Not your everyday superhero movie, Hancock delivers a new and interesting take on the usual "hero beats up bad guys" scenario. You see, Hancock is more or less a washed up hero the people of Los Angeles hate with a passion. Not surprisingly, this is because he makes quite a mess when saving people and they don't like having to clean up after him. Miserable and unappreciated, he's taken to the drink and is near the end of his rope when a PR agent he saves decided to help him turn his public image around.

The movie starts off a bit slow, but once things get rolling the story becomes far more interesting. There's a whole other layer of depth involved in it that I won't go into, because doing so would spoil the plot. Will Smith delivers a great performance that's up to his usual quality level. The movie has a lot of elements you'd expect from a superhero story, but plenty you might not be expecting. I could have done without all the obvious rap music over-promotion, but other than that you're not going to find a whole lot bad about this one.

There's a bunch of crude language, and some violence, so if that's not the kind of thing you like, this may be one to pass on. Or perhaps just leave the kids at home or something, if you can. I doubt they haven't heard it all before though. Over all, definitely worth the time and money.

And with this one down, about all that's left that looks worth the trip would be Mummy 3, and possibly the new Batman film.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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I'd been on the fence about this one based on the mixed signals I've been getting from watching trailers and reading reviews, but I was leaning towards wanting to see it anyway, even if it means waiting to be able to rent it to watch with just Dragona after the kids are sent to bed. I'm not one of those who likes anything/everything that Will Smith puts out there, but he's had some pretty good roles in the past and this looks, to me, like it might just be another one of them.

The new Mummy movie is a must see event as far as I'm concerned, and the reviews for the newest Batman have been just insane, they've even been talking about giving Ledger an award for his performance as the Joker despite the fact that he's already dead. Someone really likes the movie. ;)

Word of advice. Never listen to critics. They're usually wrong and have a terrible habit of spoiling the plot if they don't like the movie. I based my desire to see Hancock on Will Smith's track record of excellence, and the in theater previews I'd seen of it the week before when I went to see Wall-E. I deliberately avoid any press contact with a movie I'm considering because me and a friend got burned by watching a news review of The Sphere back when it came out and the asshole blew the ending right there.

Nah, I don't watch reviews, but I do sometimes read them (when I was young my family used to watch Ebert & Roeper every week, but when I grew up, the idea was old to me so I gave them two thumbs down instead). In this case, Playboy had a fairly negative review of Hancock and the trailers themselves have alternated between implying this was a pretty good one and implying that it was a remake of the Superman movie in which Superman became a drunk for a bit, only more drawn out and less kid friendly.

Seriously, don't judge by what the previews are showing you. There's a lot more to this than what the previews, reviews, and other stuff has likely told you. I can assure you that the whole extended Superman drunk movie thing doesn't stretch across the entire plot line. And that's all I'm saying without delivering spoilers :)

I've already added it to my netflix waiting list, so not delivering spoilers is very much appreciated. ;)

Either way, it does sound like you really liked the movie so I'm glad to hear that the impression the trailers are delivering is off-base.

I really enjoyed it as well. It was a great movie.

I haven't seen Hancock yet, but am hoping to soon.

My comment is in regards to this:
And with this one down, about all that's left that looks worth the trip would be Mummy 3, and possibly the new Batman film.

Are you nuts? I damn near pop a boner every time I see a preview for the Dark Knight during movie previews or on TV. It looks absolutely incredible, though I guess if you didn't like Batman Begins.....we can no longer be friends.

Having not seen the newest Batman yet, I still like the first Batman movie they came out with the best so far, they gave The Joker so many great quotable lines... :D

Well. I'm not nuts. I absolutely enjoyed Batman Begins. But I'm still very skeptical when it comes to any Batman movie after getting burned so bad by the ones with Val Kilmer and George Clooney. No matter what anyone says, Micheal Keaton is still the best Batman that ever lived. Dark Knight needs to do more to impress me than a few flashy pics before I'll spend the $9 to see it in the theater. The previews were not enough to push me over that edge yet. Maybe if the bastards who run theaters would realize I don't like paying $9 to see Pepsi and Verizon commercials before my movie I'd be far less picky about what I go see.

$9 for a movie ticket? Wow, now I feel even better about our waiting for movies to come to NetFlix instead... they were only ~$7.50 the last time we went to a movie in the theater (I think it was the first Chronicles of Narnia to be honest), less for Dragona's son and free for our two babies. NetFlix is cheaper for a month than buying tickets for all of us for one movie even at the prices we last paid and we get as many as we want to watch each month instead, it's a pretty good deal in my books.

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