Iron Man 2

Looking for something to pass some time with? Got a nagging need to see the latest superhero movie? Well look no more. Iron Man 2 has arrived to save the day! Or, something like that anyway. If it sounds like I'm about to bash the film, no, but let's just say it wasn't quite what you might expect.

The story picks up shortly after the ending of the last movie. Tony Stark has become a national figure, a public hero, a modern day superman. This doesn't come without problems of course as he is now under intense pressure from both the media and the government to share his Iron Man technology with the US government. After being hauled before a Senate subcommittee hearing on the matter, Stark is able to make a mockery of their proceedings with video footage of enemy nations who are years, if not decades, away from replicating the suits. Of course, it doesn't end there and Stark is soon greeted with the reality of the fact that someone HAS replicated his technology.

This isn't your typical superhero movie. It is filled with loads of irreverent humor, often directed at the government. You're going to find yourself laughing at things in the movie more often than not, and nearly all of it is hilarious. Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly even makes a cameo appearance with a mock segment of The O'Reilly Factor. There's also the serious side of things to be dealt with as Stark also has a personal crisis that has to be resolved stemming from the continued use of the reactor in his chest. And you folks who are dying to know if Scarlett Johansson lives up to the hype, rest assured she does, and she's definitely smokin hot. Let noone say otherwise. Don't worry, there's also plenty of action scenes to be had, and it's every bit as intense as it should be.

Over all, you really can't go wrong by Iron Man 2. Take the kids, nothing there that would be particularly bad for them. Just pray you don't end up sitting near some dufus who won't put away his cell phone. Yes, I'm looking at you you bastard. Harkin's theater, Chino Hills, one row up from the split in the aisle, next to the railing. TURN OFF YOUR DAMN PHONE!

Now, before I get to the usual on the horizon segment, a bit of a major beef to be had - stemming from seeing this article: Hollywood has to be out of their gourds if they expect the general public to tolerate $20 movie tickets, even at the IMAX 3D. The article implies they may be test marketing this for general admission to normal theaters too, and I can tell you without a doubt if they ever raise the price of a ticket that high, I will not set foot inside another movie theater for as long as I live. You Hollywood rats are already using paid commercial advertising ahead of the trailers to rake in tons of money you shouldn't have any right to, and I'm already sick to death of it and have been considering dropping in-theater visits simply because of that. One commercial alone eclipses the cost of the tickets AND concessions for every last person in the building, not just a single theater. I counted 6 of the damn things before the trailers that came before Iron Man 2. Keep it up, you'll kill your audience soon enough. Combine this with rude cell phone users, kids who won't shut their traps, and lazy staff who do a half-assed job of cleaning the place, and I may just sign up for Netflix and be done with it.

On the horizon

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Still on track for wanting to see this one.

Robin Hood - Dropped it from the schedule after learning they're not following the established story and are instead trying to foist an entirely new one on us. Might be interesting, might not, but see above rant about commercials etc. Not going to fork the cash for an iffy prospect.

Oi. Looks like they're rebooting Karate Kid too. No thanks. Jackie Chan can stuff it up his butt.

Toy Story 3 - May or may not prove to be worth the trip. The toys get dumped in a day care facility when Andy goes to college. Must have skipped some years there.

Rebooting Predator as well. Pass. The original was fine, no need to change it.

This brings us to Inception. Previews and advertising for this one look slick. If you've ever seen Dreamscape, it'll remind you a lot of that. The entire premise being the control of dreams for nefarious purposes. Hey, at least it's a marginally original idea.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on May 21, 2010 3:23 am by Samson in: | 6 comment(s) [Closed]
Co-incidentally enough, I was thinking of taking my daughter to go see Iron Man 2 this weekend.

Prince of Persia - just saw the first trailer on TV last night for this, it looks awesome. Was that Orlando Bloom? I'd be happy to see anything with him in it.

Robin Hood - been seeing trailers for this, and I got the same impression that it was an entirely different story to it too. While the medieval era is still a draw, I'm still not sold on Russell Crowe and/or the new story line.

Karate Kid - MUST see. I love love love Jackie Chan, and Jayden Smith, how adorable is he :)

Toy Story 3 - pffft, pass. I'm so done with that.

Predator and Inception - haven't heard of them yet, but sounds like they're not my taste anyway.

And hey, where's the Pac Man article? Happy 30th Birthday, Pac Man!! (check out google, you can play)

Edited by Hanaisse on May 21, 2010 10:45 am
Ticket prices - I already can't afford movie tickets (especially considering my small children are amongst those who can't shut their traps), if they up the price to $20 then even when I can afford movie tickets again and my kids grow up enough to be able to enjoy a movie in the theater without ruining it for others, they won't be going with me to see one there. :(

Iron Man 2 - Sounds interesting enough, and Dragona's eldest really wants to see it too, so we'll probably find a way to rent a copy when it comes out on video.

Prince of Persia - The television trailers for this one look much better than I was expecting, may have to rent a copy when it becomes available too.

Robin Hood - sounds a bit like what Hollywood has done with the television series Merlin and The Legend of the Seeker. I don't know if it's worth renting a copy or not, but the two TV series I mentioned have been interesting and entertaining once you get over the "that's not how the story goes" initial reaction.

Karate Kid - I really like Jackie Chan, but I honestly got tired of this series by the third installment and starting it over with new actors doesn't strike me as worth rental fees.

Toy Story 3 - again, sorry, lost interest in this series before the end of the second movie and even my kids just don't care for it that much. On the other hand, I have some nieces and nephews who will undoubtedly be forcing their parents to go see it so I'm sure we'll hear all about it from them.

Predator - Agreed, the original was good, if a little confusing initially, and this movie really doesn't need a "do over", especially at today's ticket prices.

Inception - Hadn't heard about this one yet, sounds a bit like Spinal Tap, not really my favorite movie flavor so I will probably skip this one altogether, but I guess I'll see what the trailers look like.

<- Pac Man

Have you seen the trailers for Repo Men yet? The premise sounds good to me, but I haven't decided if it's really one we'll want to watch or not yet. Maybe one night after the kids are asleep.. maybe.

Edited by Conner on May 21, 2010 12:43 pm
I think I saw a trailer for Repo Men at some point and passed on it because it made no sense and looked dumb. So I hadn't looked into the story line at all. It does sound mildly interesting but not enough to endure the commercials ahead of the movie.

Oh, I won't argue with you that very few movies will stand to the test of high ticket prices followed by a barrage of paid advertisements, but as far as the current crop of releases go, Repo Men sounds like a potentially amusing premise. Now what they do with that premise remains to be seen.


Oi. Looks like they're rebooting Karate Kid too. No thanks. Jackie Chan can stuff it up his butt.

Awww Come On! The new karate kid is totally different from the last one, I will be going to see this one when its released here and never knew about it till i googled it after seeing Samson anal Jackie Chan ;)

You'd have probably seen TV trailers for it when it got closer to release out there, Fury, it's just already really close to release here. :shrug:

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