What would you do if you had the ability to go anywhere, anytime you wanted? David Rice discovered the answer to that question. Nearly drowned in an accident on a frozen river, David discovers he has an amazing ability. He can teleport to anywhere in the world he wants - provided he's actually been there before. As David learns, this ability does not come without a price. After going 8 years without being noticed, he finds himself in the middle of a centuries old conflict that's been raging right under our noses that's never been noticed before.

Jumper is a great sci-fi adventure film with a good story and good characters. The movie wastes no time in beginning with David's story, as narrated by him, of the discovery of his abilities, what he decides to do with them, and the eventual conflict he intersects with that he knew nothing about. A shadowy secret organization pursues "Jumpers" as they're called with one purpose: To kill them all. All the while David rekindles a relationship he started with Millie, a girl who lived nearby in his home town of Ann Arbor Michigan, who believed David drowned in the river 8 years earlier. As things develop, she is caught up in the fight between David, Griffin, and Roland.

If you're at all into good sci-fi and adventure that doesn't stretch the limits of believability too far, then you'll want to go see Jumper. I had some slight reservations going in based on what little I'd seen in previews and advertising, especially since it's been hyped up quite a bit. There might have been some skepticism after being burned by Cloverfield too. But the movie more than made up for that and I'm highly recommending this one. I just wish Hollywood would realize that 90 minute features barely allow enough time to tell a good story. At least they didn't waste any time getting right into it with this one.

On the horizon:
10,000 BC - March 2008. Everything I'm seeing so far says this one should be really good.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - May 22, 2008. Saw the preview today, and, well, D A M N. Can't be missing that one.
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - May 2008. Also on the must see list.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Feb 16, 2008 4:37 pm by Samson in: | 5 comment(s) [Closed]
It's too bad that they don't remove that 90 minute restriction on some of these by making them mini-series like they did years ago with Roots and Shogun and such.. But I agree, from the previews and the storyline, I'd have to say that Jumper sounds like one I can't wait to see, and how could I possibly miss the next installment of Indiana Jones at this point? Of course, having children, the fact that I'll be going to see what they've done with the classic next installment of Chronicles of Narnia is a given, on the other hand, after the first one they'll have their work cut out for them to meet our expectations. So far, I'm still undecided on that 10,000 BC movie though.

Yeah. The 90 minute thing is becoming annoying. It's part of why Cloverfield would have sucked even if the motion sickness issue wasn't in play. They still wasted 25 minutes on useless crap that had nothing to do with rampaging monsters and shit :P

Jumper is probably an example of how to squeeze the most out of the 90 minutes you have, as they literally wasted nothing. I wouldn't worry too much about future potential, I got the impression that there's going to be at least one sequel.

I'm going to be highly upset with Lucas if I go to IJ4 and end up with a 90 minute squeeker. That would be just wrong.

And I am less and less undecided about 10,000 BC the more I see. The newer previews are much more impressive than the earlier ones.

Understood, though for my taste, I suspect Cloverfield would've been a dog no matter what they did with it. :(

Sounds great! :)

I hear you there.

I guess I just don't watch enough TV, but I haven't seen any new previews for it yet. *shrug*

Previews as in in theater trailers for it. The ones they were showing as recently as January were pretty thin. The one I saw today was a lot more impressive and had more meat to it. Which is understandable since it's due out next month.

Ah, I don't get to see those but once in a blue moon, having two children under two years old along with our other children means that theaters are not only very expensive, but also very difficult to coordinate as an experience. Theaters are loud but the audience is expected to remain quiet - for a whole hour and a half. While that's easy enough for an adult, it's very difficult for a small-ish child (like our 7 year old) who wants to be there but gets excited by what (s)he sees on the screen, and it's next to impossible for a very small child who doesn't even understand why they're being told to be quiet in the dark despite their knowing that it's not nap or bed time. Anyway, without addressing all the logistic issues that the movie theater presents for parents, I'll leave it at: we don't go to the theater often and just wait for most movies to reach netflix instead.

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