Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Voldemort's power has grown. The ministry of magic has fallen, now in the hands of the forces of the Dark Lord. As Harry's 17th birthday draws near, plans are set in motion to move him to a safe location where Voldemort will not be able to locate him. The only catch, he still has "the trace" and must therefore be transported by more mundane means. All is not well though, for the transport operation goes bad and almost immediately Harry is beset by Death Eaters as the action begins and the real quest continues: locating the horcruxes.

Deathly Hallows is the last part of the Harry Potter series of movies. Split into two parts, the first part screens this November and covers events that should roughly correspond to the first part of the book, while the second half does not screen until July which will cover the last half. Fans of the movie series may grow impatient however as the story is reaching its ultimate climax and appears as though everything is about to come together in a very big way.

The quest for the remaining horcruxes, the source of Voldemort's power, is continuing. Harry, Hermoine, and Ron set off on a long adventure to find the only one they know of for certain - Salazar Slytherin's Locket. Along the way though, they find that there will be another set of artifacts in need of retrieval. The Deathly Hallows. What role these have to play and what power they hold is laid out very clearly, and as a small hint for those who haven't read the books, Harry already has one of these items in his possession but doesn't yet know it.

The story is very well put together, supported solidly by the various other characters. Most everything flows well and is easy enough to follow, probably more so if you've read the books previously and have some idea of what to expect. Action is intense, with plenty of downtime moments to allow the characters to develop more fully. The only small thing I had any real trouble with was at the very beginning, where it felt as though some big piece was missing to fill in what happened after Half Blood Prince. That does not detract from the rest of the movie though. Nearer to the ending, you'll start to get the clear impression that not everyone on the side of darkness is in it for Voldemort's benefit.

The movie is definitely geared more toward the teens and younger adult crowds, however it still has plenty to offer for those of us old geezers who like fantasy and magic and good stories to go with it. This one's definitely a keeper and one to plan to add to the DVD/Blue-Ray collection. Well worth the trip to the theater, but if you value your sanity, go early to avoid the crowds. A movie like this doesn't make $130 million in its opening weekend with empty theaters!

On the Horizon

Goes without saying that December has been penciled in for Tron and Narnia. Aside from them, there doesn't appear to be much worth seeing. The challenge between now and December 17th is going to be avoiding all the Tron spoilers people are turning to.

Red Riding Hood came out of nowhere with a rather ominous trailer. This certainly isn't the one for the kids to see, as it appears to be told more in line with the original German version and not the watered down version most of us remember.

In May, it seems we'll finally get the elusive 4th part to Pirates of the Caribbean. I've been wating on this one for awhile.

June has a lot on its plate, but what stands out best is The Green Lantern. You had to wonder when they'd get to some of the lesser known comic heroes.

And July of course will see Deathly Hallows Part 2, along with Transformers 3.

2011 in general seems to have plenty to offer right now, with more likely to be revealed as the year opens.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Nov 21, 2010 9:17 pm by Samson in: | 5 comment(s) [Closed]
So, it really did turn out to be everything we were all hoping it would? Awesome, because even it'd proven a total dog I wouldn't have been able to avoid seeing it with the kids after they've all watched the first six movies so loyally.. ;)

My kids are already clamoring about the new Narnia film, so that's a definite, but I'm waiting on your review of Tron still before I decide on that one.

They've made a fairy tale movie out of Red Riding Hood in the spirit of the original Grimm Brother's telling? I'd heard nothing about this one...

We knew, given the ending of the third, that a fourth had to be coming, but.. well, it's overdue.

Since when was the Green Lantern a lesser known comic hero? You know I'll be watching this one when I can.

Will definitely be seeing part two of Harry Potter's final movie, but I may blow off Transformers 3.

Overall, sounds like a better year ahead for Hollywood than the one we're leaving behind was.

Sounds good, maybe I should actually get around to seeing this one (I haven't actually watched the Half Blood Prince).

As for the 'on the horizon' list.

The idea of the original version of red riding hood being a movie seems quite interesting.

As for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I've got mixed feelings. I'm sure it will be entertaining, just as the last two were, but plot wise those two were also a mess and I have reservations as to this one being any different.

Transformers 3 is in a similar sort of basket. Transformers 2 was IMO great right up until the end where the two 'baddies' escape and thus the stage is set ridiculously obviously for a sequel.

I kind of agree about the Pirates of the Caribbean series. The first movie was really good, the next two were very entertaining and worth watching but sort of fell short on actual story line, still, the first three were entertaining enough to make up for their shortcomings so the fourth certainly promises a few hours of fun even if they sort of ran out of steam on plot line after the first one.

I'd suggest you go watch Half Blood Prince before you go after Deathly Hallows or you'll be very very lost.

It's usually best to watch a movie series in order anyway, but the Harry Potter series probably even more so since it's actually story based.

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