Have You Seen Our Ship?

So it looks like our good buddies the Russians have lost something. Something big. Something you'd not expect to get lost so easily in this modern age. No, I'm not talking about famous people or nuclear weapons. I'm talking about a cargo ship full of logs. Yes, that's right, the great and powerful Russians have lost their ship.

What makes this more interesting is that the ship didn't vanish today, or last night, or even last week. No, it disappeared last month. In July. In the English Channel. And we're just now hearing about this. I have to say I'm pretty well stumped by the fact that such a huge vessel can just disappear in one of the busiest shipping lanes in Europe, let alone the world. The even stranger thing? No distress calls were picked up. The ship was in radio contact one minute, gone the next.

The only clue to what may have happened lies in a strange report they filed from an incident back on July 24. They claim the ship was boarded by masked men who demanded information about drug trafficking, but these guys bailed out about 12 hours later and apparently the ship's crew didn't consider it important enough to be reported until 4 days later as they entered the Channel.

So maybe someone can explain this to me. How does a ship that size vanish from all radio contact ( and I'm assuming radar too ) and leave no evidence to its fate behind? If there were still pirates aboard ship and they killed the crew suddenly, the ship itself would still be out there. If someone blew it up, there'd be debris in the Atlantic. If they hit something, there would still have been time to radio for help. But the real kicker is, why did it take two weeks for us to even know it was gone?
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Posted on Aug 14, 2009 11:45 pm by Samson in: | 14 comment(s) [Closed]
I imagine it took two weks before we knew it was lost because the Russians were convinced they could find it again without help and didn't want the embarassment of having to admit that they'd lost it to begin with, we're only learning about it at all because they didn't find it again on their own. As for how it could just disappear from all radio contact, that could even just be a simple fuse on the radio system - we're not talking about a high priority military vessal with the latest gadgets on board, we're talking about a cargo ship carrying logs (documents or wood, I don't know, I hadn't followed the story before this). As for how it can disappear from radar/sonar within one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, that I can't address, I still don't know why we couldn't track known pirates via satellite and such.. or why our Coast Guard has so much trouble tracking smugglers off the coast of Florida either.. For that matter, I don't know why, in this era of technology everywhere, we still know next to nothing about the region we call the Bermuda Triangle. *shrug*

For your viewing interest:




Apparently a Maltese-flagged, Finnish-owned, Russian-crewed ship that apparently gets hijacked off Sweden, sails through the English Channel, then disappears off France and now has the Russian Navy of all people looking for it. Strange stuff.

Not surprising we can't find it. Big ocean, radar's not a cure all (and for all I know satellites aren't either), etc, etc. Could be lots of places by now.

Weird indeed.

I still just have trouble with the idea of something like a cargo ship going missing. Our government can monitor the lives of every american (every human world-wide for all we know) by satellite, electrical grid, telecommunications, credit system, etc. They can track every cow in the country.. but they can't see a cargo ship that's big enough to carry $1.84 million worth of timber? I understand that radar/sonar require the ship being within range of another ship or a monitoring station, but satellite only requires that it be on the planet. Satellites have already been used to detect crude oil deposits located hundreds of meters below ground under iron ore deposits, surely no one's just hidden this huge cargo ship beneath a few leaves on the shore of some remote island cove...

Well apparently the ship turned its transponder off. That's not going to help matters. Either that or "turning it off" means that's where it sunk - so fast the logs didn't have time to float. Or... not? This whole thing is just too weird.

The Russians sent an awful lot of assets out to get their logs back. I think I'm with the guys who suspect something else was on board. Something we don't know about that didn't belong there. The Russians don't send 6 combat vessels out to look for civilian lumberjacks at sea. They send 6 combat vessels out to get back stolen weapons, or nukes, or something else. Perhaps they even sank the vessel and took the logs away from the area so they'd not be found out? Wouldn't put it past them.

Only the KGB would do something like that, and we al know it was officially disbanded years ago.. *rolling his eyes*

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #6 Aug 17, 2009 3:48 am
Lol @ Americans acting like the Cold War is still on, while the rest of the world just gets on with their lives.

Lol @ naive Aussies who aren't aware that the Cold War never truly ended and Russia never turned peaceful.

Regardless of that, you don't find it the least bit odd they lost what's supposed to be a civilian cargo freighter and dispatched 6 warships to go look for it? Then waited 3 weeks to tell the rest of us it was gone?

In all fairness, if we lost a ship, even a civilian cargo ship, would we have rushed to go tell the Russians about it? Especially considering it was, in this case, lost in the English Channel and no where near Russian or American waters. On the other hand, unlike the Russians, we'd probably be in a rush to tell the papers so the Russians would've known anyway, but not because we'd have specifically intended for them to know.

On the other hand, we probably wouldn't have dispatched 6 war ships to go searching for some civilian cargo ship loaded down with timber either, even if we already had them in the area, we'd have just given them orders to be on the lookout for the missing ship and instead sent whichever one of them was closest, if the government was even directly involved. Since it is a civilian ship in question, our government would probably only get involved if the company that owned the ship sought their help or there was some reason to soldily suspect foul play by another national government, which would also give merit to the theory that the ship was carrying more than timber...

Well it looks like the Russian navy found their ship. Glad we could help :)

Apparently it was hanging around somewhere near the Cape Verde islands, off the west coast of Africa. That's a bit out of the way if you're supposed to be going to Algeria. The fact that the Russian navy took the folks aboard their ship and the fact that the Russians have admitted they spread deliberate misinformation only adds to the suspicion of what the Arctic Sea was up to out there.

On the subject of the Cold War, I think mostly the Government just decided they had enough of preparing the public scaring the crap out of everybody for something that a lot of people can survive will wipe every single person out with a not-so-small chance ofabsolutely no chance of survival for anyone!


Probably. It's pretty funny what happens to Big Brother when reality beats him over the head. It might have been possible to survive a nuclear war back in the day when the weapons weren't all world destroyers like we have now.

They aren't really world destroyers, because they'd never be used in a full-out war scenario, only tactically. The governments that have them (most of them) aren't stupid.

But you'd still get fallout, major EMP, and serious problems.

I was being sarcastic, it actually IS possible to survive a nuclear war.


It may well be possible to survive one, but you'd end up with various levels of "this was really stupid" ranging from Battlefied Earth (only the cities were useless) all the way up to the Fallout games, where everything is a radiated wasteland 200 years after the war and there is no such thing as a "world" anymore because it's all just pockets of isolated people here and there.

As far as today's civilization goes, the EMP alone would be enough to destroy society as we know it. You wouldn't need the fallout, radiation, nuclear winter, and ruined cities to do that. I'd almost wager that just a war in space would be enough. Destroy all our satellites. The planet below could be spared the entire brunt and we'd be plunged into the dark ages all over again.

That website you linked reeks of one of those scam sites you find. That whole thing with KI sounds fishy. Especially if you need 24hrs advance notice that there's going to be a problem. Chernobyl didn't give anyone that kind of notice. And neither would global nuclear war. Such a war would be over 90 minutes after the buttons were pushed. That's BARELY long enough to even trigger the emergency alert system.

And on the off chance you were still joking or being sarcastic, shame on you :P

I don't know, I imagine that it'd be possible to survive a nuclear war but only if you happened to be somewhere pretty isolated to begin with and then you'd need to stay there for a few hundred years and get lucky with regard to wind patterns..

As for plummeting the world back into the dark ages just by destroying all the satellites, I suspect we'd still be far from the dark ages, but it would devastate our sociatal system as we know it. I'm thinking it'd more likely return us to some 1950s SciFi author's nightmare. We'd still have most modern conveyances and computers and such, but our communications systems and banking systems would be pretty much wiped out, including the internet for the most part. We'd still have all our technology and knowledge, but no television, most of the telephone network would have major issues, there'd be no XM radio, much of the internet would be impacted, there'd be no working GPS systems, our military would be significantly crippled as would our government.. people might even have to deal with one another face to face like they did in the 50s... god forbid, but spys would have to actually spy in person. ;)

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