Overqualified and "Anti-Social"

So get this. An opportunity for advancement off the help desk came up recently, so I applied for the position. We won't go into the stupidity of having to go through HR to move from one part of IT to another, that's a debate best left for the idiots in charge. A transfer implies you're leaving your department. But I digress.

So I go in for the interview with not one, not two, but THREE management stiffs. I still fail to see why the department VP needed to get involved, but hey. As we're sitting there, we're all going back and forth about things to do with the new position, duties it would involve, what's expected of someone doing it, and all the usual "tell me something about yourself" kind of crap that always seems to get involved. You'd think I was an outside applicant they didn't know or something.

That was last week. On Monday ( 10 minutes before I'm supposed to leave btw, GRRrrrr ) I get asked to attend a "meeting" in the conference room with the supervisor and our department manager. They start of by telling me what a fabulous job I've done on the desk, how great my skill set is, how much the team loves me, blah blah blah. Being the sharp person that I am, I already know this is the sugar coating before you bite into the stale cupcake underneath. So given that they just laid it on really thick, here comes the punchline. The position I tried to get to is something they want someone with less experience to do, and they were looking for someone more "social and outgoing" despite having tried to convince me that "quiet" types aren't a bad thing. So in essence I've just been told I'm overqualified and anti-social. Go figure.

It doesn't end there though. They try to lay on another coating of sugar after having served me a stale cupcake. Supposedly they're working on building a junior NOC admin position. And yes, you guessed it, they think my skill set would fit in there nicely. While I admit it would be cool to sit around in the NOC all day doing next to nothing like the guy that's there now, I can guarantee they'll wait until someone they want in the spot comes along and expresses interest in the job before they post the position and make us all chase the carrot on a stick again.

This is how the company operates. Like most places, it's not what you know, it's who you know. I've got it all figured out now though. Basically I need to do the following:

* Brown nose the immediate supervisor for 6 months prior to a position being offered.
* Be chronically late every morning, and never bother to call in even though it's policy.
* Brag about how hammered I got over the weekend, during last night's bowling game, and whenever it's convenient.
* Walk around the building chatting it up with all the hotties in other departments when I should be working.
* Ignore the phone when it rings, then bitch about how nobody else answers the phone but me.
* Hang out in the department manager's office on a regular basis for no reason.
* Shoot rubber bands and throw balls at other people in the area.
* Play games on the PC while I'm supposed to be working.

I figure in 6 months if I stick to the plan well enough I should be a senior business analyst or something instead of being stuck on the damn help desk for another 4 years.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jul 26, 2007 9:29 am by Samson in: | 7 comment(s) [Closed]
Well, I'll have to agree with your final analysis, but the likeliest outcome for all that should be that you'll be another unemployment applicant instead of stuck on the help desk. :(

I've done NOC work, it is generally pretty mindless "work" and it really doesn't require much of a skillset unless the admins "let" you have the authority to actually fix things too, which is kind of rare.

As for your being overqualified (prolly true enough) and antisocial (at times, aren't we all?).. what can I say? ;)

Well for fairly obvious reasons I can't place any credibility with these people when they make phantom offers of possible future NOC positions opening up. So I'm not planning around that in any way. That basically leaves me with two options - quit, or figure out how to get fired so I can stick them with the unemployment claim while I look for another job. If I'm as "overqualified" as they say I am I shouldn't really have a problem finding somewhere else to go.

Sadly, I'm not certain that the IT market has really ever fully recovered from the catastrophe that struck it in 2000, so even being overqualified for helpdesk and NOC positions may not make finding a better position, or even an equal position, elsewhere much easier, but if they've got you this upset, it can't hurt to go post your resume to monster, dice, etc and see what else is out there for you. Just remember that, in most states, if they fire you "for cause" they don't get stuck with the unemployment claim because you don't qualify for unemployment. :(

You're not overqualified, they just don't like you.

Oh, did you figure that out on your own?

Why you aren't constantly looking for a better job, I don't know.

Because job hunting is a pain in the ass and I hate doing interviews. Is that a good enough reason for you?

Make up your mind: Find complacence, or find a better job. Hey, they might actually come at the same time!

Ah, but a truly "better" job would lead to complacency, no? ;)

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