Icculus Finds Jesus

So as many of you know, I've been out of the MUD scene for awhile now, mainly due to the hostility, anger, and hideously offensive stance other administrators have taken against those who disagree with them politically or are not atheists. Bringing up your belief in Christ is a sure fire way to instantly turn people who you thought were your friends and supporters against you, no matter how benign you may be about it. The hatred is nothing surprising of course, it's just another symptom of a widespread problem in the US and the world - intolerant atheists who refuse to stand for Freedom of Religion being expressed.

Now imagine my surprise when I get an email from someone who still frequents the MUD scene and they wanted to know what I thought about Icculus "suddenly becoming a tyrant" on The Mud Connector. Yes, this is one of those people who stood by while the slavering troll squad drove me from my own site back in the day, so I already had ideas floating around. Was it some new moderation policy? Did Icculus finally have enough? Did one of the uber-trolls like Cratylus finally get banned?

Not quite. It's far more innocent than that. You see, all Icculus did was add a banner to his site rotation which pointed to the jesusdiedforusall.com website. A page Icculus himself put together to convey his love for Jesus Christ to any who would come and read the message. Nothing offensive about it, nothing sinister, nothing intolerant. Just a simple website with a simple message for good. One that, in Icculus' own words, is "a message everyone needs to see".

So why all the fuss? If you've followed the MUD community at all in recent years you probably already know. There's an aggressively vocal minority of people in the community who will savage anyone of religious or right-wing political persuasion with no rational basis for it. This was no different. The usual accusations flew, "homophobe", "bigot", "tyrant", etc. Delivered by the usual suspects - Cratylus, Drizzt, Kuros, Dentin, Scandum, and a few others who joined in just for the fun of it. They drove what should have been an open and shut topic into an 11 page tirade of hatred, bigotry, and intolerance (oh, the irony). As you might guess, I failed utterly to be surprised by this. The usual "admins can't speak their mind on their own forums" attitude all over again.

It gets better though. The usual suspects are now threatening to leave the site - partly because of this thread (which got deleted, then resurrected and locked) and partly because of this rather innocent set of additions to the site rules which are LONG overdue:

TMC Golden-Rule posting policy:

We realize that disagreements and conflict may arise during discussions on TMC. Please be courteous and respectful when disagreeing with others' viewpoints. While we encourage healthy debate on differing opinions personal attacks against other users is expressly prohibited: These types of behaviors are not permitted in TMC discussions:

    Flaming - posts created to personally attack or insult another user.
    Trolling - derogatory posts that attempt to bait other users into responding

Any behavior that is offensive by nature are prohibited.

Apparently one of them has already been banned for violating this rather simple policy. Of course, given the involved parties, that was not unexpected since they can't discuss a topic like this without being hateful and bigoted.

Anyway, for what it's worth, I think this is a long overdue breath of fresh air for TMC. Something that should have been done years ago to set the proper example. I for one am glad to see this happen, be it an epiphany after finding Christ or just because it was the right and proper thing to do. As far as the banner, who cares what the troll squad thinks. Keep it up, Icculus. It's your site and they have no right to dictate what you can and can't say on it.
"It is pointless to resist, my son." -- Darth Vader
"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
"Mother's coming for me in the dragon ships. I don't like these itchy clothes, but I have to wear them or it frightens the fish." -- Thurindil

Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jul 28, 2013 7:52 pm by Samson in: | 46 comment(s) [Closed]
You know Samson, I was popping in here just now to inform you about these happenings. For some random reason I had dropped into TMC just to see what was going on, saw the Jesus Banner thread, thought i would sign up for an account to post just to lend my support to Icculus.

How ironic that the first time i visit the site in what must be at least 6 years also coincides with the likes of Drizzt and Scandum taking the ban hammer and what is almost a certainty Crat will follow too.

I still find it hard to understand how there are so many petty shits within the mudding community who have an over inflated belief in their own self worth to the community. It is about time that someone showed them that they are worth less than shit, because they are the actual cause of the decline in interest in TMC.

Oh and you can add Tyche to your list as well Samson, the guy might be a good programmer, but the social skills of a turd.

And to those who have been forum killed at one point or another by the shits on TMC, login and lend Iccy your support and congratulations.

Drizzt finally got banned too? Wonders never cease. I wonder if I still have my old account lurking about in there somewhere. I bet signing in to support the new initiative would rile them up good :troll:

I bet signing in to support the new initiative would rile them up good :troll:

I think it would certainly have an effect on a few certain individuals. I am waiting for someone who reads here to put 2 and 2 together and realize the Rob_P is The_Fury i can just see the impending shit storm, I have already asked for my account to be deleted, if it goes to shit i guess i will have to email Iccy to make it happen :)

Oh Samson, take a look at my account file and reset the theme i am using, this one is broken. Ignore that, i just looked and for some reason The_Fury was my style sheet, now it is blank things look right.

Yeah there is a whole thread dedicated to banning Drizzt.


Drizzt, I want to say that I find your lack of understanding in what is involved with running TMC astonishing. I have probably put more time and content into this site in its first year of existence ( before your first visit ) than you have put into it in your entire time here and you have the unmitigated gall to try to make an argument that you have more invested here than I do?

Let me set you straight, you are an end-user of TMC which allows you to use the site, to submit information about muds you are involved with and to contribute to the discussion, you only have access to do all of this because I allowed you to have access. You stepped over the line when you got the crazy notion in your head that I owed you anything, that your end-user status gave you this access by right.

And I must inform you that the access that you _previously_ had to post on the TMC discussion forums has now been revoked because I am not sure I could live with myself another day by forcing myself to have anything to do with you.

And I just gotta say it to those of you that will call me a forum Nazi, that will tell me that I've gone too far and that you've lost trust in me and TMC and will move on - well I am sorry to be blunt but I just don't care anymore. I am tired of devoting my time to such a disrespectful and ungrateful group, and for putting up with your nonsense and your whining.

For those of you that want to continue to use the site for promoting your muds or your mud-related resource, please do so! Those of you that want to engage in meaningful discussion without feeling the need to berate and tear apart the other members of the community, please have at it. To everyone else and to everyone that thinks I am going to listen to another minute of you telling me what I have to do, please leave, you are definitely no longer welcome.


Edited by The_Fury on Jul 29, 2013 5:26 am
I am waiting for someone who reads here to put 2 and 2 together and realize the Rob_P is The_Fury

For what it's worth, I read the second one about the thread deletion, saw your responses, and saw where you pretty much flat out told everyone who you were - "unleashing The Fury" - the fact that you capitalized it gave it away :P I find it amusing that they didn't notice that.

I must say, I'm quite pleased to see that things are looking up over there. If coming to Jesus is what it took to bring it about, then so be it. I think he's finally realized that many of us have been right all these years about the usual suspects.

and saw where you pretty much flat out told everyone who you were - "unleashing The Fury" - the fact that you capitalized it gave it away :P I find it amusing that they didn't notice that.

HAHAHA how sad, i was kind of hoping for Lokke status. Actually i am kind of glad it nothing much came of it.

I just had a read of Iccys Jesus For All page, other than the font is kind of hard to read, it is nicely done, it seems he found a nice church full of loving and caring people who are genuine.

I really cannot see what all the shit storm is about, it is not like he has become an evangelist over night, and started having monday night TMC prayer meetings. A tiny banner, that most people will overlook or block out with adblocker, like seriously. I can remember when i got saved, I was a total asshat in your face, their face, bloodwell everyones face because i was so damn excited and ecstatic about the changes it caused my life, that i was going to tell you even if you did not want to hear it.

And now on MB you have people calling Iccy the new Kyndig, like seriously, please. You know a site like TMC is probably worth 100K to an advertizing company, due to the number of page hits it generates. Personally i would sell it and cash in and leave the inbreads to destroy themselves.

Edited by The_Fury on Jul 29, 2013 6:01 am
You can add Crat to the banned list now, looks like Iccy is cleaning house fully.

Huh. Well, it looks like not only did he clean house, he purged the forum entirely. I did NOT see that one coming. Well, ok, maybe I did, but killing off the entire forum (if that's what happened) seems a bit drastic even given the situation with the usual suspects. Banning them all would have been far more useful so that the forums could finally return to some semblance of civility.

I think he might have taken it down because there was a bug which allowed banned people to post still by editing their previous posts. The code there is older than Noah and his ark, i am amazed it still works at all.

Been reading the MB threads and i still cannot get over the self importance and sense of entitlement that some there have. Like we are the community, we own it and our views matter. As well as the what rules did i break, I guess none of them really want to look at the unwritten rule of civility and common decency, and showing some level of respect for other peoples views and feelings.

Poor Crat is crying how he did not break any rules and should not have been banned, which in a totally legalistic view might be fair, but at the end of the day, what is his contribution to the community, other than being an antagonist and total fucktard to people, sure it is within the rules, but should it be tolerated. I think not, but then, it is hard to fault them in part because there has been no moderation at TMC for just about forever and the toxic culture that has developed is the accepted norm among the in group.

The latest theory is that I had a personal hand in getting Icculus to ban everyone, HAHAHA, its on MB it must be true :_)

Lord, have mercy.

Looks like Drizzt emailed Icculus, and even though said email TRIED to pass itself off as civil, he couldn't hide his high and mighty attitude toward believers and Icculus basically told him and the rest where to stuff it. 17 years is a long time to keep all that bottled up though.

You know what they say about the Day of Reckoning. Well, it's at hand. Though I did not expect the entire forum to be flushed.

The MB thread, well, surely you knew they were going to retreat somewhere to lick their self inflicted wounds. There's an irony in where they had to go to do that, and I'm loving it :P

There's an irony in where they had to go to do that, and I'm loving it

I know, to think that many years ago it started with you and me at MB and now it has gone full circle. The only thing different is that we grew up, matured and became better people for the experience, while the others have stayed doing the same old thing and never learning that it is wrong.

Looks like he's preparing to hand the site off to someone else. Probably the right choice in the long run, so long as he chooses wisely and doesn't hand it over to one of the very people who caused all this to start with.

Not sure that i agree it is the best thing, but he is doing what he feels is right, and in that respect it is the best thing for him. Personally i would have sold it to a corporate and taken the money rather than give it back to a community of ungrateful shits.

The crackers at MB were al rubbing their hands together with glee at the prospect of getting their hands on it, just as long as it does not end up there, is about all one can really hope for now.

You should ask him to pass the site to you. It would be equally amusing I'm sure :P

I can't see him being actually crazy enough to hand it off to Cratylus of all people. That would be a death sentence for the place.

Honestly, he should pass it off to the Iron Realms people. They may be commercially minded, but they have a genuine stake in keeping the site alive and in good running shape. As well as a stake in making sure it isn't overrun by asshats.

You should ask him to pass the site to you. It would be equally amusing I'm sure :P

Are you trolling me ;) No way, i would not want it, I actually enjoy my life and sanity. And TBH my bias is just as strong as the troll squads, only in reverse and that would serve no one. If it was handed to me i would sell it off and pocket the money.

Honestly, he should pass it off to the Iron Realms people.

Agreed, I think they would be better placed to take the thing on and do something with it and would be high on my choice along with some of the more sane elements of mudding, Otherworld and Aardwolf muds or perhaps even someone like Nick Gammon, people with universal respect and who are not polarizing figures.

Was going to go put my 2 cents in on TMC - forums got locked out. Was going to spend them on MB instead - the software is jacked up, they appear to have broken registrations. So I tried to recover my TMS account. The database says my email is wrong. I think perhaps God is telling me to stay out of this :P

Anyway, it looks like he's preparing to hand off to someone else soon, and it's not the IRE people since Matt said he was "too late" when he made his offer. Here's to hoping he doesn't hand it off to the troll squad.

Was going to go put my 2 cents in on TMC - forums got locked out. Was going to spend them on MB instead - the software is jacked up, they appear to have broken registrations. So I tried to recover my TMS account. The database says my email is wrong. I think perhaps God is telling me to stay out of this :P

Yeah probably a good idea to ignore MB, that would only ever get ugly.

Oh lord! :facepalm:

Tyche said:

I didn't even consider asking, but you got me thinking about what I would do if I ran TMC.

* SMF!? It's already in beautiful home grown Perl. It just needs more love.
* The very first thing I'd do is unblock the word penis.
* I'd bring back the Flames board.
* No moderation, except for spammers.
* I'd write a module to include random Bible quotes in Drizzt's and Dentin's signatures.

Because obviously going back to how it was is going to solve the problem. :rolleyes:

I'd write a module to include random Bible quotes in Drizzt's and Dentin's signatures

That's a cracker.

Because obviously going back to how it was is going to solve the problem. :rolleyes:

But that's how they like it there. Remember that the troll squad has had 10+ years of domination, who wants change when you are at the top of the totem pole and can dominate the forums. The only person to have transitioned from outside to inside the "Special Users Group" in the last 10 years has been Drizzt and that is because he is a cocksucker who needs to belong to something to have any self worth. And because he has done nothing of worth, he tags onto guys who have done something of worth, just to make himself look good.

Drizzt blacklisted me because i emailed him the other week to ask how long will it be before it is just him, Tyche and Crat sitting about circle wanking reminiscing about the last pillar of the community they killed. :)

Edited by The_Fury on Aug 12, 2013 6:30 pm
So apparently the new forum is up, and they've got a new community management team. One member of which is a hardcore atheistic bigot who instigated a sizable portion of the flamewar that led to all of this to begin with.

In short, nothing's changing there. Oh well. :facepalm:

Edited by Samson on Aug 12, 2013 9:23 pm
Molly has a good head. Kuros dont have anything bad to say about and the other 2 i dont know. Seems ok to me so far.

Clearly you didn't notice then that Kuros is an even bigger troll that Crat, and that's saying something. He might even be a bigger troll than Drizzt. No idea who Kinaed or Tathry are. And I see Minori, another well known shit disturber, is also on the crew now.

This was supposed to be a turning of a new leaf for TMC, wasn't it? Molly is the only person on that crew I'd actually trust to carry out that mandate.

I don't think anyone can be a bigger troll than Drizzt, he is the cherry on top of the shit sandwich :) Which makes me wonder, how much will he get away with with Molly as mod, dont they like work on the same mud, or does he just claim that he is part of 4d in as much as he claims to be a respectable member of the community, or friends with Crat and Tyche et al :)

Minori was not so bad, at least not from memory, and well Kuros I did not think he was all that bad in the thread that ended them all, sure his views and lifestyle are not mine, but i can hardly hold that against him in his ability to be a level headed moderator.

I think for now, i would give them the benefit of the doubt, and hope that molly kind of takes the lead as she has the most level head of them all.

Reading the new "Rules" thread. I am amused to note that everything I've ever said about these people not wanting any sort of rules at all has been validated in spades.

I think I like this Kinaed guy, if for no other reason than that he's managed to stir the troll squad into a frenzy of fear over possibly being banned for being trolls. All while displaying a far cooler head than I ever could :P

I think I like this Kinaed guy,

I believe it is a girl. At the end of the day, the whiners will whine and whine until they get what they want, its what happened at MB, it was never some huge epiphany had by the mod team, it is just that crat is like a chihuahua and never shuts up and keeps at you until you see his wisdom. All this bitching and moaning about rules is more about him boxing everything up neatly into a logical order he can accept. All it amounts to is a small group of people who fear change and fear having no power, and then you have fizbanned who just wants to somewhere to be part of the cool gang because he is the guy voted most likely to die a virgin at his high school.

HEH want me to tell you what i really think :)

Ah, right. Someone made a comment about it being a female heavy mod team.

The reason the whiners will eventually whine enough to bring down the system is because TMC just made the same mistake MB did by putting up a moderator actions board that's visible to the public AND allows them to endlessly discuss the actions. It's the same perversion of the system I originally proposed on MB where said board would be visible to the public but locked out from discussions of the announced actions. The reason this system works at all on Nexusmods.com is precisely because there's no allowance for endlessly debating moderator actions. You get banhammered for even trying, which is the only way this type of transparency system can work. It's also the same kind of system numerous other forums I've been on use.

It really is NOT normal for the community to get to endlessly debate moderator actions in any community except MUDs. I've never understood why that is, and why shit breaks down so quickly when attempts at imposing order are brought into play. TMS is the notable exception in that they did so and cleaned house of all the troublemakers in the process. Discussion didn't die because of it. Quite the opposite. It thrived.

I mean, it's literally the same 10 people or so every time this happens who rise up to complain. Get rid of them. The other 75,000 members will probably thank you for it. Let them go start their own "Anarchy MUD Forums" instead.

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