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So the Nobel Prize people have gone and done it again. Barack Hussein Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I'm sure right now there's a metric assload of liberals lining up to hail this as a wonderful victory for peace, prosperity, and an end to all poverty or something. I guess I was mislead when I was taught that this prize is supposed to be given out to those who are dedicated to doing things to end wars, reduce world-wide militaries, and to in general make life easier for people to live.

It was bad enough when they gave one to Jimmy Carter. Arguably the man most singlehandedly responsible for the instability in the Middle East today after abandoning the Shah of Iran and allowing an Islamic revolution to take place. I guess he must have got it for not shedding any blood in freeing our hostages taken by terrorists. Oh, wait, no, that was Reagan who did that. So I was always left to wonder why Carter got one, since nobody has ever bothered to explain the reasoning.

The prize was further cheapened when Al Gore got it for his "research" into global warming. Apparently making a movie that's based entirely on junk science is great and wonderful so long as you are doing so under the guise of wanting to save the planet. But Al Gore himself has done nothing at all to do that, and is himself a source of much damage to the planet with his frequent hops aboard large private jets and with his mansions in Tennessee that have their A/C running 24/7 year round so he doesn't have to be uncomfortable while occupying one of them.

The final blow to the validity of the prize was in awarding it to the current occupier of the Whitehouse. One Barack Hussein Obama. The nomination process for the prize this year ended in February of 2009. A mere two weeks after he took office. Now, I don't know exactly what criteria the Norwegians are using to determine who gets a prize in a given year, but surely it needs to be based on the substance of one's deeds and not on hollow campaign promises? All of the wonderful flowery diplomacy words he's spewed forth since January have not been met with any kind of seriousness. In fact, it's arguable that Obama's appeasement tactics have INFLAMED the world's hostilities and emboldened those who would use violence to acheive their ends, not the other way around.

Let's also keep in mind, Obama is currently presiding over two war zones still in active combat. One of which is not going as well as we'd hoped after 8 years and looks like it needs a massive infusion of new troops, ala the Iraq surge that proved so effective. Having to do this goes contrary to the supposed ideals that the prize should be awarded to someone who is seeking peace. Afghanistan more or less forces us to seek war.

It looks to me like the entire thing was done for political revenge. As a kick in the teeth for poor ol' GW. Yet another parting shot at a president who did so much for this great nation, and for the world, even though they'll never admit it. Including the Norwegians. This gesture rings hollow. Cheapens the value of the prize. It reeks of something like giving Osama bin Laden the Time Magazine "Man of the Year" cover. Alfred Nobel is spinning in his grave.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Oct 10, 2009 2:28 am by Samson in: | 16 comment(s) [Closed]
Phew. When you didn't post on this for a while I was worried the news had made your head explode. I am glad you are all right. :)

Nah, my head was busy exploding for other reasons. These things take time to regenerate.

Though, it is still a mind numbingly bad idea for the Nobel guys to openly declare that the reason for giving it to Barry was just to kick Bush in the teeth.

For the record, WTF. I mean, I like the man, I voted for him and all, and he's said some good peacish things and made some small steps on all sorts of things, but maybe not my first choice, you know?

As to the whole not-Bush reasoning, as others have stated I'm waiting for MY Nobel now, since I'm not Bush either.

As a recognition of achievement, maybe not so much. As a blatant attempt to inluence our politics, well, fuck you guys anyway.

OTOH, it remains a better choice than when they gave one to Arafat. Probably better than Kissinger, too. OTOOH, maybe not up to the bar set by Mother Teresa.

To once again display my slavering Andrew Sullivan fangirl credentials, the man posted this morning that he'd have given the prize to Mousavi and Karroubi. This obviously could not have happened as nominations closed four months before everything went down in Iran, but I do hope they'll be in contention for next year.

And Obama is the best they could choose? Surely SOMEONE out there would have been a better choice?

I'm not disagreeing with you, here.

Thanks for covering this one, Samson. The easy response is "agreed", but frankly I'm so blown away by this one I can't help but wonder if I can get a Nobel, along with the million & a half U.S. dollars that accompany it if I announce a willingness to go bow to the King of Saudi and blow off the queen of England...Maybe I can get one for my idea to get lasting world peace by turning the arabic nations, as a collective, into a glass skating rink? I could really use the money, and I wouldn't be like Barak who's able to just give the entire award to charity because he's already amongst the evil wealthy he claims to openly oppose... not to mention it'd really look cool to be able to list Nobel Peace Prize winner on my resume...

Maybe I deserve one too, considering even I've done more for the world than Obama :)

You know, those things would make a nice wall decoration. Go nominate me for next year Conner :)

Okay, you nominate me and I'll nominate you, we can split the award money if either of us wins. ;)

Sounds like a deal to me.

Then we can get our city councils to name airports after us, just like Carter :)

"Zero" strikes again. The Nobel has to be for his community organizing and legal work with ACORN.
I can't find anything else. Maybe the Beer Summit?

Did the beer summit take place in his first 12 days? Nominations ended Feb 1. If so, that's gotta be it. :)

Sounds good to me, just too bad they wouldn't use my favorite alias instead of a real name for that airport, I like the alias better. ;)

Dwip mentioned this the other day, and I was reminded of it again. Fallout 3 players will get the reference:

The Nobel Peace Prize for 2277 has been awarded to President John Henry Eden! Congratulations Mr. President!

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #15 Oct 17, 2009 5:42 pm
Peace Prize, he hasn't done anything yet? I should get one too on the basis I'm not leading any countries in any global conflicts yet!

^ Ass, thought I'd logged in.

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