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So do we all remember back when the election took place how the Democrats promised a new, open, honest Congress for all? Do we all recall when they claimed that "pork" projects would be subject to fair debate, scrutiny, and reasonable challenge?

Guess what they're not doing. Since I didn't have this blog up until January, nobody here knows that I warned everyone I could that such promises were complete bullshit. Dems make a living out of lies, deceit, and corruption. The very things they mercilessly accused the Republicans of. Well now you have the House Appropriations Committee chairman, David Obey(D), specifically instructing that such earmarks NOT be added on to bills until the last hours before final approval. So they won't even be in place when the June floor voting takes place. No, instead they're doing like Dems have always done and hiding these things from public scrutiny by waiting until they can only have a single hour of debate. This would make it impossible for the public, or Republican challengers, to mount any kind of attack against it.

So I sit here now basically saying "I told you so" about this. Because I told everyone I knew that this is exactly what would happen. And now it has. Predictably and barely with any attempt to hide it. So the only thing we can hope for now is for Bush to bust out his veto pen and start bitch slapping some people. But I'm not too hopeful of that either.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jun 3, 2007 1:38 pm by Samson in: | 9 comment(s) [Closed]
Hey Samson, I know the post on this is now a while back, but I was wondering what you thought of this:

Who'd have thought you'd be hoping for Bush to start going veto happy. :lol:

There's plenty of things Bush should have gone veto happy on with the Republicans in control too. Like the prescription bill that passed and is now operating at 5 times its originally planned budget. Or that ridiculous "No child left behind" crap that got passed. Most of us tolerated that sort of thing because we got our tax cuts and other beneficial things. And it was all openly debated. So nobody can claim we tried to hide it all and get it shoved through at the last minute.

The real solution to the entire problem of pork is to give the president line item veto power like many state governors have. But every time that's ever managed to come up for debate, it gets shot down quickly. By whoever is in power at the time. Because the assholes all WANT to attach meaningless pork to bills the president will have no choice but to sign.

I'd hardly say he's ever got "no choice but to sign" with regard to any bill. ;)

It's entirely possible he has no choice for some things. I mean, how do you explain to thousands of federal employees that they're not getting paid ( fiscal budget bill ) because the president vetoed it because he didn't think Ted Kennedy needed another bridge built over some river in MA.

Granted, he SHOULD veto it just for that, but the media would eat him alive over it if he did. And congress could just as easily override it. I wish more presidents on both sides would start vetoing pork filled bills. Maybe the idiots in congress would finally get the message.

It'd be nice, but you're right, the pressure of popular opinion (and popular lack of understanding) and the media and the politics of the people involved are hard to go too far against. *shrug*

I find it humorous you only accuse the democrats of being liars and cheats. Everyone knows that all politicians are lying bags of lies and deceit (to use a neoism). Just because the democrats happen to be behind it in this instance, do you honestly think the republicans don't do the exact same thing?

Rather than pointing fingers at a camp, drag-select the entire congress and house.

Marxism ftw! I need more cows next year from you, by the way.

I point fingers at the Democrats because they're the ones who run around hollering all this bull about the "Culture of Corruption" and fail to account for it in their own house. William Jefferson, classic example. Indicted on 90 counts of various things and the bastards in office are trying to find any which way they can to keep him from being punished for it. Pelosi doesn't want to expel him but we're leaving her with no choice. If it wasn't for us, they'd sweep this under the rug to protect their own. You know it, I know it, anyone with any common sense knows it.


Not sure if you intended to post that reply to this post or the one on torture. Let me know which, cause if it's a bug I'd like to squash it, then move these replies to the proper topic. Just as soon as I write the support into the code to do that :)

Regarding the post by Sullivan, I disagree with his position and I take offense at his flippant strikeouts to make his point. A medical study from the 1950s doesn't hold a whole lot of weight these days, and we also have no idea under what conditions the study was conducted. Depriving one of sleep, a few meals, making one sit in a warm or cold room, blasting loud music into the room, those are not torture. They are irritants.

Torture is deliberate infliction of gruesome pain and injury upon the body. Pulling out fingernails with pliers. Soaking people in water and then connecting their genitals to car batteries. Forcing them to eat feces and drink urine. Whipping or caning them. Physically beating them with fists or other implements. Cutting them and pouring salt into the wounds. Breaking bones. Gassing them. Putting plastic bags over their heads and making them pass out repeatedly. Ripping teeth from their jaws. Burning them with cigarettes. Injecting them with chemicals. These are acts of torture. These I object to the use of, even in the case of terrorists captured on the battlefield.

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