Lakota Independence?

So I'm checking Fox News this morning and run across a story that almost seems too weird - except that information scattered around the web confirms it's true. Apparently the Lakota Indian tribe is withdrawing itself from treaties signed 150 years ago with the United States government. This might just seem like a crackpot move by a bunch of crazy peyote smokers if it weren't for the fact that they sent a formal delegation to the State Department today to deliver their message. They've also sent delegations to several foreign embassies here in the US to inform them of their intentions as well. There appears to be solid legal footing for making a "declaration of continuing independence" as they call it. Article 6 of the US Constitution, International Law, and UN resolutions all give support to their position. So this has to be taken seriously and be dealt with in some way.

So the question becomes, how do we deal with this? Should the declaration simply be honored, the treaty voided, and the land returned to the Lakota tribe? Should the Federal government fight this through the courts and international forums? Or should we send the military in to crush an open rebellion? At this stage I don't honestly know what the best option would be. The land has been part of the US for 150 years. All of the original parties involved in signing it are dead now. Lakota country includes parts of the states of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

If we allow the Lakota to exist as an independent nation, people living in the territory they claim will suddenly find themselves under the jurisdiction of a new government they didn't intend to be part of. Regardless of the claims the Lakota are making, most people living in the territory covered by this are just trying to have a life. Although the Lakota are offering a pretty sweet deal - renounce US citizenship, join the new country, and never pay taxes again. It sounds tempting, but it's also not very practical in the modern age.

Sending in the military to quell a rebellion would almost certainly end in disaster. Though we would win the fight easily, it would leave a very sour taste in everyone's mouth at having to deploy US troops on our own soil. There's also a chance that in doing so, we could trigger sympathy from militia groups in the area, and perhaps from other Indian tribes who harbor similar feelings but were not prepared to act. It could even result in a civil war. If that were to happen it would leave us vulnerable to outside attack. It would be the proverbial beginning of the end of America.

That would seem to leave use of the courts and of the UN and other bodies to resolve this as the most logical approach. The problem here though is that if the Lakota void the treaty, there is no other law binding them as part of the US. They would be technically independent already. They've been in a quasi-independent state as it is since the 1850s. As I'm sure we all know, leaving such an important issue in the hands of either our court system or the UN would be a disaster of epic proportions. It likely would end with nothing being solved.

The main reason the Lakota seem to want to do this reads a lot like a genuine desire to be free - until you get down to the details.

As listed on :

* Lakota men have a life expectancy of less than 44 years, lowest of any country in the World (excluding AIDS) including Haiti.
* The Lakota infant mortality rate is 5x the U.S. Average.
* The Tuberculosis rate on Lakota reservations is approx 800% higher than the U.S national average.
* 97% of our Lakota people live below the poverty line.
* Unemployment rates on our reservations are approximately 85%.
* Teenage suicide rate is 150% higher than the U.S national average for this group.
* Our Lakota language is an Endangered Language, on the verge of extinction.

It's a laundry list of victicrat reasons for being lazy, unproductive, welfare leeches. These are all things the Lakota could fix entirely on their own, without help from the government, taxpayers, or anyone else. All they need to do is stop being lazy piles of crap. The social and economic conditions they've imposed on themselves are not going to go away just because they're not part of the United States anymore. Who are they going to turn to if they withdraw from the treaty? Surely we as Americans would no longer be obliged to do anything about it.

Still, this all stands to be a rather interesting footnote in the history of America. Not since the secession of the southern states in the Civil War has anything like this happened here. We're here to witness it firsthand. The whole thing is rather fascinating on many levels. It's a real shame that the press has all but ignored this other than Fox News. There's a huge opportunity for us to learn about ourselves here.

Visit the Lakota Freedom Delegation for more information. They lay out a compelling case in the PDF documents in the portfolio section. Be aware that the site is prone to traffic flooding, so if it's not available, try again later.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Dec 20, 2007 10:49 pm by Samson in: | 55 comment(s) [Closed]
Interesting find, Samson. It sounds like these folk are already just being a drain on the nation as it is, maybe we should let them cut loose and then go reclaim their lands in a few years when they're wiped themselves out entirely..

Seriously, it does make for a rather interesting bit of a dilemna for our government. From what you say, these folk actually have the law on their side in this one so the courts probably could only support their demands and military action would probably be ill advised at this point which doesn't leave a whole lot of options. Do these folk, in their "laundry list", explain what it is they expect to gain through this secession?

I think the military would be an excellent option, we could get the retard agencies (read news agencies) to paint them as treasonous and rebels, and then squash them with a well thought out SEAL Team surgical strike. OR Option 2 for military action would be to march the full force of the US Armed Services in and kick their asses back to the stone age.

It's obvious that's where they want to be anyway, back before technology, before cars, they want to be back where money meant nothing it was all about the size of your tepee and how many animal pelts it was made of. Because as Samson said,
These are all things the Lakota could fix entirely on their own, without help from the government, taxpayers, or anyone else. All they need to do is stop being lazy piles of crap.

Truth hurts.

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #3 Dec 26, 2007 6:17 pm
Sounds like some racism on the part of all of you. Have any of you ever seriously studied the things that our government has done to strip Native American communities of their resources over the years? Clearly not. If you do you would at least have some understandings of the complexities of the story.

And this comes to us from someone unwilling to reveal even a name by which to know whom we're responding. In any event, accusing all three of us of racism while clearly making ridiculous assumptions about our ignorance levels does absolutely nothing to positively support your 'argument' which you've presented very succinctly if rather poorly.

There's also the fact that there has been absolutely no major media coverage of this story since it broke other than the initial posting through Fox News. It makes one wonder just what the hell is really going on and why we've not heard anything more than random musings on the situation such as mine and other bloggers.

And is it racist to call lazy people lazy when the statistics their own spokespeople are putting out support the conclusion that they're lazy? So tell me, Mr. Anonymous Coward, just how are such utterly lazy people supposed to support a new nation on their own? They won't have our government to sponge off of any more if they do that.

[BTW, thanks for the bug report - even though you have no idea you filed one and had no intention of helping the development of Sandbox]

Yeah, if a homepage isn't specified it's no big deal, but if a name isn't provided it should really probably either not accept the submission at all or else at least substitute the word Anonymous in there. (I'd favor toward not accepting the submisison, myself. *shrug*)

Hi, I'm Chris. I am not lazy, I am not anonymous, and I am not native to this continent (although I was born here). I also like to think that I am not racist, but everyone is racist to some extent--is natural to be fearful of that which one does not understand. It is entirely clear to me that the U.S government has a deplorable record in terms of blatant disregard for native american land treaties. I'm no expert, so I refer anyone to Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States. The main reason I am writing (came across these discussions researching the topic of indigenous sovereignty, which is of great interest to me) is because I, too, was disappointed to read the broad assertion that Indians are lazy leeches on all the other hardworking American taxpayers. Surely anyone wishing to make a compelling and defensible argument can do so without name calling. I wonder how many lazy drunk indians do you personally have relationships with. I can claim none--although I am acquainted with several Cherokee who are inspiring spiritual and business leaders.

I'd also recommend reading Daniel Quinn's Ishmael to better understand the dynamic of territorial/cultural imperialism and its many casualties. Simply put--the white man stole this country from the people who actually loved and respected it as a sacred homeland--integral to their very identity. I have bought into the system for now--own a house, etc...but the fact is that it was paid for by Cherokee blood--the people who have true rights here. the Lakota have been lied to and cheated long enough--and yes, if anyone solves their problems--it will be from within. They have a tradition and a heritage that is unimaginably rich and comprehensive compared to anything that Europe has exported here (my opinion). The integration with christianity and big government corporatocracy is incompatible--this seems to be the Lakota final analysis. Besides, our law says that they have every right to be independent. Our track record does indicate that their rebellion will be squashed--but that is only because sonquerors have so little patience with those they overrun.

We shall see what unfolds.

Happy new year and best wishes for peace on earth.

Chris theal said:

I wonder how many lazy drunk indians do you personally have relationships with.

I avoid having relationships with such persons, personally, but I have seen and met far more "lazy drunk indians" than I'd care to even admit I am aware exist in this country while I was living in New Mexico. I sincerely do not believe that anyone here was saying that all Native Americans are thus, just that the ones this article was talking about are self-proclaiming that they are in fact part of the problem rather than part of the solution and Samson was pointing out that he felt it was ironic that they wanted independence when they can't even seem to manage themselves with our government's help.

No offense, but I think you've bought a little too heavily into the Native American propaganda. Should those living in the Caspian region also feel their homes really belong to the Romanian Gypsies who were there first but were subjugated by the Ottoman empire? What do you owe to your Afro-American neighbors who feel that your ancestors forced their ancestors into slavery and brought those same ancestors to this country as captured prisoners, never mind the fact that your ancestors may not have been living in this country until long after slavery was abolished... just to give you another example of the same sort of propaganda. Ultimately, it may suck for those who are determined to be indians rather than Americans, but it really is just how things work in the world when peoples are 'conquered', especially centuries later.

Happy New Year to you too, but I'm afraid true peace on earth is likely to be nothing more possible than a wish these days.

I am not native to this continent (although I was born here)

If you were born here, you're a native to this continent. As am I. As I suspect Conner is too. You may have ancestry in American Indian tribes, but that really has no bearing on your native status.

is natural to be fearful of that which one does not understand

I understand it perfectly well. A tribe of American Indians decides to declare their independence. They lack the means to support themselves, as supported by the unemployment statistics. THAT is what scares me about this. Not that they're Indians. You have an entire group of people who have clearly demonstrated that they have no initiative trying to convince the world that they can function on their own when they're relying almost entirely on Federal assistance to survive. So they have no incentive to want to work. Who could blame them? If the government gave me a check every month for being a lazy bastard I'd take it too.

I wonder how many lazy drunk indians do you personally have relationships with.

None. And I'd not be seeking to have one with a lazy drunk Indian. Or a lazy drunk anyone else for that matter.

The integration with christianity and big government corporatocracy is incompatible--this seems to be the Lakota final analysis.

I have no problem with that. A lot of people in this country are incompatible with Christianity and the corporate world we all live in. God knows I've had my share of run-ins with the corporate clods who run this place. But I don't think it would serve much of a purpose if I gathered my friend together and marched on the State Dept. when we have nothing to sustain a nation with other than peace, love, and hope. Peace, love, and hope don't pay the rent. I also don't think it's appropriate to blame people today for something our forefathers did 150 years ago when none of us were alive yet.

I'm also still waiting for an answer to why this hasn't received any press whatsoever beyond a single posting to the Fox News website. A suspicious mind might think the whole thing was made up and Fox got baited into running the story.

So is this a page for ignorant bigots or what?
just kidding its good to see that a few people have tried to enlighten the racists that started the idiocy on this subject.
AS far as the information the head klan member put up i'd like to point out that its also missing the FACT that the united states government failed to honor the treaties. The failure to honor the treaties arose from the immoral behavior exhibited by the early migration of settlers who were blinded by their racist ideologies and felt they did not have to obey the laws that were established. In a sense these groups were the alqaeda of their day. kind of like the klan and mormons. back to the point-> as a result the treaties have been null and void for quite some time. Considering the fact that much of the land "america" claims to "own" was obtained through treaties that the u.s. never truly honored, it's a safe bet to say if the lakota are succesful in this endeavor there will be a legal precedent for the return of all land to the native americans. And considering the facts that the u.s. congress is based upon a native american form of government i wouldnt be so quick to claim that these people would be unable to run their own country. Especially when you look at the fact that the condition native americans have been suffering from has been a result of conditions imposed upon them by groups who are akin to domestic terrorists. Groups such as christians, mormons, ranchers, and other examples of ignorant whites who are blinded by their racist delusional fantasies.
Hopefully in the next few years we will see the lands that legally belong to native americans returned along with the imposition of penalties against the u.s. and any group that they are able to demonstrate is responsible for the damage their "property" has sustained from the irresponsible slave work force of the corporations and the british crown. Damage that can be seen stretching from one end of the country to the other as well as being present in other countries all over the world.
The amount of recompensation the world court, if they weren't so corrupt, could order those responsible for the pollution that corporations have left behind in the wake of their uranium testing and other mining projects, not to mention the amount they could gain if they were to take the missionaries to court regarding the cases of child sexual abuse committed by "christians" to native children. And let's not forget the recorded cases which "america" seems to be trying to omit from history texts of "crimes against humanity" perpetrated by "false christians" who were in actuality white supremacists who were closer to followers of demons than christ.
LoL yea they have a legitimate case. And the main reason why the corporate news media is failing to keep tabs on the movement is because those same corps are owned by the 4th reich nazi's who probably are going to try to release another manmade virus, like HIV, and or perhaps they'll try to fill those concentration camps that were built a few years ago on U.S. soil. Surprisingly though they are located in Montana. So odds are the nazi "christian" "americans" will make the wrong choice and try to lock up the children of the Earth who have always been the true aryan race.
I find it quite amusing that the individuals who have made these racist remarks that indians are lazy are forgetting that white america has steadily been growing lazier and lazier, as they gain more and more weight stuffing themselves with sausage and beer as they zone out watching the corporate news and the corporate sponored sports, hiding from the uncomfortable weather outside the walls of their p.o.s. mobile homes. Where they sit on their fat asses and pump up their egos as they talk shit and compare other races to monkeys.
Seriously folks get over your feelings of inadequacy and accept the fact that the natives can run the show better than you or your Reptillian slave masters ever could.
And just to bring a lil light to the darkness that clouds your minds. The reason why i say the natives are the true aryans is simple. Look up the true word and its true origin not the european lies created to soothe the broken psyche of those whites who were so butt hurt that they needed to fabricate a fantasy to get their lazy asses motivated to kill off those other cultures whose existence proved the bible was another lie.
the word arya, aryan does not apply to the germanic peoples as many were mislead into believing.
The term "aryan" was corrupted by the europeans since they wanted to believe whites were the only noble people in the world. However an arya or aryan is more than one who hails from a noble family, it is also a term to describe one of gentle behavior and demeanor, good natured and of righteous conduct. And in the vedas - "Arya sarva smascaiva sadaiva priy adarsanah" or translated for those who can only barely understand english- "Arya, who worked for the equality of all and was dear to everyone."
Conduct which was displayed by the native americans when the europeans first arrived on this continent. At least until the whites began destroying the teachings that had guided them.
But shit happens. And the great thing about life is karma has a funny way of sneaking up on the arrogant and knocking them on their rear ends.
And for those of you who support the idea of rounding the natives up and placing them in concentration camps or whatever other nazi like remedy you can conceive, just remember when they're finished with us your slave master will turn on you like they did to their servants in the towers.

Wow, that's just amazing. This Parker joker comes along and not only spouts an absolutely astounding pile of pure drivel that clearly demonstrates true ignorance, but they even post it four times like they're not even bright enough to figure out how to submit a post to someone's blog. (We won't even get into the audacity of opening your comment post to someone's personal blog by insulting that person by referring to them as a 'Klan leader'.)

There. That should take care of that problem. Since the duplicates were clearly spam, I've treated them as such and reported them to Akismet since each message was posted from a different IP address.

Put simply, Parker is a raving lunatic who essentially proves several of my points from other topics about who the true racists are in America. I never once said anything racist about the Lakota. I merely pointed out that their laundry list of reasons for voiding the treaties were nothing more than victicrat welfare state "I'm a victim" mentality points. It's perfectly ok for them to complain. The US government treated these people badly and has indeed shit on the treaties we held ( or still hold? ) with them. People need to stop and think, and learn to read. I also never said one word about anyone's religious beliefs on either side. Funny how the opposing argument has now invoked it twice in an attempt to cast Christians as evil doers.

A nation of people in which 98% of the population is on unemployment is unsustainable. Those people would find themselves ceasing to collect that unemployment because they're no longer part of the USA. Our government would no longer be liable for paying their welfare checks every month, as they have renounced their US citizenship and willingly seceded from the union.

So I want someone to tell me. What are these people planning to do to sustain themselves? What are they planning to do with US citizens who suddenly find themselves no longer living in the US? These people had no hand in creating the situation that currently exists. Taking property they've legally acquired would be just as wrong as when the US took the land from the Lakota. Suppose farm and homeowners refuse to give up? Suppose they arm themselves and resist? Then what happens? Will the Lakota come in and kill them all? Suppose these US citizens caught up in all this call for help from the US military to defend their homes? Is an open rebellion what you really want? Is being slaughtered the answer?

And everyone continues to ignore the most relevant point. Why isn't the media covering this? Have the actual Lakota tribal councils REALLY declared their independence as a nation? Did the Great Sioux Nation sign off on it and give their approval? Has the State Department acknowledged this in any way? Or was this all an elaborate and legally meaningless publicity stunt by Russel Means and his followers like many other blogs have reported?

Wow. I can honestly say that I've now been called every name under the sun. I've never been called a bigot before. Especially since I didn't really say anything racist.. I believe all I said was that this was bullshit, and that they should just send in the military and be all like, "You can't HANDLE the independence!" >.>

But yeah, this was an interesting thing to catch up on. XD

Apparently the local Rapid City newspaper has covered the story. If you read that, pay close attention. You'll notice that the declaration of independence, and the voiding of the treaties, lacks the support of the recognized tribal government. Russell Means is nothing more than an activist with an agenda, and pulled a huge publicity stunt.

So now we have our explanation for why the major TV and print media hasn't gone anywhere with this. There's nowhere to go. The whole thing is bullshit :)

Ah, I see.. imagine that, we're all racists and bigots and ... because we felt this was suspicious and didn't seem right and yet, lo and behold, we were dead on... *sigh*

Oh well, at least it generated some extra publicity for your blog, Samson.

"It's a laundry list of victicrat reasons for being lazy, unproductive, welfare leeches. These are all things the Lakota could fix entirely on their own, without help from the government, taxpayers, or anyone else. All they need to do is stop being lazy piles of crap."
words you would expect at the opening of a klan meeting. Hence my reason for stating the truth about the racism and bigotry that dominates this site.When i saw how quick you were to claim to have said nothing racist about the lakota I realized my error. I made the mistake of believing you were capable of growing up and moving beyond the ignorant fantasy that is your view of the world outside of your mothers basement. That by sharing some of the info the parasites that controlled your tamahu ancestors and now blind you from seeing, that there was a chance you'd see how much your pride, that demons reign over your mind, keeps you in the dark.

That's okay after few years pass every one of you racist puppets will learn that your fantasy will not stay the hand of retribution
you cant hide from the shadows. ill make sure to post the footage of each one of you fat slobs crying and begging for mercy...

Parker said:

Samson said:

"It's a laundry list of victicrat reasons for being lazy, unproductive, welfare leeches. These are all things the Lakota could fix entirely on their own, without help from the government, taxpayers, or anyone else. All they need to do is stop being lazy piles of crap."

words you would expect at the opening of a klan meeting.

No. Words you would expect to see at an anti-welfare meeting. Or a conservative political action meeting. Or a republican caucus. Or a sensible tax use foundation meeting. Or a Libertarian Party meeting. And in some Southern states, perhaps even a democratic caucus too.

The words you, Parker, are using are what one would expect to find at the opening statements of a klan meeting. Or of a radical militia group meeting. Or a separatist meeting. Or a secessionist meeting. Or even at a confederate congressional session.

I'm sorry you can't see that I am sick and tired of paying for people whose sole function in life is to leech off of welfare, grants, AFDC, and their reservation paychecks. I don't give a crap if such people are Lakota, Mexican, Canadian, European, Chinese, Altairian, Romulan, Vulcan, Klingon, black, white, red, brown, pink with blue stripes, or green with red dots. People who behave as though they are entitled to government giveaways have no sense of personal responsibility. No pride in themselves. No work ethic. They believe themselves to be victims of oppression, suppression, racism, sexism, ageism, and whatever other ism of the week is popular.

All of this can be fixed by whoever places themselves in a group like that. Hard work, education, and personal responsibility. That's all it takes. Anyone who applies even a small amount of that philosophy will get somewhere in life. It won't necessarily make you rich and powerful, but you will be self sustaining. And I guarantee you that others will look upon you in a more favorable light than if you play the victicrat card all day long."No_treaty_withdrawal",_says_Lakota_elder

More confirmation that this whole thing was complete crap. Not that I trust Wikinews as a valid news source, but still.


I have to say that if ALL the tribal elders, leaders, etc. want to withdraw from the treaties, and the people elect these leaders, then there's nothing we can do to stop them. The Wikipedia entry does say:

The claimed boundaries of Lakotah are the Yellowstone River to the north, the North Platte River to the south, the Missouri River to the east and an irregular line marking the west. These borders coincide with those set by the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie:

The territory of the Sioux or Dahcotah Nation, commencing the mouth of the White Earth River, on the Missouri River; thence in a southwesterly direction to the forks of the Platte River; thence up the north fork of the Platte River to a point known as the Red Buts, or where the road leaves the river; thence along the range of mountains known as the Black Hills, to the head-waters of Heart River; thence down Heart River to its mouth; and thence down the Missouri River to the place of beginning."

However, if they withdraw from THIS particular treaty, those words mean nothing. So they'd have to keep this treaty to keep the land. Right?


If all of the tribal elders were behind the decision to withdraw from the treaties that would be an entirely different matter. But every indication coming from them shows that none of them are behind the move. Russell Means is a citizen activist and nothing more. He has no authority to make these kinds of decisions for his people.

Since the treaty is the only thing bonding them to the union, if it gets dissolved then the Lakota would get back the territory they originally held before the 1851 treaty.

I don't think you should be so quick to say these people are just being lazy and if they felt like it they could fix their own problems. If you have nothing to start out with, progress is slow and painful. On the Pine Ridge reservation many of the houses don't have electricity, running water, or telephone. There are a few businesses, and some people are employed in tribal government and infrastructure, but other than that, there aren't places to work, and there aren't ways to get there. Their traditional ways of supporting themselves have collapsed; the buffalo herds they depended on for food and shelter have been decimated and our government banned their language and culture from them for a period of years, which injured their collective knowledge, inner pride, all sorts of things.
I don't want to make up excuses for a group I'm not even part of, but I just wanted to post up some of the reasons they might be falling into economic traps like welfare. I personally have had a hard time just getting through school and making some money on my own, and I started out with all sorts of benefits. I CANNOT IMAGINE living with no electricity, no water, no toilet, no car, no way or resource to procure my own food, no job that isn't two hour's drive, no money for gas to get there in the first place... perhaps with children thrown into the mix... there are a lot of lazy welfare bums out there, but I'm not sure this group deserves that harsh of a judgment. And I'm not just spouting off opinions here, all of the things I have said are easily verifiable by reputable sources, I just didn't feel like being academic and quoting everything, but feel free to go look up the statistics and the history.

To White
It is true this land do not belong to you.
You americans made genocide against these people. You killed native women and children like Faschist German killed Jewish children and women during WW Two.
Your hatress toward these Native can be found everywhere in your movie, books and even your history and photos.
You hate Natives
You hate Human beings
Still today your children hate Native People!!!!!! And you too!!!!
It is shame for you and your children to abuse them.

You are IMIIGRANTS and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT in the continent.
No one say to come here!!!!!

Every nation has a right to have own independent state from any nation.
JUST GIVE THEM BACK THEIR COUNTRY AND LET THEM DECIDE THEIR DESTINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have just found that how much you hate native people.

I have a question " isn't it shame for you to celebrate "Thanksgiving Day?"

If I were American, I would be shy

Why shouldn't I call laziness when I see it? These people are 98% unemployed and leeching off the federal government with their Indian grant money. It's the greatest scam that was ever perpetrated on the American people. Maybe that's what I should be doing. Advocating that because I have Indian blood in my family tree that I deserve to go sit on some reservation somewhere, pick my ass all day, and collect a ton of money at taxpayer expense. Yeah. That just sounds so wonderfully cool.

If their buffalo herds have thinned to the point of uselessness, they should come up with something else to do. Maybe... I don't know... they could train to be electricians, telecom techs, plumbers... because apparently according to you there's plenty of demand for services like that since nobody there seems to have these things. Perhaps some of the more enterprising folks could invest their vast government fortunes into opening hardware and supply stores to cater to the demands of the sudden boom in electricians, telecom techs, and plumbers. Instead it seems these guys are more interested in being welfare leeches - by choice.

I don't know, but from what I've seen, these reservations don't seem to have any trouble at all raising the millions of dollars it takes to establish huge new casino facilities in no time once the local government gives them the go ahead.. or do the governments grant them the funding for those too? (I've been to several indian owned/operated casinos on reservations in multiple states and I've yet to see one without electricity, plumbing, or telephone service either... I've also visited indian tourist shops on multiple reservations and, amazingly enough, they each have had the same as well...)

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