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Boy oh boy. Another year slipped by on us as though it wasn't even there, didn't it? So much shit hit the fan in 2013 one hardly knows where to start, and as you may have noticed, posting frequency here has taken a nosedive as a result. There's just too much bullshit happening too fast for me to want to keep up with it all anymore. So 2013 has been the slowest year by far around here. Information overload as it were.

As is tradition, I bring you the top 10 lists for 2013, courtesy of Google Analytics. Which, btw, they have made more difficult to check lately. Used to be you could find all of this stuff neatly placed under the organic search data. It's now split up all over the place. So this may not be entirely accurate anymore. Sad.

Top 10 Searches in 2013

#10: "medievia" - I guess it had to happen at some point. I don't recall if this ever featured before, but it's here now.
#9: "iguanadons" - Site's name made it back to the list after falling off in 2012.
#8: "broodmother" - I wonder if EA had a sale or something. This hasn't been in the results for awhile now.
#7: "far side" - All of this from one image in the gallery? Again, since this placed here in 2012 too.
#6: "windhelm" - Still not surr why this is coming up, but ok. There must be enough of a tie in somewhere to do this.
#5: "aswerf" - Suddenly one of my Oblivion characters rates this much attention? Interesting.
#4: "you people of the south" - So... yeah. This one actually gained ground over last year. We still wonder why.
#3: "punishment" - When you stir up political shit, Mr. Obama, this is what happens. People find random political pics on the net that are perfectly fitting.
#2: "lakota" - It's the Indian tribe search that keeps on giving. Even the Energizer Bunny must be jealous by now.
#1: "alsherok morrowind" - This one surprises me as I'm not sure Alsherok has ever featured at all in search hits, much less done this well, especially over a very niche thing like this.

Given the changes to how Google is tracking this stuff, I wouldn't be surprised if I got the data from the wrong place in Analytics, but I don't think so. It looks consistent enough with past lists to let it stand.

Top 10 Visited Pages in 2013

#10. Malacath. Malacath's turn to be on the list. Displacing Boethiah.
#9. Astrid's image page. I can see the appeal since the DB is a favorite faction among players, and this image captures it well. I'm sure being an attractive Nord female didn't hurt :P Though she still lost a slot since last year.
#8. Windhelm. Moved up one since last year. I sense a trend.
#7. Alduin's Wall. One of Skyrim's most iconic images. Moved up 3 spots since last year.
#6. Classic Far Side. Down from #4 last year. I only have one image here. Hey Larson, it's a sign you know.
#5. Unofficial Skyrim Patch Version History. This missed out on one month of the year but got to 5th place anyway. Clearly things are starting to shift around here.
#4: Punishment. Seems about right given the search term follows pretty closely.
#3: Unofficial Dawnguard Patch Version History. Vaulting from nowhere to 3rd place. Not at all surprising.
#2: Lakota Independence. Something must still be driving this to maintain it in such high standing for so long. Though I couldn't tell you what.
#1: Unofficial Skyrim Patch Version History. Anyone who is anyone in Skyrim should have some idea of why this one leapt out of nowhere directly to the #1 slot. Changelogs are a thing apparently.

So more of a shuffle instead of anything truly new, but when you don't post anything new that tends to happen.

Visitor statistics for the last 7 years:

In 2007: 6,567 unique visitors. 32,595 pageviews.
In 2008: 9,095 unique visitors. 31,276 pageviews.
In 2009: 10,022 unique visitors. 27,939 pageviews.
In 2010: 12,563 unique visitors. 74,087 pageviews.
In 2011: 17,237 unique visitors. 76,870 pageviews.
In 2012: 24,337 unique visitors. 77,651 pageviews.
In 2013: 38,696 unique visitors. 80,478 pageviews.

Despite not having done much new, I guess more people are showing up to see what's old here. I've yet to have a year drop in growth. Maybe I should consider flooding the page with ads so I can get rich like Google :troll:

Erm. And I guess I need to fix that Twitter box just as soon as I figure out why it's not working.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jan 3, 2014 12:36 am by Samson in: | 2 comment(s) [Closed]
Maybe I should consider flooding the page with ads so I can get rich like Google :troll:

I would, just add in a post or two a week about nothing much of interest, so there is always some new content for google to index, and put google ads all over the place and make some money out of this. Double your unique visitors, quadruple your page views and sit back for the win. You won't get rich, but you might make enough each month to pay some of your bills, or fly to Colorado to buy Legal Pot, to have a drug fueled party with hookers. Gangster Samson LOL

Edited by The_Fury on Jan 11, 2014 12:43 am
Or, like the last time I tried something like that, Google will inform me of a ToS violation right before there would have been enough money to pay out from it and leave me with nothing.

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