird and randomish if you don't know where it came from. I do. It's taken from part of one of the quests in my Faregyl mod. It's supposed to have been written by a necromancer who was poisoned and was hallucinating when he wrote it.

Why he posted it here with no explanation for why is probably weird though :)

Ah, see, knowing that makes it make MUCH more sense. But I would have to agree with you that posting it here without comment or explanation is more than a little odd. *shrug*

I seem to have a nack for attracting oddities.

And also randomly finding them too:

*wonders if the oddities Samson feels he has a knack for attracting includes myself...*

Alrighty then, I may have to try that at some point just for kicks, but it'll have to be once I get home where my computers tend to stay stationary all the time, the effect would be totally lost if the laptop's not where the picture is of. *shrug*

That Anonymous post is weird but maybe not so randomish. The exact same thing was posted on a justrage rant about you on the same day by, you guessed it "Anonymous". But I'll leave that kind of crap outside.

On another note, that transparent desktop thing is cool :)

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #19 Jan 9, 2010 2:37 am
Tyche said:

Unfortunately on the Diku side, if your looking for DragonBallZ, GodWarz, StarWarz, Locke or Samson stuff you probably won't find it on my site for various reasons.....

.... of your own making no doubt. Could understand DBZ/GW/SW gayfag stuff and obviously Locke's shit, but WTF is wrong with Samson's?

Well, Samson already identified where it came from, but why someone would post it remains a bit of a mystery.. even more so to justrage. *shrug*

He did say that it was "for various reasons" which rather implies that Samson's stuff is not to be found there because of different reasons than the reasons why Locke's stuff isn't there or the reasons why DBZ, GW, & SW aren't there. I imagine we all know and agree with his reasons for Locke's stuff being absent. I'd further imagine that DBZ/GW/SW aren't there because of reasons that Tyche has probably posted at various times to TMC (meaning those reasons are probably searchable over there). Finally, I would also imagine that Samson's stuff is absent from Tyche's collection because of Tyche's argument with Samson on MudMagic some years ago, though I believe they'd more or less "made up" since then. Ultimately, only Tyche knows his own real reasons for not having a particular portion of diku-related stuff not available for download and I'm sure that I could easily be wrong about any of those reasons. Whatever the case, I'm sure that Tyche is able to decide freely what he will or will not allow to be in his personal collection on his personal website without Samson, or any of the rest of us, being involved or even honestly caring very much. I know that Samson has his own collection of Diku related stuff, as do I, and of course there's always the repository at MB if there's ever something we feel we're missing and really want to add as well, despite what the admins there may do.

I learned long ago not to question why people post random stuff. Maybe the anonymous poster is an admirer of my mods? I admit to being slightly curious about why he'd post it on justrage but don't really care to go there to find it. I guess I should be honored that there's a rant about me there :P

I'm not going to speculate about why Tyche doesn't include DBZ, Godwars, or Star Wars stuff. As far as my stuff, there was some hostility over licensing terms at one point that he didn't like. The current terms probably wouldn't bother him, but either way it's his archive. He can include whatever he wants there, or exclude whatever he wants. Doesn't bother me either way that my stuff isn't there.

I had it pulled from mudbytes because I won't have my work associated with admins like that. They shouldn't be allowed to benefit from the community they stab in the back so regularly.

Samson said:

I had it pulled from mudbytes because I won't have my work associated with admins like that. They shouldn't be allowed to benefit from the community they stab in the back so regularly.

Hmm, I hadn't even considered that perspective.. I think, outside my own server, MB may be the only place still hosting any of my released snippets these days. about some food for thought.......

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #23 Jan 9, 2010 10:18 pm

.........| \
...\___ A BOAT______/

Which probably makes you pretty angry. I'd be pissed too.

Fucking came out of nowhere.

Out of nowhere about covers it. Where do you anons find this stuff?

Well, it's easy enough to find ascii art still floating around the web if you go looking for it, but how this comment pertained to anything in the conversation to date, which was already pretty far digressed before this, is beyond me. *shrug*

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