New Years 2012

So it's that time already. A new year is upon us. Like so many before, 2011 flew by like it wasn't even there. As is tradition here, it's time for a look back at the highlights (and lowlights) of 2011. Worth noting that today marks this blog's 5th anniversary. Holy crap.


Things got off to a strange start with a series of mass animal die-offs, many of which went unexplained and most of which have been forgotten. Of note, the blackbirds in Arkansas had yet another die-off again this year despite a state wide ban on fireworks which had been believed to be the cause.

It hardly seems like so long ago that the uprisings in the Middle East began, starting with the chaos in Egypt. Just one short year later, the whole region is on fire and is being radicalized by Islamists.


Not to be outdone, February started off with some strangeness of its own when a UFO was sighted over Jerusalem. The story quickly disappeared from the press though and no real explanation was ever given.

Iran flexed its Navy muscle. Yep, all two of them in fact, when they sailed two ships through the Suez Canal in an apparent effort to intimidate Israel and bolster support for Hamas in Gaza.


The biggest story by far of 2001 was the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The area is still feeling plenty of large aftershocks and it will probably be decades before things are entirely back to normal.

As part of the "Arab Spring", the civil war in Libya got a major boost from US involvement-that-wasn't-really-involvement. Sure, it came at the hand of an illegal war that the Obama administration just up and decided to engage in, but hey.


On the personal side of things, changes abounded here at home when I finally said good-bye to the DSL era once and for all and moved up to Verizon's FiOS service. Not one single regret here.

Much to the satisfaction of many, and the dismay of Donald Trump, the question of Obama's birth certificate was answered. Yet, despite this, to this day people out there STILL claim the long form in the press release is forged.


The second most important story of the year broke early in May with news of Osama bin Laden's death. At long last, one dark chapter of US history is closed.

Of course, Obama didn't go a single month before sticking his foot firmly up his own ass by flat out betraying Israel. Some people never learn.


Not much happened in June unless you're a techhead, or just have nothing better to do. World IPv6 Day came and went with little fanfare and we got a taste of how well the internet can manage the new system.


July was a slow month indeed. Other than tons of movies being watched and lots of Oblivion being modded, the only event of any real importance was the much hyped Carmageddon. Much to the dismay of the rest of the world, we came through it just fine.


If July was slow, August was dead. A few more movies, and that's about it. Not a hell of a lot happening here.


September was a bad month for me. As if it wasn't bad enough that job prospects around here suck the big suck, I had to replace all 4 tires on my car while out chasing after a spammer job.

At least there was Nehrim to keep me from going totally insane though.


Sad news in the tech world came in October when Steve Jobs died of complications from pancreatic cancer. Though I myself don't own any Apple products, their influence over the market cannot be denied and the tech sector lost one of its visionaries.

Those wacky Iranians were also at it again trying to kill the Saudi ambassador in what had to be one of the more hair-brained schemes they've cooked up yet.


Once more, bad luck with the car befell me. This time due to Halloween vandals. Assholes.

The gaming gods smiled on us all though and took our minds off of everything with the arrival of Skyrim. I need not say more.


Which brings us to December, and the oh so happy news of Kim Jong Il's death. Yeah, I know, not supposed to celebrate someone's demise, but if ever there was a person most deserving of it, it was him.

The Google Top Ten

As with past years, one cannot ignore the second tradition. The top ten things people who came here were looking for. Without further adeiu, here we go:

Top 10 Searches in 2011

#10: "giskard oblivion mods" - Can't even begin to speculate as to why that would be other than being tied to the big post that exposed him for what he is.
#9: "" - When you can figure out why people keyed in to search for the site's address, you let me know, ok?
#8: "oblivion corrupt spawn points" - It's good to see the Oblivion articles getting some attention. I don't anticipate producing many more, but this is good to note for the ones sure to come for Skyrim.
#7: "large address" - Lots of folks looking for information on large address aware stuff.
#6: "iguanadons" - Back up from the #9 spot it fell to last year.
#5: "the far side" - A surprising number of hits led here to the one Far Side image I have in the gallery. Who knew?
#4: "afk mods" - Despite our disorganized ways on the site, people are looking for us :)
#3: "empire of the iguanadons" - Still don't get this. Probably never will. Why search for the site's name?
#2: "lakota" - By far the most mileage of anything I've ever posted here. The flow of hits never seems to end with this one.
#1: "corrupt spawn points" - The new king of the hill. The problem of corrupt spawn points in Oblivion must be a lot worse than I was aware of.

Top 10 Visited Pages in 2011

I'm going to forgo listing the root page. I think it's obvious that it's the #1 hit since it's 99% of the inbound links.

#10: My projects page. A moderate amount of interest in information that only just changed the other day.
#9: Giskard and False Accusations. Yeah, there's still a huge number of people hitting this page all the time.
#8: Classic Far Side. I don't recall if a specific gallery entry ever got this much attention before.
#7: Sandbox Downloads. Perhaps one day someone will clue me in as to why it gets downloaded so much but never used.
#6: The Elder Scrolls category. Probably not much of a surprise there.
#5: Lakota Independence. The blog post that just keeps on giving... and giving... and giving. You'd think it would have been forgotten by now.
#4 thru #1 are all from the navigation bar at the top of the page. Right, next year I'm going to specifically exclude those links from the New Year's posting.

Google changed how the visits/pages stuff is displayed and I can't find the old way, so I'll throw those on here for the last 5 years using the stats formatted as they are now.

In 2007: 6,567 unique visitors. 32,595 pageviews.
In 2008: 9,095 unique visitors. 31,276 pageviews.
In 2009: 10,022 unique visitors. 27,939 pageviews.
In 2010: 12,563 unique visitors. 74,087 pageviews.
In 2011: 17,237 unique visitors. 76,870 pageviews.

A pretty steady climb in visits over all. 2011 notably because the link to the site has been spread around on the various TES sites now when I hadn't been doing that prior.

One might make note at the top of the page that I've taken another leap into the 21st century and now have a Twitter account. It remains to be seen just how much it'll get used, but it's there, so feel free to gawk at it's virginity while it lasts. It should be interesting to see if that influences the number of visits this place gets by this time next year. Provided the Mayans are wrong :P
"It is pointless to resist, my son." -- Darth Vader
"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
"Mother's coming for me in the dragon ships. I don't like these itchy clothes, but I have to wear them or it frightens the fish." -- Thurindil

Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jan 2, 2012 1:57 am by Samson in: | 3 comment(s) [Closed]
For today's amusing blog birthday quote similarities:

"I swore I'd never put one of these things up. Call me crazy, but I never did see the point. And yet, here I am. Posting in one of my own."

"One might make note at the top of the page that I've taken another leap into the 21st century and now have a Twitter account. It remains to be seen just how much it'll get used, but it's there, so feel free to gawk at it's virginity while it lasts."

Web 2.0 iguanadon is 2.0. In the web.

And wow, it's been five years already? Time sure does fly.

Times do indeed change :P

Yep, I once swore never to have a blog, and 5 years later here we are. I also once swore never to have a Twitter, and here we are. I'd have used Samson as the ID there except some brilliant bozo used it already and got themselves suspended along the way.

Right about now folks are probably starting countdowns to the launch of my freshly virgin Facebook page since everything Web 2.0 I've sworn not to do manages to keep showing up here. Hopefully this is one oath I won't break :)

"Samson, you are commenting on: <encoded junk string>" - yeah, that sure didn't go over well. Good thing nobody else saw that :P

Edited by Samson on Jan 2, 2012 4:30 pm
Good lord, five years.. and this last one just couldn't come to a close fast enough. Hopefully the Mayans were wrong and I'll have time to celebrate next year when I'm finally done with this school experiment thing and can get back to the normal routines of my life again.

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