Lawbreaker Bush?

I've posted this in two different forums now, and I want somewhere to point people later for when I need it again, so here we go:

Here's the deal. In 1991, GHW Bush went to war with Iraq. Congress approved of this, which made it a legal declaration under our Constitution. Once Saddam was driven out of Kuwait, a cease fire was declared. This is important to keep in mind. As part of the cease fire, certain zones of control were put in place. The US was part of the mechanism of enforcement for these zones. Which included the no-fly zones. Saddam had a habit of shooting at our planes, the British planes, and whoever else was up there.

During all of this, several UN resolutions were passed. Mostly weak and toothless ones, but one stood out. Resolution 1441. This one called for "consequences" if Saddam failed to comply. Well guess what? Saddam failed to comply. So in 2002 we found him to be in violation of the terms of the cease fire. Now at this stage GW Bush could have ordered the troops up and invaded the country. Without consulting anyone. Including Congress. Why? Because the war in 1991 was never officially ended with a treaty of any kind. And lets throw in the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998. Signed by none other than Bill Clinton.

Now, Bush knew that just rushing in would be political suicide, so he sent Colin Powell to the UN to make our case. And make our case he did, even though we later found out he was opposed to the invasion. France threatened to veto any UN resolution that resulted in military action. So that avenue was closed. We'll ignore that they were corrupt and in bed with Saddam. So Bush went to Congress for a vote. And a vote he got. A very decisive majority of them in fact. Including John Kerry, Hilary Clinton, and John Edwards. So at this point the decision was made. The authorization was given. In 2002.

So March of 2003 rolls around and the invasion begins. Officially a resumption of the original war started in 1991. So we have been at war with Iraq now for 16 years. Not 4. The second wave, invasion, or whatever, was begun AFTER Congress gave their authorization. Not before. The decision was made to start the war by GHW Bush, back in 1991. GW Bush decided it was time to resume open combat. That's a very important distinction.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Mar 8, 2007 4:26 pm by Samson in: | 6 comment(s) [Closed]
I can probably guess the context already, but do tell.

I feel sometimes like I'm the only person ever who remembers the no fly zones and that like ten years of air war we had over them. Was just talking about that the other night, even.

The only part I can disagree with is that Powell's presentation was...not so good, in hind sight. Which doesn't really change the outcome.

I was active duty during 'Operation Desert Storm' and to this day I still think so much could've been avoided over these last 16 years if we'd just allowed Seal Team Six to do their job at the time... The entire 16 year 'war' could've been resolved with a single bullet.

There was no real context.

I was reminding someone on [defunct spammer domain] that ICANN cannot just act on their own without following the legal procedure spelled out in their contract. Some crazy person thought that was cool, and then proceeded to jump off the deep end with the whole "I wish Bush thought the same way" crap and illegal wars.

On the other we were discussing the folly of daylight saving time and somehow someone linked DST with how Europe doesn't care just like they didn't care about how Bush invaded Iraq.

In both cases it became necessary to set the record straight. I suspect I'll be banned soon from [defunct spammer domain] since the people there are all playing the victim card and think I was crazy to keep pushing people to leave.

Conner, I agree. GHW Bush should have ignored the political idiots of his time, marched into Baghdad, and put a bullet between Saddam's eyes. The Iraqis back then were more than willing to stand up and help. But we turned our backs on them, and look at the result. They're so distrustful that they won't stand up and help themselves now.

While I'm proud to support my Commander-in-Chief, I think it was a big mistake at the time and despite all the complaints these days, it's not the troops' fault, it's George senior's fault for not saying 'to hell with it' and doing the deed that needed to be done.

There's plenty of blame to pass around the world on this one. Saddam for not complying with inspectors. The French for stonewalling the Security Council vote. The Germans for being corrupt little bastards. Koffe Annon for being a corrupt little bastard with the Oil for Food program. I could go on, but it's getting late and I'm tired. :)

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