Google Me This: March 25, 2007

This week's gems:

Funniest hit: "make fun of southerners" - I have no idea how this one brought someone to me, but apparently it did. Shame on you for picking on those poor defenseless southerners!

Most popular hit: "U.S. constitution from 1791-2007" - Once again, this one takes the top spot this week with 18 more hits. Not quite as high as last time but still up there. I suppose when you're good, you're good :)

An honorable mention goes to "ugly sewer rat" for making a grand effort, clocking 17 hits. I'm not even going to speculate on why people are searching for that particular set of words. But I'm obviously attracting Google's attention here if people found me with it.
"It is pointless to resist, my son." -- Darth Vader
"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
"Mother's coming for me in the dragon ships. I don't like these itchy clothes, but I have to wear them or it frightens the fish." -- Thurindil

Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Mar 25, 2007 2:30 am by Samson in: , | 4 comment(s) [Closed]
Yeah, well you suck anyway so its no suprise people find you with the term sewer rat. Asshole.

Gee, Samson, sounds like this moron has a real crush on you, maybe you should sue him for harassment or stalking. *snicker*

Justin isn't worth anyone's time or effort. He's got issues of his own he needs to work out, like why he runs around telling people he's there to help them when he's really one of the bad guys he's rallying against. It sets off all sorts of alarm bells for me when a proven professional cybersquatter bans people who find him out and then goes around smearing their blogs full of crap. If he doesn't like the heat, he should help put out the fire. Not stoke it with gasoline.

Maybe he feels cold and needs to stoke the fires a bit to warm up. :P

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