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So there I was, hungry, craving chicken. Around here, the decision is pretty simple. Get it from the deli section of the grocery store, buy it raw and cook it yourself, or go to KFC and get some.

At nearly 10pm I wasn't about to invest the time to cook my own chicken. So that option died before it was born.

The deli sections of both of the grocery stores that have hot chicken had been closed for two hours by the time I was ready to go get it. So that wasn't going to happen. Eating deli chicken that's been sitting on hot plates for longer than most fast food places float hamburgers is a bad idea.

So KFC it was. I drove over there, ordered my usual 3 piece dinner. I was disappointed to find that they were out of crispy for the night, so I settled on original. No biggie, it's happened before. That's when things took an awesome turn. I pulled out my money and tried to pay for it. The guy at the window told me not to worry about it - they were about to close and he said "just take it". Yes, I looked around briefly for the candid camera or something, but no, it was for real.

So I just thought I'd give a shout out to KFC's awesome customer service. Hopefully I didn't just get them in trouble!
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jan 18, 2011 1:40 pm by Samson in: | 14 comment(s) [Closed]
KFC might taste awesome, but at the local store where I live you don't want to look behind the counter as the state of cleanliness there would probably put you off eating for a week (they have been shut down before because of this). But still, if its for free then...

That really is pretty cool, but fairly unusual for KFC.

While I'll readily concede that around here at that hour those are pretty much our options too for chicken, it's odd that you imply those are you only options at any hour. Here in rural America we've actually got several chicken fast food places in addition to KFC, they just happen to be open the latest of the choices.

(Personally, I prefer their original to the crispy. Dragona prefers their grilled. Suffice it to say, we usually go for their mixed bucket. :shrug:)

Well contrary to popular belief, we really don't have a wide variety of places to go for chicken. The deli places have all run the other guys clean out of town. Although Popeye's did it to themselves for the most part by selling food that made people sick. KFC is the last holdout in the area that the deli sections in the stores haven't driven out.

I like crispy the best, original is ok, but I can't stand the grilled. Too dry.

That's awesome :yay:

I like the original, the crispy is...well crispy. As far as the "grilled" goes: It's called Kentucky FRIED Chicken. We actually have 3 choices for chicken here, and they all keep about the same hours. I don't know why- I've never seen more than one car in El Pollo's parking lot and Popeyes is sandwiched between a Quiznos and a Big Boy...oh, wait...the big boy serves chicken.

Wow, I just would've expected a metropolis area to host far more choices than a small town rural area. In Corsicana we've got KFC, Churches, Bushes, Popeye's, and a couple of local fast food sites that aren't chains. If I choose to go roughly the same 30 miles south instead of north, Mexia (which is about half the population of Corsicana) just hosts a KFC that's not Kentucky Fried Chicken (it's actually Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken) and three grocery store deli departments on the chicken fronts. Of course, if I drive 70 miles north to Dallas/Fort Worth or 65 miles west to Waco or 65 miles east to Tyler or 125 miles south to Houston, I can find choices that make Corsicana feel smaller than it really is :shrug:

There's your proof that everyone's got their own taste in things, I suppose. I like the grilled and don't mind the crispy but like the original the best. To me the crispy is just a little too much crust on my chicken and the grilled isn't usually dry but it sort of brings out the spices that they use and I prefer food to be a bit blander in my dotage. ;)

Hmm, Dallen raises a point, I sort of assumed we were talking about grocery deli counters versus places that only serve chicken. If we're counting any place that offers chicken of some sort on the menu, almost all the local restaurants (fast food or otherwise) offer some sort of chicken choice. Even the burger joints these days offer a chicken sandwich and/or a chicken salad. :shrug:

I think it goes without saying that I was referring to fried chicken, given this is all about KFC :)

We do have an El Pollo Loco or two around here but I don't like their chicken at all.

Ok, that was my initial impression, but when Dallen mentioned that Big Boy sells it too (I still tend to think of that chain as Bob's Big Boy...), I started thinking that, around here so does Denny's and some of the burger places and.. well, if we take it out to any chicken products, just about everybody, even the Chinese and Mexican places.. In fact, now that I think of it, both our Chinese buffets usually have fried chicken on the service line.

Samson said:

We do have an El Pollo Loco or two around here but I don't like their chicken at all.

Evidently, neither does anyone else... :whistle:

Actually, there commercials make it not even sound good. Then again I think the same thing about Carl's jr, and everyone else seems to love it. :shrug:

1. Popcorn chicken.

2. One of the things I noticed when I moved from rural OR to urban CT is that my choices for everything, from fast food to grocery stores to any other sort of store, shrank dramatically. Funny how that seems to work, but it does.

I can't stand Carl's Jr. either. They like to keep the burgers in those steam bins for far too long.

Well, theres plenty of chicken choices where I live in a country town (though not at 10PM at night). We've got KCF (obviously), McDonalds, Burger King and probably about five or six take away stores that sell chicken.

Then again, I figure in cities the independent stuff generally gets driven out more than in the country.

Popcorn chicken +1.
KFC -1.
Popeyes +1.
Greasy chicken at 10PM -1.
Heartburn free.

Great though that he said take it. Things like that never happen to me. That said, I've heard so many horror stories about KFC's food I'll never have it again, whether they're true or not. Up here we have a restaurant chain called Swiss Chalet, that offers dining in, take-out or delivery of juicy BBQ'd chicken heaven. Mmmmm.

Maybe the guy was flirting with you? :lol: Because, closing or not, that's pretty unusual.

We don't have any El Pollo Loco nor any any Carl's Jr. local to me (they probably have them in Dallas, Waco, Tyler, etc, but not within 50 miles of me). From previous experience I can certainly do nicely without El Pollo Loco. Also from past experience, while I don't mind Carl's Jr. as much, I couldn't count them amongst my favorites either. :shrug:
On the other hand, I don't think I've ever seen an ad for El Pollo Loco...
I don't know about the steam bins, but their burgers usually seem burned at the edges to me and, especially given that I don't do pork generally, their menu has few offerings that appeal to me in general.

Popcorn chicken works for me too.

@Dwip: It really is odd how that works. The more rural you get the less major chains exist, in fact, the less stores exist, but your variety in what does exist seems much higher. Of course, a lot of times the choices in a rural area are more mom/pop shops and local rather than major chains, but sometimes that improves the quality as well.

@prettyfly: See, I was trying not to count McDonald's and Burger King and such that have chicken sandwiches/salads but don't do chicken as their mainstay. Otherwise my local list here would've been pretty ridiculous.

I think we had a Swiss Chalet when I was in Southwestern Virginia that we never tried, now I have to wonder if we should have. :(

As for the urban legends about KFC, there are plenty of 'em...I expect most aren't true though or the health department would've put them out of business long ago. Though I believe there was one urban legend about KFC that might even apply here... Snopes debunked an urban legend that claimed The Colonial left it in his will that all KFCs were to give free food to homeless. In fact, if memory serves, I believe I read once that they actually will, at most KFC locations, actually call the police on, and fully prosecute for theft, any homeless who'd try to even take chicken from their trash bins. So the fact that this guy at the drive through gave you your meal for free probably wasn't because of the store's excellent customer service but, in all likelihood, because he'd already given his notice or else because his manager wasn't looking and he didn't want to bother with ringing it up on a register he may have already closed out. :shrug: (Though I certainly can't rule out the possibility of flirting either given that we are talking about California.. :P)

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