It Lives! New PC For Me!

So I've upgraded my PC yet again. According to my order records on, it's been 3 years since the last upgrade. So I think I got some good use out of the old beast.

Here's the outgoing PC:

AMD64 3400+
1 GB of Corsair high performance ram
Asus V9980 - nVidia 5950FX Ultra with 128MB ( later upgraded to a 6800 Ultra with 256MB )
ABIT KV8-MAX3 motherboard. VIA KT800 chipset.
Western Digital 250GB harddrive.
SB Audigy 2 sound card.
Memorex 16X double layer DVD/RW supporting +/- R formats.
480W Antec power supply.
One of those gigantic ugly green Chenming cases.

Here's the new PC:

AMD64 Dual Core 5000+ socket AM2 - 65W energy efficient model. FAR less heat generation.
Abit AN9 32X nVIDIA nForce 590SLI motherboard. Obviously SLI certified :)
Gigabyte nVidia 8800GTX video card, with 768MB RAM. PCI Express. This system was built to accommodate the card specifically.
2 GB of OCZ high performance DDR2 RAM. SLI certified.
500 GB Western Digital SATA2 harddrive. 16MB hardware cache. Ultra quiet.
Antec Sonata II silent case, with 450W Antec Truepower 2.0 ATX power supply.
Kept the DVD/RW and sound card from the old PC. No reason to update these.

This PC setup hasn't gone without a couple of problems though. I started off installing an AMD64 6000+ dual core CPU, but soon found that the power and heat output from the CPU was simply too much for the system. It set off the overheat alarms twice. So I was forced to scale back to the 5000+ low wattage version I have now. Not like I'm going to miss the 400Mhz difference anyway. It also wasn't easy getting the components to fit. This case is smaller than what I had, so the video card barely fits. And it was tough getting the motherboard installed. Even tougher to swap the CPU once everything was in there. I'm also a bit bothered by the fact that the heat spreaders on the RAM have these SLI certification badges on them which cause them to touch each other. Combination of that and RAM slots which are just too close together. And the video driver for the card has a serious font display bug at 1440x900 which is the native resolution for my new LCD monitor. A workaround is available though which fixes it for now.

On the good side, It'll likely be another 3-5 years before I need to do this again. The case is practically dead silent. The servers are loud enough to completely drown it out. The single 120mm fan in the back seems to do a good job of ventilating without making you go deaf. The video card came with a copy of Civilization 4 which I guess was supposed to demo the power of the card I have now. It did the job since it ran smooth as glass. It also looked pretty nice on the new LCD monitor I bought recently. Haven't had a chance to put Oblivion to the test yet, but that's coming. With 768MB on board I shouldn't have to worry about piling on the enhanced graphic texture mods anymore.

So hopefully I've made you all completely jealous and you want to come steal my computer. Or something. But you can't have it! It's mine! My precious....

On another quick side note, anyone in the market for some used PC gear? :P
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Apr 29, 2007 12:25 am by Samson in: | 8 comment(s) [Closed]
Gratz on the new computer, Samson. In all honesty, I can't really say that I'm jealous particularly except for maybe the power supplies involved. What sort of terms are you thinking of for the used parts?

Mine! /me shoos Conner away

Hey now, Whir, depending on which parts you were after, we may not even be competing here. ;)
I'm really mainly interested in that power supply, though I have to admit for the right price the video card and hard drive might be pretty nice too. Unless the ram is a single stick, it wouldn't benefit me at all.. and price matters, I'm not well to do, and I know shipping would have to become involved as well... :(

I don't need the power supply. I have two already that are better.

I want everything left but the case and PSU, but we'll see how much Mr. Lizard thinks he can rape me for.

Policy has posted, which I asked AMD about:

Due to manufacturer's policies, can not accept refunds or returns on All Software, Game Titles, Retail Boxed Processors, Notebooks, Blank Media and Blank Cartridges, Camcorders, Printer Cartridges, Notebook Batteries, Liquid Cooling Products, Minolta, QMS, Cisco, IBM, Sony, Intel, Tektronix, NEC and Hewlett Packard products. Defective merchandise can be returned to the manufacturer directly.

The response I got back:

Hello Roger,

Thank you for contacting AMD.

While we can not speak for the other manufacturers on the list, AMD does provide a 3-year warranty for Retail Box processors. AMD, however, does not provide any warranty to consumers for OEM processor. Mwave’s return policy is strictly their own. AMD makes no stipulation that they not take returns on retail box processor, but AMD will provide warranty for them if they are defective. A refund request will be strictly between you and mwave as AMD’s 3-year warranty provides replacement for defective units only.


Technical Service Analyst
AMD Technical Service Center - North America

So I decided I wanted to see if this was trying to screw me, or if AMD actually does dictate policy this way. As it turns out, AMD has no non-return policy on retail boxed processors. Conclusion: is trying to screw me. I am now of course armed with a solid contact they can verify with and I will be making another stab at getting my money back on the processor that runs too hot. Much like my aggressive return of a game I bought a couple of years ago to Best Buy by wielding the EULA against them, I shall wield AMD's own response against using their own policy wording since it specifically says it's due to manufacturer's policy.

If the CPU isn't defective, you don't really have a case.

Way to neatly avoid the conflict, by the way.

It doesn't matter if the CPU is defective or not. That's covered by the 15% restocking fee for non-defective items. I'm going to lose more than 15% if I have to resort to selling it on eBay anyway. The point here is, they say it's manufacturer's policy. Well I have it right from AMD that it's not. Therefore the reasoning is invalid and I'm gonna make sure they understand this. No conflict to avoid. I didn't buy Intel :)

I think he meant the conflict between Whir and myself over your used parts. ;)

Whir: I don't need the case either, and it's really just the PSU that I was really interested in, the rest was just if the price was right, they'd be nice to have's. :)

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