You've come half way around the world to steal the corporate secrets of a powerful energy tycoon. You've made your way up to the room where the safe is located and are about to crack the combination, when armed men burst into the room. You're caught. The target approaches you and in order to know how you got the information to get this far, he begins shooting your partner. Only rather than give up, you grab your gun from across the table, and take dead aim right to your partner's head, killing him. Except... he isn't actually dead, your target and you are both asleep in a shady dive in a 3rd world country hooked up to some kind of machine. Only this too is actually a dream and you soon find that the whole thing was a training mission for the person being targeted. Training him in how to fortify his subconscious mind against invasion. Welcome to the opening scene of Inception, where the mind becomes the battlefield.

In to mind games at all? If so, you've got yourself a huge one here. Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a world class information thief - an extractor. Through the use of an ingenious device, he and others around the world have come up with a way to invade the dreams of another person's mind and use that to steal information that you would otherwise not be able to get to. Aided by "architects" and other support personnel, one can have almost limitless control over the environment within the mind. During the opening scenes, after everyone is actually awake (something you can lose track of easily here) the real meat of the plot begins. The target wishes to plant an idea into the mind of his biggest competitor - a concept called Inception.

You will really need to pay close attention to the movie. It isn't overly complex to follow, but you can't really afford to miss something. This is an essential ingredient in any good mind bender movie, and Inception doesn't let you down in this regard. There is an underlying core story that follows through the entire main plot, sort of an undercurrent behind everything, and it is every bit as important to what's going on as the main story.

Special effects are very well done and fit in with the plot line seamlessly, and are even given plausible explanations. Key to much of this is the audio - this movie is one you will need to see in the theater for full effect because I'm positive it's going to lose a lot in the translation to DVD.

As regular readers here know, I was on the fence about this movie. Don't let the previews and advertising fool you. I took the leap with one of the movie tickets I've had laying around as a gift for awhile now and I'm quite happy I went to see this now. It's easily going to be the biggest hit of the summer. I can't recommend it highly enough.

On the Horizon

Nothing much has changed here. Harry Potter comes out over Thanksgiving weekend, Narnia following that on December 10, with Tron Legacy on December 17. Sadly, there isn't a single thing between now and Thanksgiving that I'd even use a free ticket on. It really is that bleak.

Also, one final note. Regal Entertainment, you guys suck. I mean you suck bigtime. 45 minutes of nothing but wall to wall advertisements before the movie? You people need to change your ways quick or you'll find your chain out of business soon. As good as Inception was, I'd have been screaming in complaint if I'd been made to pay the $11 admission price and still had to put up with it. When these freebie ticket run out, don't count on me ever setting foot inside your establishment again.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Aug 13, 2010 1:54 am by Samson in: | 5 comment(s) [Closed]
I've said it before but, Samson, writes really nice movie reviews. This one was no exception. I still can't afford movies at the actual theater, but this review almost has me wanting to go take it in at the theater anyway. Sounds pretty good, hopefully too much isn't lost in that DVD translation.

Still looking forward to Harry Potter & Narnia and undecided on Tron and really hoping I can afford a family's worth or tickets by then.

Ouch. You know, I perfectly understand taking advantage of the fact that some folks will show up ahead of time for the movie and all with ads between showings, but the bulk of the ads need to be over with by the time the movie is actually scheduled to run because the ads are certainly not what folks are paying to come see, especially not at $11 a seat! :blink: :surprised:

Just now got back from this. Pretty glad I thought your review was glowing enough to give it a shot, because this movie was awesome. Couple minor nitpicks, maybe, but eh, who cares. Great stuff.

The $11 ticket was a bit painful, though.

That $11/seat is the part that's going to keep me out of theaters for all but the very most anticipated movies for me from here on unfortunately. :(

Conner, trust me, if anything qualifies as "most anticipated" right now it's this. The advertising and previews for it are not doing it justice.

Maybe. I was thinking more along the lines of the upcoming Harry Potter and Narnia installments though, at least within my household. My kids would be sorely disappointed if we had to miss out on those and we still may have to if ticket prices keep rising on us. :(

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