New Hampshire Primary Results

Never let it be said that something is inevitable. Never let it be said that you're done for, or that your campaign is washed up and the other guys have beaten you. Tonight we see proof that just because polls say one thing doesn't mean the outcome will agree. John McCain secured an unexpected victory for the Republican primaries, and Hillary Clinton pulled off what was widely considered an upset victory for the Democratic primaries. Though a surprise in recent days and weeks because of the polls, neither candidate is a complete left field surprise. McCain won New Hampshire back in 2000 during the election Bush eventually went on to win. Clinton lives in a neighboring state and has a lot of supporters among the New England population.

It's also not a crushing blow to those who lost tonite. Barack Obama came in very close behind Clinton with only 2% separating them, so he's by no means done. Mitt Romney landed a very respectable second place behind McCain with only 5% separating the two. New Hampshire is not a winner take all state either, so a strong second place showing is still valuable.

With 92% of the precincts reporting in, the standings are as follows:

Approximately 850,000 registered voters.

Hillary Clinton: 39% +9 delegates
Barack Obama: 37% +9 delegates
John Edwards: 17% +4 delegates

John McCain: 37% +7 delegates
Mitt Romney: 32% +4 delegates
Mike Huckabee: 11% +1 delegate

The delegate totals as of tonite
Hillary Clinton: 183
Barack Obama: 78
John Edwards: 52
Bill Richardson: 19
Dennis Kucinich: 1

Mitt Romney: 30
Mike Huckabee: 21
John McCain: 10
Fred Thompson: 6
Ron Paul: 2
Rudy Giuliani: 1
Duncan Hunter: 1

So with these totals in mind, although New Hampshire is symbolically important for the winner, the delegate totals are far more important in the long run. To me, right now the biggest surprise is that after three contests, Giuliani only has a single delegate. Even Ron Paul out scores him there. I would have figured him for a better showing than this, especially with New York being a neighboring state. It just goes to show you nothing is certain in politics.

So now it's on to the next round: The Michigan primaries on January 15.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jan 8, 2008 11:49 pm by Samson in: | 10 comment(s) [Closed]
I sooo don't want to see Hillary take the Oval office, I really hope that the remaining state primaries do some of the other candidates a bit more justice. :(

BTW, for anyone wondering why the delegate counts I've posted don't seem to jive with what's being reported, I'm pulling the data from and which are both factoring in delegates already pledged from states that have not yet held primaries or caucuses. I'm not entirely sure how that's supposed to work, but it does.

Well, one more Democrat bites the dust. Bill Richardson is set to drop out of the race on Thursday after two dismal 4th place showings in Iowa and New Hampshire. I'm not sure exactly what happens to his 19 delegates.

So.. We want a communist in the office in New Hampshire? Nice.

I'll take a communist over the garbage that's currently trying to get in there. :)

I'm almost going to maybe have to diagree. I'd honestly rather have Samson running the country. :D

Everyone's favorite crazy person, Dennis Kucinich, for reasons only he seems to know, has decided to fork over the $2,000 to have the New Hampshire results recounted. I don't know what he's really hoping to accomplish but it certainly won't do him any good.

And Kayle, I'd rather have me running the country too. But I'd probably be assassinated within a year. So maybe that's not such a great plan :)

Kayle said:

Whir said:

I'll take a communist over the garbage that's currently trying to get in there. :)

I'm almost going to maybe have to diagree. I'd honestly rather have Samson running the country. :D

Um, what? While I assuredly cringe at the thought of some of our current candidates actually winning this upcoming election, I can't honestly recall ever having seen/heard any indication that Samson was actually running for office anywhere. Though, while Samson might have pretty much the right political views for my taste, but his temperment sometimes would easily be a cause for great concern when it comes to political meetings with foreign leaders.. I mean, can you imagine the outcome of a situation like the recent Cratylus/Mudbytes thing when nuclear powers were involved?? ;)

Ocean of Glass. That's how you deal with Iran. I can't help it if the other bozos actually running for president are too chicken to say it :)

See what I mean about having the right political views for my taste? ;)
I say we withdraw all our forces completely from the middle east, secretly advise our allies to do the same, then deliver a 40+ megaton gift package to Iraq, Pakistan, and Iran each and let their neighbors decide if what's left is worth sifting through...

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