Obama Quakes With Fear

The interview that scared the shit out of Barack Obama's campaign and sent them running for the hills. Apparently Obama's people don't want him or Biden to have to face tough, solid questions that REAL people in this country want answers to. Of course the left wing media attack dogs are claiming the interview was unprofessional and out of line and called for her to be fired. Watch for yourself and see. All I can say is that if this is all it take to send them running for cover, God help us if Obama wins and has to face a ruthless dicator in the big bad world.

Interview conducted by Barbara West, of WFTV Orlando.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Oct 26, 2008 12:27 am by Samson in: | 16 comment(s) [Closed]
No one has been allowed to ask Obama or Biden the tough questions and that is the only reason he is leading in the polls. Most Americans if they actually did their research mainly into what Obama authored or supported while a member of the Ill. Senate would be outraged by his run for office. But, the media with their agenda refuses to report on any of this and Obama just denies it even though the records show that it is true. For instance Obama supported a bill to ban guns except those used for sporting. By this he was referring to anything over a 20gauge and anything that held more that 6 shots as an automatic weapon even if they required pumping or repulling the trigger (which by definition makes them not an automatic weapon) not to mention is support against a bill making it illegal for doctors to leave a newborn for dead.

Ok, I watched the clip, if that was the entirety of the interview, I fail to see which part was even a little unprofessional and the only portions that I saw which were out of line about it were Senator Biden's responses of "Are you serious? Is that a real question?" and his ridiculous claims that when Barak Obama said that he intended to spread the wealth he was referring to George Bush and John McCain trying to spread the wealth while we [Obama and Biden] only want to create a new tax cut to give the middle class a chance.. and so forth. (Never mind that he's now saying that earlier when he forecasted that, should Obama win, he would be severely tested by foreign powers within the first six months, he meant that whoever wins will be so tested simply because our military is already spread so thinly and our economy is in free fall.. how stupid does the Obama team think we are?? Nicely done, Ms. West!

Paradigm, it's amazing what his record says in comparison to what his campaign ads have been saying, isn't it? The other day I was confronted by a Obama supporter who tried to tell me that Obama was going to create new jobs to get us out of the current economic turmoil and he was going to protect our gun rights and how Obama was going to fix our health insurance and this that and the other that Obama would do for me should I vote for him ... I patiently waited for him to finish spewing his rhetoric and then simply laughed and walked away. (Mind you, this lovely and humorous preaching was entirely unsolicited, I just happened to be walking by conducting my own business and happened to have the time to be patient and try to hear him out.) It's just incredible that these people actually believe this load of BS and are totally unwilling to bother to even consider the man's record before simply accepting everything he says as gospel even when it contradicts what he said earlier on the campaign trail or when his running mate tells us otherwise.

Well my fellow Americans, you know i am going to win. I will be your first Black president and i will be better than George.W and that other old guy, his grandfather John McCain Bush.

The cutting off of this tv station and now another one in philly for asking tough questions is just a preview of what the media will go though under an President Obama. Have fun CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC you brought this on yourself for playing the lapdog.

All I can say is thank God we have Fox and the internet to at least keep us informed about what's really going on. Though even then you still need to be careful what you accept especially if it sounds too good to be right.

CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC have all been complicit with the democrats for years. The only reason they made hay out of Clinton at all was because it was about sex. So the only way we'll get any kind of honest coverage of Obama is if he bangs an intern while in office or something. Don't expect it otherwise.

Things his wife has let slip, things he himself has let slip, gaffs by Biden along the way, warnings from Hillary and Biden both during the primaries, and the unanswered question of whether Obama was even born in the US are all things the media should have seized on and investigated vigorously. They have instead covered it all up at every turn. And in some cases such as the NY Times, lied about what Obama has and hasn't said. Even when it's on tape proving otherwise!

Wow.......I'm going to print this up for the next time one of the Obamba campaigners comes by my house.

So, if there's proof - or even good evidence - that Obama is not a U.S. citizen, as the articles above allege, why on earth haven't McCain and Palin been spreading the word? Even if what the pundits say is biased, if the campaigns come out and make it a major point, the news will cover it.

Perhaps because we've been through this before, and the doubters came up wanting?


Other fun fact: John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, which further counts as part of the US for our purposes. Kinda neat, I think.

The only problem with accepting the factcheck.org information is that the Berg lawsuit has since debunked the information as worthless and he's gone to great lengths in his suit to point that out. He's also secured legal testimony from Obama's family and from records in Kenya that prove beyond a shadow of doubt he was born there, not in Hawaii. All of which happened since August, which is the last time factcheck.org bothered to comment on it. Given how you repeatedly tell me not to blindly accept things I read on the web, you should follow your own advice :)

If he was in fact born in Hawaii it wouldn't be difficult for the campaign to get the long-form certificate everyone is talking about. One fax, with whatever ID is needed, and you're on your way. So why haven't they done that?

When McCain was born, the Panama Canal Zone was part of the US. Further, he was born in a US military facility. Not a random hospital in Kenya to a mother who had no legal citizenship in the US and a father who was a Kenyan citizen.

So apparently the suit got dismissed because of lack of standing (my source is here).

If this guy's legit, he's got absolutely no shortage of ways to get his message out. He can take it to a mainstream outlet that isn't biased towards Obama - say Fox News, or National Review. He can enlist the political blogosphere and pass it along to Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report or Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit or the guys over at Talking Points Memo Muckraker. Or he could just start his own web campaign to get the news out, and send it to the head of every local GOP committee and email and blog post furiously. Look, this would be the biggest news of the election cycle if it got out, and don't you think for a second that news organizations are so in Obama's pocket that they'd pass up the chance to be the first on this story. Their goal is to get viewers and readers and money, and that trumps favoritism for any political candidate *any* day.

Their goal is to get viewers and readers and money, and that trumps favoritism for any political candidate *any* day.

I'd like to think you're right, but I'm afraid I'm far too cynical about the media to go along with this. I do in fact think they are in Obama's pocket so deep they'll not expose the story unless forced. Two Fox stations have aired stories on this already, and Berg has two websites already up and running. He's also filed an immediate appeal to the US Supreme Court. You don't think that's serious business? Court records are public. All one needs to do is look at the rulings. The story is out there. But not even Fox is touching it and I have to wonder why.

The courts claim Berg hasn't got standing. What are the political motivations and allegiances of the judge? If Berg hasn't got standing, as he says, who the hell does? This is an issue that affects all of us since we're all part of "We the People", right? What's it going to say if we elect a president who isn't a natural born citizen? Suppose he's worse off and is actually an illegal alien as some of the case material suggests? They've made a huge issue over how Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't eligible for office because he was born in Austria and is only a naturalized citizen. Not a natural born citizen. If Obama's legal standing at his birth in Kenya is that of a Kenyan citizen, then he's no more qualified to run, let alone get elected. Do we seriously need to wait until he is before someone has standing to challenge it?

BTW, Drudge has covered this. I've seen the headlines about the case ruling and all that. I happen to visit Drudge daily for the headlines the MSM won't talk about.

Apparently Berg's from my home county. Lafayette Hill, which is not far across the Schuylkill river from me. Heh.

And so far I count FOX and Drudge reporting the same AP wire story. If anyone's deemed it worth doing investigative journalism on yet, they sure are taking their time.

Since my favorite site for web research is Snopes, I visited there to see if their somewhat older article about the question of Obama's citizenship had been updated to reflect this new development. To my delight, it had, only eleven days ago. It appears that the couple who run Snopes have decided to consider Berg's suit as unsubstantiated,if not groundless, until it is upheld by a court or otherwise publicly proven by someone else.

While I am about as far from being an Obama supporter as I could be, I would, by far, prefer to see him soundly defeated (well, okay, even a defeat by a narrow margin would satisfy me) because of the American people proving that we really don't need the electoral college to do our thinking any more rather than because someone managed to dig up some dirt that may not even be true.

On the other hand, I have to agree with Samson that, in my experience (which includes five children born in three states and a sixth child who wasn't really mine but who managed to bear my name on her birth certificate which was issued by a fourth state, not even considering the fun with my current fiancee and ex-wives and ex-girlfriends and the various states they were each from... though admittedly none from Hawaii yet...), it really isn't very difficult to obtain an official copy of a birth certificate from any state. Even less so when you have a practically unlimited airfare budget and could even delegate the matter to a member of your staff which is supposedly larger than the most people Sarah Palin even was in charge of.. not to mention the fact that Senator Obama was just in Hawaii very recently to visit his gravely ill grandmother who'd broken her hip and could have picked up a copy of it while there himself in person since he certainly must have known that this issue was still hanging over him somewhere and could potentially destroy his candidacy.. if it were me, I'd certainly consider the matter serious enough to warrant making sure someone got a copy for me...

Regina, don't count on the media jumping to investigate this with the same zeal they pounced on McCain over the Canal Zone thing back in the primaries.

Conner, Snopes article is predicated on the assumption that Obama was born in Hawaii. There's substantial evidence to prove he wasn't. His own grandmother for one says he was born in Kenya. There's also records of his birth in a hospital in Kenya. And Barack's mother was indeed not a US citizen at the time of his birth in Kenya. Then there's the matter of her divorce from Barack's biological father, remarriage to an Indonesian man, and subsequently moving there with him and registering Obama for school only open to Indonesian citizens.

Snopes hasn't done their homework. Berg has. His evidence is before the court. Obama's campaign did not respond to the inquiry, and rather than rule that Obama admits he's not a citizen and therefore ineligible, the court throws out the case? WTF?

Well, while I'll be one of the first to admit that the courts don't always go anywhere even close to what you'd expect them to, I have to admit that Snopes is pretty reliable for most things and even if Barak Obama really is a natural citizen of Kenya, the truth is that if the government of this country and the Democratic National Convention choose to deny it and pretend it's not the case, what's the likelihood that we'll ever know the truth? Or that a court in this country, at any level, will demand that the truth be considered rather than the facts as determined to be in the best national interests by those who are involved in the cover-up to begin with? Tis a sad state of affairs, but it is what it is.

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