Pi Day

So I popped over to Google to do a search for something when I noticed their special logo. Apparently since today is March 14, it's Pi Day. Yes, that π, the one from your math classes so many years ago. That really interesting number that goes on and on after the decimal place and never stops. Pi has apparently been calculated out to about 1 trillion digits now, and still even in all that has never repeated itself anywhere. You'd have figured after that many digits it must have, but they say no. The best I can do from memory: 3.141592653589

Personally I always found it fascinating that π is so tightly bound to the characteristics of circles. It's used to find the surface area of a flat circle, the volume of a sphere, the volume of a cylinder, and probably a bunch of other round things I can't think of at this hour. It makes me wonder, if we can never get a truly exact value for it, do we ever know the truly exact areas of circles or volumes of spheres? It's not like a square where you just go Area = AxB and you're done. πr2 doesn't yield an exact value since you have to settle on an approximated value. Most math courses settle on 3.14.

So, in honor of randomness, π, and just because I'm feeling rather bored and needed the laugh, I hereby dedicate this post to Pi Day and forward-date it to 3/14 1:59am. Har har har :)
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"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Mar 14, 2010 4:59 am by Samson in: | 12 comment(s) [Closed]
:lol: Alrighty then! :D
So, since you forward dated that, does that mean I'm posting a comment to it before it was posted itself? :blink:

Well sure. It'll be our little secret. Call it a paradox :)

Going for double points by waiting until 1:59am to hit the submit button. :ninja:

Good deal then. :)

:rofl: You go, Math Master! ;)

MMmmmmMMMmmmmMMMmm Pie, caramel pecan pie. Need i say anymore.

roflol :lol:

Double points for Samson for hitting the nail on the head!!

Oh, and apparently yesterday was National Potato Chip day. I had popcorn. :evil:

Yes Fury, you need to say more if you want us to be interested in derailing Pi to pie, especially if pecan is the best you've got to offer. :P

That poor nail! What'd it ever do to the great iguanadon? :lol:

Hmm, I didn't notice that it was, but Dragona and I both started our day yesterday with potato chips (well, potato crisps technically, they were Pringles) and then ended the day with chips (not potato though) which is actually unusual for us. Go figure. :cool:

Conner said:

Yes Fury, you need to say more if you want us to be interested in derailing Pi to pie, especially if pecan is the best you've got to offer. :P

I know, it was a pretty lame attempt at funny i will have to agree, almost as lame as my smokey the bear funny. I should not attemp these things either early in the morning and late at night, or perhaps anytime in between either. Well i am off to lecture, have fun all.

Hey, what's wrong wit pecan Pi? :)

You would have to ask Conner, i think pecan pi is nice.

No pecan pie?!?

Sorry, obscure movie reference. Carry on...

Also, I am told that MIT released its admissions decisions today at 1:59 p.m. I'm not sure if that's taking celebration too far!

@The_Fury: Bah, your jokes aren't that bad, I just believe you can do better. ;)

@Samson: Probably nothing, for those who like Pecan Pi, which is actually extremely popular where I live since pecan orchards seem to be quite abundant in this area, but I've personally never cared for pecans. Now, if he'd suggested Pumpkin Pi or Boston Creme Pi or even Lemon Meringue Pi, he might've had me. :lol:

@Regina: The Heartbreak Kid? :cool:
It probably is taking the celebration a bit too far, but would that be even remotely out of character for MIT? :rolleyes:

And Conner gets it in one!

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