Never Forget: 9-11-2001

September 10 ended pretty much like any other day for me. I had just been laid off from work and had spent most of the night wasting time gaming and doing other trivial stuff. For whatever reason I had just gone to bed around 5am on the morning of September 11. It wasn't much longer after that when my door flung open and one of the roommates blurts out "The terrorists just attacked New Your, LA, and Chicago!". I was obviously still quite out of it, but crawled out of bed to go see what the hell he was talking about.

What I saw that morning I'll never forget. As the morning news programs were covering the aftermath of the first strike on the north tower, we all witnessed it happen again. A second plan slammed into the side of the south tower. That image is forever burned into my mind. At that moment, we all knew it. The United States was at war. But we didn't know with who yet. As the information slowly started coming in, reports of a third strike against the Pentagon came in. Nobody knew what the hell was going on anymore and there was a real sense of panic in the air. Then the south tower collapsed after burning for nearly an hour and the devastation became far worse than anything imaginable. The north tower collapsed soon after, having burned for over 1 1/2 hours. As reporters scrambled to compose themselves, yet another report came in that a fourth flight bound for LA had crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

Nearly 3,000 people died that day. Obviously LA and Chicago had not been hit, but for awhile folks were still pretty paranoid that large buildings in both cities might be hit soon. As information was gathered and everything was sorted out, Al Qaeda had claimed responsibility. Hijackers using nothing more than box cutters had taken over four flights. Flights 11 and 175 originating from Boston, Flight 77 from Dulles, and Flight 93 out of Newark. We later learned that the passengers and crew aboard Flight 93 had attempted to retake their plane after talking to people on the ground via cell phones and finding out what had taken place. The FAA grounded all flights over US airspace for several days - a feat never before attempted. Military air patrols became a routine sight over several major US cities for awhile. To this day, it's not known for sure where Flight 93 was intended to be crashed, but the prevailing opinion is that it was targeting the White House.

Our lives all changed forever that day. America will never be the same place it was before. Take a moment today to stop and remember. Don't forget the sacrifice so many people made that day.
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Posted on Sep 11, 2007 9:42 am by Samson in: | 3 comment(s) [Closed]
Actually, at the time, I seem to recall that it was believed that flight 93's intended target was Camp David where the president was expected to be at the time.

Otherwise, my memories of that day are similar to yours, though from a bit of a different perspective as I was living only a few miles from the Pentagon, I had friends who worked there (and (family) who worked/lived near enough to there to be very concerned for their welfare), I had children being sent home from school early that I needed to try to explain what was going on to so they could try to understand what they were seeing on the TV and what they were hearing in school, and of course, even my children had to wait hours and hours to be able to reach family by telephone to be finally reassured that they hadn't lost loved relatives due to telephone circuits being overloaded everywhere as well as our family who didn't live in the area having to spend hours trying to reach us by phone to be reassured that we'd been safe as well.

I hope that the sacrifice you're referring to isn't that of the lives lost that day as they made no sacrifice (except those of the hijackers who can hardly be counted) because they had no opportunity to avoid their ends, their lives were taken, stolen even, but not sacrificed. On the other hand, if you're referring to the efforts undertaken that day and for the many days that followed to rescue and recover what could be rescued/recovered by the many many involved, then by all means, these are folk who deserve our highest praise. If you mean the sacrifices by our military in the days since serving in Iraq and it's surrounding countries, I again applaud your realization of how indebted our nation is to the willingness of our military personnel to do what must be done no matter what the circumstances in order to defend the freedoms our government would so very much like to curtail to their convenience and the general liberties that others (notably these terrorists who'd attacked us that day) would like to deprive us of completely.

There would have been no reason to expect Bush to be at Camp David when he was at that school in Florida. Remember? The goat book or whatever it was he was reading to the kids there?

I would also have figured by now that everyone would know I wasn't referring to the hijackers. I don't see any value in trying to make a semantical argument over the meaning of the word sacrifice. People can make sacrifices even if it wasn't intentional. Even if the sacrifice was not consciously made on their part.

No, I'm sure I remember something about them saying that the flight went down in Pennsylvania and seemed most likely that Camp David was their target but that it would never be known for certain because of the circumstances. Of course, it has been a long while now and my memory may not be completely accurate anymore. *shrug*

No, I didn't mean to imply that I thought you might mean the hijackers, in fact, that was the part I was sure you weren't referring to, I just don't feel that sacrifice is applicable to those victims of the attack, sacrifice is appropriate and applicable to many others connected with the event. :( (I'm not trying to argue semantics, just expressing my view on the matter.)

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