Obama is a Marxist


So if you had any doubts before, cast them aside, for you should have none now. Barack Obama is a Marxist and has proven as much on camera and without so much as a whimper from the liberal media. When the plumber asked him if he was going to get taxed, Obama danced around it but eventually admitted "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody." This is a Marxist principle. Income redistribution. There can't be any other way to describe what he was saying.

So if you've been wanting to know how he plans to pay for all his federal giveaway programs, ask the plumber. He'll tell you straight up. That tax cut for 95% of Americans? Pipe dream. You'll never see that happen under a Democrat. They're proven tax raisers, at least since Johnson in the 60s anyway. Carter did it. Clinton did it. Hillary told you she'd do it (credit for honesty) and Obama will do it too. But he's not telling you. There's no such thing as "trickle up" economics. He's got this absurd notion that if you give loads of money to the poor and middle class that the economy will explode. Sorry, that violates the law of gravity. The concept of trickle down is called that precisely because it's not a torrent. It's a trickle. The money flows downhill but at a restricted rate. Obama intends to make money flow uphill, which all sense and logic tells everyone is impossible.

So then think about it. A supposed tax cut for the poor, who pay none anyway, and for the middle class, who deduct most of it away. Translation - tax hike for the rich. A big one. Who's going to cover that? You think the rich are just going to shrug it off for the greater good? Nope. You and I will be paying for it in the form of substantially higher prices. Tax hikes in a down economy? What kind of ludicrous plan is that? You think the jobs marker is bad now? Wait until the rich stop hiring people to bring their tax liability down.

So the next time someone asks "How is Obama going to pay for all this?" answer them by saying he won't. You'll be paying for it. The rich will get their money back one way or another when Obama comes to steal it from them.
"It is pointless to resist, my son." -- Darth Vader
"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Oct 14, 2008 12:46 am by Samson in: | 8 comment(s) [Closed]
My parents fall into one of the income tax brackets on which Obama is outright planning to raise taxes. They are still both planning to vote for him.

They told me that they used one of the online calculators that lets you see what your taxes would be under both the candidates' tax plans. They'll pay about $300/year more under Obama than under McCain. I mean, I don't know which they used, so I guess you could claim the calculator's flawed. But that's the result they got. (This is in terms of family income taxes and does not take into account all the questions of what taxes are surrounding health care, I think.)

Also relevant: Neither is a small business owner, though for the past 12 year's my mom's been a small business employee/consultant. That job is about to go soon, but for reasons unrelated to the economy (her boss still has the money to pay her, but he moved to California and there's very little she can do off-site.)

Does this prove anything? Absolutely not. It's just one example of what two voters are planning to do - and the election, in the end, comes down to millions of individual decisions, like the one my parents have made, and like you've made. (And like I'm making. Yay, my first ever chance to vote in a presidential election!)

Samson: At least he's indirectly finally made his position clear. I can't honestly say this is otherwise news though. *shrug*

Regina: Gratz on finally getting to cast your ballot into the wind with the rest of us, hopefully the mystical and all wise Electoral College decides in a way that's close to what we show we want by vote this year so that our votes will at least feel like they mean something...

Indeed. Nothing like throwing your ballot away on the presidential race, yes? Especially here, in California, where San Francisco ruins our politics for the rest of us. At least in the state balloting there's some slim hope.

Heh, yeah. I kept my ballot in PA, thinking that it's still my permanent residence, that I know PA politics better, and that it's a swing state. Only the first turned out to be true (though we WERE very close in '04)... And CT voters may soon have the pleasure of a ballot initiative on constitutionally banning same sex marriage! I miss out on all the fun. ;)

That said, I'll still feel proud that of the millions of votes cast, mine was one of them.

That's the spirit, Regina! ;)
I, too, will at least know that I did my duty this year by "speaking up" at the polls, despite knowing that it won't really be my ballot that actually counts. At least it won't be that I wasted my vote by not even using it, there is always the chance that the members of the Electorial College will at least consider the popular vote...

Obama is a Socialist

Well duh!
If you're for Obama, you don't need to vote. He's already locked it up, so just stay home, m-kay? ;-)

On the bright side I escaped the new socialist market the day the first bail bill failed. I managed to get out with a 5% loss, and put 80% in John Hancock bonds. All I hold now is Wal-Mart, Microsoft and IBM; and a little bit of Ford too. It was much too cheap to pass up. Not too bad for an amateur. :-)

Yeah. My 401K is already screwed. I had forgotten I still had 20% sunk into Masco Corporation common stock. It used to be trading rather high, but tanked when housing collapsed. No surprise, Masco is an architectural company with holdings in various things related to housing. One of which is Behr Paint, the place I used to work for. When I finally got out of the Masco stock, it was only trading at just over $4/share. Ugh. Took what was left and dropped it into a bond fund. Left the other 80% in the managed mutual fund it's been in. That part of the 401K remained largely stable. Masco killed me. Assholes. :P

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