Just an odd observation I had. It seems that if you go to Google image search and look for just about anything, you'll find an image from Oblivion somewhere in the mix. This is more or less logical for terms such as "city walls" or "exotic weapons" but not really what you'd expect from more mundane things. I recall someone on the forums having mentioned this in passing, but I hadn't really noticed until today. I even found an Oblivion image buried deep in a search for air conditioners. Figure that one out.

Pork chop? Yep, Oblivion turns up stuff for that. Apparently there's a boar with that name in the game.

AK-47? Sure, since it appears someone made a gun mod for Oblivion with AK-47 rifles in it.

Van Jones? Yes, even Obama's radical ex-adviser turns up an Oblivion hit - for Frieda Jones in Bartholm.

Seems odd, but hey. I guess that guy on the forum was right :)
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jul 23, 2010 9:01 pm by Samson in: | 325 comment(s) [Closed]
Yep, Porkchop is one of the pirates pet in the Thieves Den. Cute lil thing.

But yeah, that's just odd. :lol:

Sadly, I'll bet that'd work even for the odder porn terms and such too, it's amazing what a search engine can find a way to link to what, isn't it? :facepalm:

Yes, actually it would because folks are sick and they've made full blow porn mods with Oblivion. Cheaper and less hassle to go get a hooker.

Also, if it wasn't entirely obvious, random chatter can shift over here now. Onward to another 450+ :)

Ah, so this is our new Read the Readmes People thread then, gotcha! :)

Isn't Porkchop the boar under the Arena, though? Huh.

To carry over from the other thread, you should all pick up a cheap copy of Morrowind GOTY and play it. Worth your time. But we've said that before.

Also, I could go home and install Morrowind, and get your screenshots...Tuesday. So.

Ahhh, crap. Dwip is correct, of course.

Dunbarrow Cove's fence Khafiz has a pet warthog named Bacon. I was close.

I have honestly never come across MW GOTY or otherwise in my travels to either GameStop or Best Buy.

And there you go, Hana, you proved a point I raised in the Steam thread. They're trying to kill PC gaming by not stocking popular titles. Morrowind is still a popular title that sells well at every store I've seen it in. Fry's even has 10 copies on the shelf. Gamestop and Best Buy are evil.

I can't say that I've seen a copy of MW (GOTY or otherwise) in WalMart, Office Depot, or Gamestop (my only three choices locally) in years, but the next time I have a few spare dollars, I'll look into the prospect of getting a copy from somewhere via delivery. Not that I really get time to play most of the games I've already got these days though... :shrug: :sigh:

Not entirely surprised Gamestop doesn't have it. Seems hit or miss for them, someone I talked to earlier today said they saw one on the shelf there last week.

Out here, Office Depot never had much of a selection in games. They were more focused on, well, office software :)

I see it from time to time places. Our local WalMart doesn't have it, but pretty sure Gamestop (of all places) did. Then again, our local GameStop is marginally less crappy than a normal GameStop. Staples, surprisingly, seems to have a reasonable selection. Go figure.

Office Depot usually has a pretty small game selection here too, but sadly it's not that significantly smaller than the selection at WalMart. Ironically, Office Depot often has more games to choose from than WalMart or Gamestop when it comes to the jewel case only bargain bin.

*mumbles about hitting snags with Ayleid ruins pieces that don't exist*

What are you up to that involves Ayleid ruins? :huh:

The phase 2 parts of Faregyl. Rather frustrating that the large double-size room walls don't have the corner pieces I wanted, so I'll end up having to use the shorter walls, but that's going to somewhat mar the effect of what I was after. You know, typical CS resource limitations.

Condolences, Samson. It really does sound frustrating, but it also sounds like it's a stumbling block that you're used to running into with modding for Oblivion.

I think it's time Samson delved into the dark underworld known as Blender, so he can fix said limitations. :devil:

Oh sure, dive into a program who's UI makes no logical sense to work on a complex mesh set to give it precisely fitting tall outside corner pieces.... or use what's available and get the mod done in our lifetimes. Yes, you too can see what's more plausible here.

Or ask our BlenderGod, Dwip.

I don't know if Samson needs to venture into the scarred battle lands of Blender, but if Blender could easily solve the problem for him, asking Dwip's assistance might indeed be prudent, on Wednesday when he's had time to settle back in at home for a night...

After weeks with barely a joke of a hint of rain, Mama Nature has decided to cleanse our area with a full torrential storm today. This does next to nothing toward alleviating our horrible heat, but it turns my whole farm into a swamp and all our local roads to muddy tracks and plays utter havoc on my satellite internet. :sigh: :headbang:

Blender God or no, if he needs the piece I think he needs, that one's pretty exciting. I may or may not feel like taking a look at it.

I return, incidentally. Good trip, too. Bus + subway + subway + train + bus + bus, and I think the longest I had to wait for something was maybe 3 minutes? DC to New Haven IS still a 9 to 5 trip, though.

Yes, that's why I'll just settle for the ones that exist and actually work. Having those connect to a pit made of the larger pieces won't be practical without bloating the size of the chamber so it'll just have to be somewhat blunted.

That's not bad for connections between rail and bus, especially with that many connections to make, but it definitely sounds like enough to keep you on your toes. Welcome home. I'd still say Samson should give you a day or two to settle back in before asking you to fix that mesh for him though. ;)

Sorry, Samson, I'll have to just take your word for all that as it really doesn't mean much to me. :shrug:

Ah, I see. Samson's mumbling was just random grumbles. We can move on now. Conner, you might want to build an ark. And yay! Dwip is home.

So, Re: Walls In Morrowind.

This isn't really the Mad Killer Flying Argonians 2010 World Tour, because apparently I lost those saves somewhere and I'm pissed about that, but here are some wall pics anyway. Shiny guy is my character for scale when appropriate.

Balmora | Silt Strider | Scale

In the background, there, you can see my...second ever Elder Scrolls mod, the pack guar transport system.

Suran Tower | SuranGate

More or less the same as Balmora. Walls are just wide enough to be walked on, but aren't made for the purpose at all.

Imperial Walls at Gnisis

The For Serious wall set.

Tower in Dagon Fel | Scale

About 1.5 Dunmers high. Balmora ones are 2 and a little bit Dunmers.

Shiny Water

Because it's worth appreciating for a moment how awesome these graphics are today, let alone for 2002. That's with nothing but the most basic Morrowind Graphics Extender installed for screen resolution and some AA.

And you know what else Morrowind has that's awesome for today, let alone 2002? ANIMATED GOD DAMN BANNERS. LOTS AND LOTS OF FREAKING ANIMATED BANNERS.

You know, I had completely forgotten how agitated that used to make me.

Prolly not a bad idea, Hanaisse, but I don't believe that I've got enough building material on-hand so we'll just have to hope that our house is at least somewhat seaworthy at this point instead. ;)

Alrighty then, Dwip.. you're not the least bit obsessed with walls are ya'? :lol:

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