Hugo Chavez Dead

Hugo Chavez, the long time dictator of Venezuela, finally did the world a favor today and died. Apparently he really did have cancer after all, despite insisting to the world that he was perfectly fine for the last few months.

Chavez has spent the better part of the last 20 years fucking up the economy in Venezuela, suspending the rights of the citizens there, and nationalizing their resources. While nobody with a brain expects that this will suddenly come to an end now that his VP is running the place, perhaps the people there will be able to seize an opportunity to hold a REAL election and put someone in place who isn't a raving lunatic socialist.

Who knows, elect the right person, and maybe we can put a halt to Iranian influence in the area too.

In any case, here's to hoping this is a turn for the better in Venezuela.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Mar 5, 2013 4:55 pm by Samson in: | 47 comment(s) [Closed]
:rofl: I'd vote for Samson, he's got as much as chance of winning as any of the other non-major party candidates these days, and it'd send the actual winner a small and subtle message that we're not happy with the choices the major parties gave us, again. ;)

As for North Korea, let's combine the solutions proposed: we send them crates full of Big Macs and apple pies :unclesam: with dirty nukes in the center of each crate :nuke: set to go off when the crates are opened, or by remote detonation if they take too long opening them. :robot: Once the entirety of North Korea :ghostface: is irradiated the Chinese and Russians will leave the area alone for 50+ years waiting on the radiation levels to drop. :alien: By then we'll all be dead of old age anyway so we won't care anymore. :P :innocent:

Conner, would you like to be my Secretary of Defense? :)

Sure, I'd love to. Not only might it be an interesting challenge with lots of travel opportunities, but I can't possibly be as bad a choice as the anti-semitic fellow that was just sworn in by Obama for that same position.

Conner, out of curiosity, what specific statements has Chuck Hagel made that make him anti-semetic. Because I'll be honest with you, I've seen a lot of people making this accusation with a basis of evidence that consists entirely of Hagel's statement that he prioritizes the US and its security over Israel's. Or in other words, I'm inclined to see it as a total farce with nakedly political intentions (I don't mean to direct this last line at you, I'm quite sure that you're genuine in what you believe)..

Edited by prettyfly on Mar 11, 2013 9:48 pm
Samson, who are you going to get to play Monica Lewinsky during your reign as supreme leader of the we thing we are free world? This is a very important position and one that should not be taking lightly. How is the president meant to be stress free when making important decisions like what to have for lunch or which country club to play golf at, if the presidents blowjob machine is not performing her task optimally. :)

Prettyfly, I don't listen to, let alone attend, political speeches in general, but I do catch news and I do form my own opinions based on the information available to me. I'll let you reach your own conclusions as well. I think this seems to cover both perspectives reasonably well. Overall, it's not a strong argument that it's not mostly political or even that he's truly anti-semitic more than putting the US before Israel, but it does make it look as though he's not a supporter of Israel in general at the very least.On the other hand, I suppose I could say nearly the same of you based on previous statements and I wouldn't blatantly accuse you of antisemitism, just of being anti-Israel, but part of that is that I've gotten to know you well enough that I know you don't generally oppose Jews or Christians but rather that you generally suppose "Palestinians". I haven't gotten to know Chuck Hagel that way so it's much harder to extend that same degree of benefit of doubt.

Ok, clearly I took too long composing my response to prettyfly, Fury got in there with intimations that Samson's presidency would mirror Clinton's...

Fury got in there with intimations that Samson's presidency would mirror Clinton's...

Well Samson would be the type of president to deliver a surplus and the last time you saw that was Clinton, who delivered two surpluses, the first to the budget and the second to Monica, every man needs an outlet for tension.

*quietly fixes a URL parsing bug*

Hagel is well known for his anti-semetic rantings. What Google returned is probably fairly mild since it's been partially scrubbed by the press. Dude is definitely no friend to Israel, and no friend to Jews either.

Clinton delivered no surplus. That was entire Newt Gingrich, who I'd make Secretary of Commerce in a heartbeat. Clinton delivered us into recession before leaving office and then blamed it all on Bush.

Still looking for a suitable Secretary of the Treasury.

Edited by Samson on Mar 11, 2013 11:12 pm

Still looking for a suitable Secretary of the Treasury.

Perhaps a Kennedy, surely there is one about that is not dead.


George P. Bush. I'll make him Secretary of the Interior. He's trying to make a play in politics. Long live the Bush Dynasty!

Shouldn't that be Secwatarwy for the inferior? Who is George P. Bush, W's dyslexic son?

Long live the Bush

I agree, there needs to be more Bush. Which reminds me, you have not picked your Monica yet, Bush was impotent, Clinton had Monica, Obama has Michelle who is smokin.

Edited by The_Fury on Mar 13, 2013 5:05 pm
So, what role in the cabinet are you giving Dwip?

Secretary of Treasury... I can think of far more people that would be bad choices than good for that one. You want someone who'd proven they know how to handle money on a large scale.. how about Bill Gates?

Anon1337 [Anon] said:
Comment #40 Mar 19, 2013 2:27 pm
I been to Venezuela twice, most of the crap you guys hear of him in American MainStreamMedia is all bullshit, he was pretty much Beloved by 70% of the Venezuelan Population and is considered by most as a Hero, you guys should really had seen how many MILLIONS of people went out to the streets and mourn him, DO NOT BELIEVE the media unless you seen it with your own eyes.

Sorry, Anon1337, some of us can't afford to jetset enough to go verify every major headline with our own eyes, that's why we pay for reporters to do it for us. :shrug:

Plus the internet seems to disagree with your positive assessment of life in Venezuela.

Nah bro, Obama cost us national credibility. Bush had nothing to do with that.


You know what i do not understand, WTF do any of them need 8000ft of office space for. I mean like common, that is like an entire floor of a standard size office block. Now i could understand say 1000ft, a reception and 3 or 4 offices, but 8 times that amount, what the hell are they doing with all that space. Running a dance hall?

Edited by The_Fury on Mar 27, 2013 12:19 am
I dunno what they do with the office space. Not something I ever really worried about, and given the fact that it's a CNN report they probably left out the important detail of WHERE that office is. Saying it's in Dallas isn't really enough to go on. Could be his library or something for all we know - which is a much larger building than the 8000 sq ft office.

Staff and archival space is what I figure they'd use it for. As it turns out, it's not even out of whack with what members of Congress get - if the quick Google search from is to be believed, every one of them gets about the same in allowances and office space.

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