Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Things are not quite the same anymore for our illustrious hero, Harry Potter. The return of Voldemort at the end of Order of the Phoenix has changed everything, and as a result, the Death Eaters are plotting and scheming while also engaging in random attacks in both the magical and muggle worlds. Dumbeldore has devised a plan to bring down the Dark Lord once and for all, and of course Harry is at center stage. With the Death Eaters roaming freely and Voldemort out there somewhere, Hogwarts is locked down more like a fortress than a school of magic. And of course through all of this, Harry and his friends must find out who the Half-Blood Prince is and what he has to do with all this.

For those of you that have already read the books, you already know more or less what happens. So the movie isn't going to contain any surprises for you. Those of us who have not read the books though are in for several interesting events and revelations as well as some plot twists we didn't quite expect. They managed to pack quite a bit of backstory development into this one covering Voldemort, while at the same time having room to cover some much needed character development for Harry and his friends. There's also a lot more involvement this time around from other Hogwarts residents, which is only fair since they're just as involved in what happens now even if they don't want to be.

One thing that definitely helps in keeping track of everything. Watch all of the previous movies, in sequence, and try to pay attention. The fact that I've not seen Goblet of Fire all the way through left me with a small amount of confusion here and there. Even though Half-Blood Prince picks up more or less right after Order of the Phoenix, the older material is still very relevant. Missing even part of it could leave you wondering what's going on.

All in all, this movie is well worth the trip, and is expected to utterly shatter all the known records. In fact, box office tallies for opening day put it somewhere around $105 million. Not bad for being in the middle of a devastating recession :)

On the Horizon

Aug 7: GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra - A live action remake of the animated series GI Joe. Judging by what I've seen in the previews, I'll pass. They've gone way over the top on believability with this one.

Nov 13: 2012 - New preview was out for this one. Definitely looking much better than previously advertised. Although I have to wonder if they've simply given away the entire story. It's definitely the end of the world alright, from what they've already shown us nothing much is left. Of course, it's all somehow because of massive amounts of water flooding in from the sea, so I'm naturally assuming a global warming agenda here that simply doesn't fit real science. Would be a tragedy to ruin an otherwise good movie with the propaganda.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jul 18, 2009 1:20 am by Samson in: | 4 comment(s) [Closed]
Well, not necessarily a global warming agenda. If you didn't notice all the big meteors hitting around the camper, I'd assume the water was caused by a tidal wave from a huge one.

Yes, I saw all the big meteors hitting around the camper. But they had scenes elsewhere that didn't suggest asteroid impact caused tidal waves. I suppose you could infer it though. But you have to admit that they've been sneaking their propaganda into an awful lot of movies lately even though there's still a huge amount of debate about whether there even IS global warming these days.

Doesn't matter if it be meteors or global warming, one thing is certain, Bush-Cheney-Rove are behind it. ;-P

Oh man, I go on vacation for a week or so and manage to miss the opening of the newest Harry Potter movie?!? :(
I'll definitely have to rectify that one shortly...

GI Joe: I'll pass too, even the TV cartoon series always left me feeling very unsettled. I can only imagine how bad they've made the movie version.

2012: Um, yeah.. Tyche, are you sure it's not all caused by something Obama's team included in the current Obamacare house bill that Obama himself hasn't gotten around to reading yet? ...whatever the case, I can't imagine that the world as we know it isn't about due for a full scale system reboot anyway by now... ;)

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