If it Weren't for Bad Luck...

The car gods, they are angry with me. So very very angry. Allow me to elaborate.

The other day I get this call. Someone wants to just out of the blue give me a job. OK. So yes, I'm desperate enough at this point to ignore my gut and go check the place out. I looked them up on the internet prior to the day of the "interview" and was only able to get very limited information - Cruz Financial. The thing reeked of a shell corporation. Long story short, I was right. Oh, how I was right. I spent about 10 minutes of my life, wasted forever, listening to some drivel about selling retirement insurance and providing financial services - but you'd have to do your first 6 months in debt collections. No way. Not going to do that. So I figured I'd take advantage of the guy when he opened up for a first round of questions and asked who their holding company was. Portfolio Associates Inc. Look em up. You'll understand why I high-tailed it out of there.

So what's this have to do with the car gods being angry? I'm getting there. This place is in a run down aging and decrepit industrial sector of the area near the Santa Fe dam. Lots of bad roads, potholes, rusty old rail road tracks, and their office was smack in the middle of it all. Choked with trucks, dust, the works. I got out of there and hit the freeway for home, figuring once I got back up there things would start looking good again. They did, until I hit the top of the 57 freeway grade at Via Verde, next to Raging Waters. That's when the car gods struck me down from on high.

You know how in Drivers' Ed they tell you having a blowout on the freeway while doing 80 mph usually means you become one with the center divider or something? Wrong. Well, maybe if it were a front. In my case all that happened was the car began to shake violently. To the point where it became clear something BAD had happened. As I was pulling off to the side, I saw it. A huge chunk of what was left of my left rear tire came flying off. Well, shit. So I stop in the emergency lane, in probably the worst possible spot for this to happen. Right before the 10/57/71 interchange. Thank God for cell phones. So I called for help.

As I'm sitting there waiting, who should appear (yeah, AFTER dispatch was confirmed and couldn't be revoked) but the Freeway Service Patrol. God bless those guys, but this time you were a tad too late. Told him I didn't need help, that I'd already called, so I get this nice big yellow sticker that basically tells the cops to ignore me. Then he leaves. About 10 minutes later, my real tow driver shows up. He swaps the tire. Curse the asshole who thinks doughnut tires are a good idea. No, really. Anyway, soon I'm back on the road, hobbling toward the nearest surface street exit nearly 2 miles down the hill.

I pulled in to Sears after hearing they were having a tire sale. Sure, can't pass that up, but oh no. The car gods had one more mean one up their sleeves. I told the guy what happened, what I needed, and he said I could probably get away with just the one tire. 90 minutes later on a job that was promised in 30, he waltzes back in to the waiting area. Oh, and dear God, the things they broadcast on daytime free TV. MY EYES. Anyway, I'm told that rather than just the one, I had to have all 4 AND an alignment done. The reason? Rusty nails. Enough to kill 10 cars with. All in my tires. Aren't I just the luckiest? The blowout had also seriously misaligned the back axle or something in the process.

So when all was said and done - the damage came to just shy of $700 for a new set of tires and an alignment. The car gods got me good :(
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Sep 1, 2011 11:12 pm by Samson in: | 10 comment(s) [Closed]
Jesus, and I thought the last time I had to drop like $500 for tires/alignment was bad. Do your tires come plated in gold or something?

So was it Judge Judy, or one of the other ones? That's what I always seem to get. Thank God for my habit of bringing a book everywhere.

Nope. They're just wide performance grade tires is all. The price one pays for driving around in a sports coupe.

No, it was some really lame things on the local channel 13. Some crazy game show where people have to sing lyrics or something. The only minor relief was when the local news came on, although local news around here amounts to nothing but drivel. Apparently, despite having ready access to such things, Sears feels their waiting room can get by on 4 airwave only channels rather than just using a satellite or cable feed.

That's all fairly tragic.

Debt collectors are evil, I am sure Michele Bachmann would tell you that this is a SIGN from God to never, never, ever again, interview with the Devil. But from the sounds of it, you will need 2 weeks there pretending to do work just to recoup the expense of attending the interview.

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Ah, more of that left wing tolerance I hear so much about but never get to see :P

Well that's the great hypocrisy of left wing tolerance, we get to pick and choose what topic we wish to be tolerant about. ;)

Well at least some of you will admit that at least :)

Hey, we are tolerant, just not of right wing stuff. But that doesn't count from our perspective :tongue:

Isnt it more that we are tolerant of all the things the Right hate on, gays, lesbians, abortions and so forth and intolerant of all the things the right loves, greed, republican tea partiers, God and so forth.

Oh and while i was trying to be humorous, after a re-read i should end this with an /End_troll.

Edited by The_Fury on Sep 6, 2011 6:34 pm
Vladaar [Anon] said:
Comment #10 Sep 7, 2011 7:51 am
Sorry to hear about that.

Did you say you were looking for a job?

If so I can tell you my jail just hired 2 more officers. Not that you want to move to Virginia for a job but making the point that jails hire all the time.

Anyway, worth checking out if you want. I have been working at my jail for 12 years now, good pay for almost no physical labor. Very easy job.

Good luck

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