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So it's that time of year again. Four months overdue and sloppily done, but it's done. Ye olde annual performance review. As usual, the little guy gets the shaft. But hey. I expected nothing less.

Apparently I've got phenomenal job knowledge, unmatched skills with both customers and our internal team. I kick ass on virtually anything of a technical nature and was able to bring 8 newbies up to speed in the last year alone. Actually, in the last 8 months or so, but who's counting? Seems I also do much more work than is required, consistently in the top 3 as far as work volume, and I also complete any number of extra little side projects they cook up from time to time. My openness and honesty with management is an asset to my career and my communication skills are beyond reproach.

So what does that make me? An unreliable slacker who shows little initiative and is bitterly inflexible when it comes to overtime and weekend work. In addition I apparently need huge improvement on my ability to meet deadlines and complete other assigned projects. I also need to improve upon my interpersonal skills with my teammates and learn to be more communicative in my dealings with management.

Um. Hello? Are we both reading from the same review? Are we both on the same planet? Did Dr. Jekyl write the first 2 pages and leave the last 2 to Mr. Hyde to complete? Did the boss man forget to take his meds? How can the individual content sections of the review be a glowing praise of all that I do while the summary section came out as a complete condemnation of my very existence?

Having been down this road before in other jobs, I can pin blame for this squarely on a management change 7 months ago. The kind of management change where someone you used to work with and whom you were made to train is now your supervisor. He couldn't completely ignore the input the previous supervisor had to offer, and couldn't ignore the fact that every last person I trained up in the last 8 months said they got where they are now because of what I did for them. But he's a powergrabber. He knows I want off the desk, and he knows the only way to keep me there is to shitcan me. He figures doing so will prevent me one day replacing him as manager. Except he hasn't quite realized I don't want a management job. I just want to move on to PC tech work, network support, or some other more technically related field. He can have his crappy salaried job and 16 hour days if he wants them.

Having been down this road before, I also know that trying to rectify this by taking advantage of so-called "open door policy" with senior management will get me nowhere but the shitlist. They say they want to hear from their people, but it's always a lie. All it would take is one bad report, one example of a mistake I've made in the past, one small piece of evidence he can twist to his advantage, and my supervisor's word is gospel and I'm just the disgruntled underling looking for revenge. No, in a situation like that I lose everything and my fellow co-workers cannot save me.

Having been down this road before, taking my case to HR would draw the attention of the corporate officers who would want to have sit down meetings and discussions to try and work out my differences. Yes, ye olde supervisor would have his say and bring in all of his fabricated evidence to prove I really am an unreliable clod. All I'd have to back up my side is a schizoid review that only partially clears me of any blame. Since I have actually gone to HR about a loosely related matter once before ( and lost ) I'd once more be told to "grow up" because I have bills and a new car to pay for and can't afford to lose the job over something so "petty and insignificant".

So what's the bright side to all this? They could fire me Monday and I wouldn't give a shit. I have no credit card debt to speak of. My student loans are all paid off. My car has been paid off. All I have is a relatively small rent bill and my internet connection to pay for. And right now the internet connection is self sufficient. They have nothing to threaten me with other than what they might say to some future employer about what a slacker I am. So maybe I should call up the ethics hotline and stir up some real trouble..... I bet that would be fun actually.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jun 8, 2007 9:47 pm by Samson in: | 3 comment(s) [Closed]
Good luck with whatever you decide to do on this one, Samson. It really sucks when you're thrust into this sort of position, and you're right, it's easily a potential no win situation. :(

Since I've been doing similar work for the past 12 years, I totally understand where you're coming from. The management stresses making things better for the 'common' computer user, for the company; but when you take the time to do just that they tend to knock you down a peg, or write you up, etc. Having been unemployed for the past, almost, nine months I sympathize with your position. Hopefully, things will work out better for you in the long run. P.S. I've connected with your site with Opera 9.2, and while it's not included, apparently works just fine with Fedora 7 :)

It's good to hear both that you're still alive and well, Devenon, and that Opera 9.2 works with FC7. :)

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