Michigan Primary Results

So the results are in, and Mitt Romney has scored himself an important victory in Michigan's Republican primary. This is shaping up to be one of the wildest political primary seasons in a very long time, certainly the wildest in my own lifetime. Each of the major candidates has thus far taken an important win, so they're all piling up the delegates. It truly isn't over until it's over.

Once more though, due to clashes with state and national party organizations, the Republicans will only be sending half of Michigan's delegates to the convention. The really stupid part is that the Democrats will be sending none since the DNC has declared that they will not be allowed to seat. So Clinton's victory on the Democrat side is more or less a non-event. Something really needs to be done about this crap.

With 94% of the precincts reporting in, here are the results:

Mitt Romney: 39% +12 delegates
John McCain: 30% +9 delegates
Mike Huckabee: 16% +0 delegates
Ron Paul: 6% +0 delegates
Fred Thompson: 4% +0 delegates
Rudy Giuliani: 3% +0 delegates
Duncan Hunter: 0% +0 delegates

Hillary Clinton: 55% +0 delegates
Uncommitted: 40%
Dennis Kucinich: 4% +0 delegates

Delegate Totals So Far
Mitt Romney: 42
Mike Huckabee: 21
John McCain: 19
Fred Thompson: 6
Ron Paul: 2
Rudy Giuliani: 1
Duncan Hunter: 1

The Democrat delegate totals remain unchanged from last week.

Up next: Nevada caucuses for both parties, and the Republican primary in South Carolina on Saturday. South Carolina is one of the big ones, so it's going to be critically important.

On a side note, since California's primary is about 2 weeks away on Super Tuesday, they sent out our absentee ballots. I've cast mine, throwing my vote in for Fred Thompson. From what I've been seeing and hearing so far ( even though it's not much ) he's the closest candidate to my conservative values that I felt comfortable voting for. Ron Paul would have sealed the deal if he weren't a raving lunatic isolationist on foreign policy.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jan 15, 2008 10:51 pm by Samson in: | 7 comment(s) [Closed]
I still think the isolationism isn't as big a deal as you want to make it, but.. so, are you going to do a post like this for each of the fifty states? ..or are there states that don't have primaries? (Just curious.)

The isolationism is far more critical than you know, or care to admit to. I'm not sure which. But he's got zero chance of winning anyway, so it's a moot point now. Fred Thompson probably hasn't got a chance either, but I voted my conscience.

Well I doubt I'll have a separate and distinct post for each of the 50 states. Super Tuesday more or less puts that to rest since 20 states will be holding contests all on one day. I can't really see much value in posting 20 blog entries in a day. It's just that so far the ones that have been done have all been single state events, so it made sense to give each of them an entry. Surely you didn't think that a blog that's heavy on politics would just ignore a wide open primary season? :)

*shrug* If you say so, it's not as bad as you seem to feel it is in my opinion, but yeah, it's not even a little likely that he'll win anyway, so not really worth arguing over.

Oh no, not at all, but I didn't know if there'd be 50 entries by the time you're done or not. *L* So, 20 states vote that day, so just one entry for those 20.. so just 31 entries total? ;)

Probably a bit less than 31. There would be equally little point in making two separate entries this Saturday when Nevada and South Carolina post results. Although South Carolina goes again next Saturday as well, which will mean a separate post for that. Isn't politics grand? :)

I really don't know how you keep up with all these. *chuckle*
So, maybe like 27-ish? ;D
For my own blog, if I bother with a political/presidential blog entry at all, it'll be in November, prolly the day after the elections. ;)

I don't know. Call me crazy but the process is actually rather fascinating, even if the candidates are all worthless weasles :P

I'll grant that the progress of the process is interesting and that the candidates are all basically worthless, but the rest I'll leave to a matter of opinion. ;)

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